Cindy Starfall Reveals Her Family’s Reaction to Uncovering Her Career

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Cindy Starfall Reveals Her Family’s Reaction to Uncovering Her Porn Star Career

(Los Angeles, CA / January 31, 2023) — Not many adult film stars can say they thoroughly enjoyed their families’ reactions to finding out about their racy profession, but Cindy Starfall is quite happy having the last laugh.

The veteran onscreen performer, who broke free at 15 from her Vietnamese family’s overbearing rules & regulations to embrace her personal (and sexual) freedom as a young woman in America, says that her mother, who won’t speak to her because of her porn career, first found out about Starfall’s occupation while actually watching porn herself.

“My family found out about my job because my mom and her boyfriend were watching porn in a hotel room I came on the screen; her boyfriend was well-acquainted with my body of work and enthusiastically started shouting at the screen about how hot and big of a star I am while my mother, presumably, was speechless,” she says.

“She was too ashamed to tell him that the woman on the screen was her daughter, because apparently adult films are shameful if I’m making them, but not so shameful if she is enjoying them. Is that hypocritical or what? Too bad she can’t be proud of my success and accepting of the path I’ve chosen, whether she agrees with my choice or not.”

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The Good Girl-gone-Bad Girl story is as old as time, but adult film megastar Cindy Starfall’s jaw-dropping tale just might be one for the history books. The Vietnam native of Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese descent grew up isolated under strict parental rule, home school sessions and no social life. “It felt like living in a prison,” she recalls. Starfall got her first taste of freedom at 15 as a U.S. exchange student, but it was going away to University at 18 that changed her life forever: “I discovered SEX!”   Starfall entered the adult industry in 2012 and instinctively knew she had found her calling. “I’m a sexual person, and in Vietnam you are looked down on if you express your sexuality in any way. Here in the U.S. I can express myself, embrace my body and power as a woman and be financially independent as well.” The star has since been nominated and awarded for her many achievements over the years from titans such as AVN, XBIZ, XRCO, NightMoves and Urban X, which inducted her into its Hall of Fame in 2020.

In addition to her onscreen talents, Starfall is also an entrepreneur who has launched a men’s T-shirt line, marketing agency and boasts an expanding real estate portfolio to ensure her future success outside of the industry. These days, her goals are a bit more personal: “I want to inspire and empower those with similar stories to find their bliss like I’ve found mine. I am so happy and grateful to have supportive fans, recognition from my professional peers and financial freedom doing something I truly love. After all, what is the point of this life if you aren’t enjoying it to the absolute fullest?”

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