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Below are some selections I found on that may be of interest to SRR visitors.  To purchase a book, simply click on its title!  I'll constantly be adding more titles here, so check back often for new additions.  These shopping links help support Snowman's Raincoat Reviews! 

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Ramage, Ricky     Confessions of a 21st Century Porn Star --  Richard Ramsdale III, better known as "Ricky Ramage" gives a year by year account of his career as a professional actor and producer of adult movies.  First published in October of 2001.  I have to admit I don't have a clue who this person is -- perhaps he was involved on the gay side of things?

Butler, Jerry     Raw Talent : The Adult Film Industry As Seen By It's Most Famous Male Star  --  I hardly think Jerry Butler is porn's "most famous male star" but it is true that Mr. Butler appeared all the time in adult features from the 80's.  According to one Amazon customer, this is an insider view where Butler "talks about his fears while working in the industry, the stigma attached to the industry, and his constant search to find love."  Another reader said it was a "great book" that he "couldn't put down."  Check it out!

Holmes, John C.    Porn King, The Autobiography of John C. Holmes  --  Now, here's the guy who probably really is the most famous male star.  This autobiography was published in 1998, long after Holmes' death and was written in part by his wife Laura Holmes.  Holmes himself made his mark in the 70's and early 80's.  He passed away in 1988 due to complications from the AIDS virus.  This book details the dark and seamy side of porn including drugs, the mafia and prostitution as well as the inside scoop on the infamous "Laurel Canyon Murders." 

Lords, Traci   Underneath it All   --  With the exception of Ginger Lynn, Traci Lords was probably the biggest starlet of the 80's, that is, until she unleashed the bombshell that she was underage at the time nearly all her footage was lensed.    Click to buy at!

"I sat down in the school cafeteria with the day's offering of mystery meat and Jell-O on my lunch tray. I tried to ignore the table of jocks snickering behind me when one of them approached with a nudie magazine in hand. SMACK! ... it landed on my table. On the cover was a young girl in a pleated skirt with her hands over her breasts. I choked on my food. Oh my God, it was me!"

This is her story, in her own words.  A must read!  


cover 1-2-3 Be a Porn Star! A Step-By-Step...   -- A Step-By-Step Guide to the Adult Sex Industry by Ana Loria.
   If your dream is to be a adult starlet, then this is the book for you!  Imagine the glamour, travel, fame, fun working environment and of course, the high pay.  This book covers a broad range of opportunities in the adult industry including amateur, mainstream, hardcore, softcore, fetish, gonzo, gay, bi, lesbian, transsexuals and couples!  In addition, it includes details on emerging adult markets in cable TV, CD-Rom, DVD, print media and the booming internet arena.  Several people who bought this book followed the advice and said it works!  cover

  Adult Video Business: How You Can Find Attractive Women to Star in Your Adult Films, Make Money, and Quit Work in 7 Weeks!  --  OK, so you don't want to be a porn star, but you want to be porn director and producer.  This book will help you make it happen!  Imagine leaving the drudgery of your current job for a new career behind the camera in the adult industry.  Instead of toiling in the office from 9-5 shuffling papers around under fluorescent lights, you'll be directing porn hotties to deliver sloppy BJs and perform anal sex in the doggy position. 

  A Down & Dirty Guide to Building Adult Websites  by GPNet Publishing.  This book has been called "a great tool to make money in the online adult entertainment segment of the Internet."  One Amazon reader (an out of work high tech worker) praised the "Down & Dirty" guide as "the best place to start if you are even halfway considering an adult site." 

  How to Become a Porn Director: Making Amateur Adult Films by Nick Ryder.  Nick takes you step by step through the process of making your own amateur porn video without a Hollywood budget.  If you ever dreamed of becoming a porn director or just wanted to make a sexy amateur video, this book is for you!  Packed full of tips, tricks and techniques!

  It's A Dirty Job...Writing Porn For Fun and Profits!  by Katy Terrega.  We all know writing porn is fun, what you may not know is that it's one of the easier markets to crack and make money with while still honing your skills as a writer!  This reference aims to teach you everything you need to know to create stories and target your markets.  One Amazon reviewer notes that Katy is one of the web's "foremost authorities on writing and selling erotic fiction for fun and profit."   

  Sex & Camcorders: The Complete Guide To to Producing Low Cost, High Quality Adult Videos & DVDs     by Benjamin Cool.  An informative book that reveals the secrets of the adult industry.  Whether or not you aspire to be in the adult industry, you're likely to be entertained by this amusing book!

coverSex Sells : How to Build an Adult Website  --  Maybe you are interested in the adult industry, but not a "people person."  In that case, an adult website might be a way for you to break into porn.  This is especially true if you have computer skills or experience putting together web sites.  This option also has the advantage of letting you keep your day job and staying in your hometown, even if you live in someplace like Nebraska.  This book is a "step by step guide to creating an adult website."  The potential for income is unlimited!  

  Turning Pro: A Guide to Sex Work for the Ambitious & the Intrigued by Magdalene Meretrix.  An essential manual for anybody who s ever considered a career as a phone sex operator, escort, call girl, exotic dancer, adult film performer or any other kind of sex worker. The actual details of sex work; how to get a job, how to keep yourself safe, how much you can expect to make, how to plan your exit strategy, and more... as well as dozens of juicy anecdotes about life is like between the sheets.  The author speaks from experience.  Magdalene Meretrix has worked as a prostitute, escort, phone sex worker, professional submissive, and porn film actress.


  Porn 101 : Eroticism Pornography and the First Amendment  by James Elias, Editor and others.  This book has been described by readers as an "academic discussion on pornography's role in society."  It's "full of incredible information and testimony on the social aspects of porn." 


  Brothel: Mustang Ranch and Its Women by Alexa Albert.  It took three years, but medical student Albert was finally granted rare insider access to the to the most famous brothel in Nevada for a public heath study that intended to measure the effectiveness of condoms in preventing sexual diseases.  For the next six years, between 1993-1999, Albert conducted research and was invited to stay at the Mustang Ranch and live with the working girls.  As she became more involved in the lives of the girls, her interest in other aspects of legalized prostitution grew.  In this book she details the inner workings of the brothel, and explores the private side of the prostitutes, the customers who frequent them and regular employees at the Ranch.  This book has been called a "balanced account of what it means to be a prostitute in a legalized brothel."  Nearly 80 Amazon customers have given this book a five star rating and describe it as "thought-provoking", "full of fascinating information", "so personal that it grabs you and takes you through things you didn't think were real", "witty and informative", "excellent", and "valuable."  Check it out!

  Coming Attractions : The Making of an X-Rated Video  by Robert J. Stoller and I.S. Levine. --  Stroller is alleged to be a one of the "world's leading experts on human sexual behavior."  Here he teams up with Levine, a professional writer and director with experience in pornoland to "examine the background and motivations of the participants in the video "Stairway to Paradise."  Interviews with the performers, writers, directors, producers and technicians provide unique insights into the world of adult filmmaking. 

cover   The Lusty Lady  by Erica Langley.  When the author approached the female management of Seattle's "Lusty Lady" peep show business about the possibility of photographing the dancers, she was told she could, but only on the condition she became one.  Through photos and texts that are both candid and affectionate, humanizing and humorous, readers see behind the impenetrable armor of naked dancers, documented by one of their own.  This book is highly reviewed on Amazon, and seems to touch an emotional chord with readers.  One reader said he/she cried when they finished reading this book due to the sheer and intense beauty.  Another reader calls it a "wonderful job of capturing the world of exotic dancing."

  Obscene Profits: The Entrepreneurs of Pornography in the Cyber Age   by Fredrick S. Lane.  -- This books provides a "decent overview of the online porn scene."  One reader calls it an "indespensible primer on the adult entertainment industry."  The reader says this is the "first book to pick up when researching about or doing business [in the porn world]." 


  Pornstar  by Ian Glitter. --  As described by the editors at Amazon, Pornstar is a "mesmerizing, definitive examination of life at the epicenter of America's multibillion-dollar sex entertainment industry."  The book is an "extraordinary marriage of memoir, photography, and investigative journalism; it's narrative -- in running text and more than 100 stunning photographs -- spans more than five years.  The author originally conceived this as a coffee table type with glamour photos, but it morphed into something much more as he became drawn deeper and deeper into the industry. 

  Red Light : Inside the Sex Industry  by Sylvia Plachy and James Ridgeway, 1996.  Ridgeway and Plachy, a reporter and photographer respectively for the Village Voice delve "into the depths of the pornography trade to explore and explain both its allure and its vulgarity."  Called "top notch journalism", "excellent survey of ... sex work",  and a "quick interesting read" by Amazon customers. 

  Sex for Sale : Prostitution, Pornography & the Sex Industry  by Ronald Weitzer (editor).  Sex for Sale is a collection of original essays on sex work, its risks and its political implications.  The book covers areas not often probed such as telephone sex workers, gay porn, Nevada legal brothels, prostitute's customers, police vice squads, performers in the porn industry, lap dancing in clubs and street hookers.  Weitzer is a professor of sociology at George Washington University.  

   Skinflicks : The Inside Story of the X-Rated Video Industry   --  This is a comprehensive look at the rise of the X-Rated video industry by Dave Jennings and first published in June 2000.

  Tales from the Clit : A Female of Pornography   by Cherie Matrix (Editor), 1996.  This is a collection of essays by women involved in the porn business.  One customer on Amazon described this book by saying it "goes into the head of women involved in the pornography world, and explores their good, bad and ambivalent feelings toward [it]."  Customers who purchased this books said it is a "fresh insight", "challenging", and "moving." 

   Tricks and Treats : Sex Workers Write About Their Clients  by Matt B. Sycamore (editor).  This book has earned a perfect five star rating after eight customer reviews on Amazon.  Retired prostitute and porn star Annie Sprinkle says "If you want to know what it's like to be a whore, this book gives you the experience."  Other readers describe it as "very real" and "enlightening and sometimes shocking."  You're in for a good read with this one!   


cover   The Ethical Slut : A Guide to Infinite Sexual Possibilities  by Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt.  Traditionally society tells us that we should try to seek a soul mate and practice lifetime monogamy.  However, ever increasing divorce rates and widespread discontent among married couples suggest this may be an unrealistic ideal.  Beyond the norm of sticking to one partner, there's a whole garden of sexual delights out there friendly sex, casual sex, group sex, partner swapping and more.  In this book, Therapist Easton and Education Liszt attempt to provide a "road map for exploring the sometimes difficult, often rewarding territory of non-traditional relationships."  According to the publisher, this book provides "warm informative details about how to get your needs met, manage your jealousy, make agreements that work for all concerned, talk to your friends another others and build a life full of all the sex and love you want."  Multiple Amazon customers report they like this book so much, they buy multiple copies and give it out to their friends!   If you're interested in exploring the possibility of having multiple partners, get this book!


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