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Snowman's Raincoat Reviews is an active, free community that features intelligent discussion about adult entertainment, sexuality and other mainstream topics. In addition to the discussion forum, popular features include detailed reviews of adult xxx dvds and websites, porn star interviews, podcasts, chat room, blog, and more.  It is also the home of "Asian Porno Hotties", a top destination for Asian porn fans from all over the world.

One of the main purposes of this site is to help adult entertainment consumers make better selections when purchasing a xxx movie or signing up to become a member of a commercial subscription website.  With thousands of adult titles being released every year and literally 100's of adult websites, it is difficult for consumers to make an intelligent selection.  I have a strong suspicion that many adult fans end up making their choices mainly based on an eye catching box cover or splashy free "tour" and far too many times this can lead to disappointment.  

I hope that after reading one of my reviews or a related discussion thread on the forum, the adult movie fan will know right away whether or not he is interested in viewing that dvd.  I do my best to write honest, detailed and balanced reviews that also describe the starlets, sexual content, technical quality and plot (if there is one).  In short, all the information that I would like to know before I rent or purchase a dvd.  My goal is to remain a trusted voice to the adult consumer so that when a visitor to this site sees that I have rated a particular dvd or website highly, he or she will buy it or join as a member without hesitation.

I also work on this site simply because I enjoy adult content and find the adult industry interesting.  However, the site is better described as a labor of love, not my career.  I have a "real" job as a legal professional that is unrelated to the adult industry.

Last but not least, I am an independent reviewer, unaffiliated with any outside adult production company.


Adult video producers or distributors are welcome to submit screeners for review.  My tight schedule and budget does not permit me to rent or purchase every adult movie I would like to view, so screeners are the only way to insure a particular movie will be considered for review on Snowman's Raincoat Reviews.  Reviews are posted so that the studios that submit screeners are rotated fairly.

Once published, the reviews will be displayed continuously on this web site or affiliated blogs.  Due to their technical superiority, the frequent use of guest reviewers and the content and format of my reviews, I will only review DVD screeners.  In addition, I will post an courtesy hyperlink to the producer's or distributor's website on all reviews that originated from screeners.

Besides reviews, studios that support SRR by regularly sending screeners receive other benefits.  I make an effort to frequently post press releases and information on upcoming titles on the SRR discussion boards for studios that help support this site.  Also, companies that add me to their screener list receive a featured link on the SRR "Links" page under the adult studio heading.   

Please note that I do not review (male) gay or bisexual features.  Girl/Girl or T-Girl discs are O.K.  DVD screener discs will not be returned.  Studio promotion items such as t-shirts, hats, calendars and the like are always welcome as well and will be given away as contest prizes to forum members.

I am also open to reviewing commercial adult sites on the Internet.  If you would like me to review your site, send a request in e-mail and provide a user name and password.  A membership of at least 90 days is recommended so that I have sufficient time to peruse the content and evaluate the frequency and quality of updates as a regular user would.  Please let me know about any affiliate programs that are available as well.

Producers of lingerie or fetish clothing, novelties and toys are also welcome and encouraged to send product samples for evaluation and review.  If I use your clothing or toys in a future Blue Syren scene, in addition to the online review, I will mention your company in the movie credits.  For articles of clothing, it is best to send small or petite sizes since I often work with Asian models.

For the shipping address, please send an e-mail to Snowman at snowman872 at gmail dot com.  Please make sure that screeners are sent in a discreet box or envelope.  Also, please do not reference "Snowman" or "Raincoat Reviews" or the website address on the shipping label.  My name and/or "SRR" is preferred.


If you are interested in placing banner ads or some other form of advertising on SRR, please contact me.  Banners can be placed on the website and/or discussion forum.  On the discussion forum, a variety of banner ads options are available including being a part of the random, rotating mix at the header or footer and continuous display at the top of individual boards such as "Asian Porno Hotties", "Porn Star Chatter" or "Unusual Desires".  This is perfect for advertisers who wish to target specialized niche markets.

The current price for banner ads is as follows:

Advertising on the forum will reach many thousands of unique porn fans from all over the world at affordable rates.  As of 03.08, approximately 120,000 unique visitors view the discussion forum each month and the number continues to grow each month.  Even better, the forum is "sticky."  Since there are always contains new and interesting messages posted, visitors return over and over again.  SRR was ranked 106,181 on Alexa and 34,518 on Quantcast as of 01.23.09.  The ranking for Quantcast was directly measured.

I am happy to provide an invoice to advertisers for tax purposes on request.


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Snowman's Raincoat Reviews (, has created a Privacy Policy in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. The statement discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for this website.  Use of this Web site assumes acceptance of said Privacy Policy.

Thanks for your interest in Snowman's Raincoat Reviews!

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