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Interview date 04.30.03

Q1 Where were you born, how old are you presently and how long have you been in the business?

A.  I was born in Alberta, Canada.  I am 34 years old.  My first scene was done in 1991 in "Bonfire of the Panties".  It was with Ashley Nicole, who was the girlfriend of Sean Michaels at the time.  I started doing the business full-time in October 1997.

Q2.  Recent Quote from RAME:  "The  Extreme Associates boys, Christopher Alexander, Slain Wayne, Wanker Wang, Khan Tusion, Brandon Iron, Mr. Pete, they are like this little gang of thugs who think beating up women is somehow a macho thing to do. Pushing an angry, misogyny-driven product that can only appeal to a certain kind of film fan, the kind of fan I wouldn't want to hang out with under any circumstances."

Do you think this person's description of your movies is accurate?  Do you think you should be lumped in with the other people in this person's list?  Would you be afraid to hang out with your fans?

A.  I don't agree with this description at all.  I can sleep at night knowing that these girls work in a relatively safe working environment.  There are no surprises.  No one is caught off guard.  Girls with whom I have been very strong have worked with me again and would continue to work with me in the future.  I am more than happy to provide references if anyone doubts this. 

You cannot force a girl to work with you again if she has had an extremely tough time.  She just won't do it, and no amount of money will convince her to do it.  I care about the women, I honestly do.  Girls who work with me know this.   Look at how many girls complain about the work vs. how many critics complain.  Not too many!  I'll listen to the girls anytime.  In my opinion, the other people on that list are committed pornographers, nothing more and nothing less.  That doesn't make them inherently good or bad.

Q3.  If you were to pick the worst misogynist you know, who would you say it is?  Do you consider yourself a misogynist?

A.  It's not my place to label any other person a misogynist.  As for me, I do not consider myself one.  I don't care
how bad things appear during a sex scene.  Every girl that I work with knows that she is in control.  Period.

Q4.  Quote:  "Maybe rough sex is just a thin veil disguising another truth: Men and women have become so confused with our roles that we have a difficult time being intimate with each other."

Would you agree with this statement?  Why or why not?

A.  Intimacy is a relative term.  I believe I am intimate when I am rough.  I feel that I connect on a primal level with the girls.  An intense experience can be more meaningful to a man or a woman, and that is what I feel I provide.  Rough sex can be a celebration of the potential and beauty of the human body.  It does not degrade a man or a woman to express the strengths of our bodies.   

Q5.  If you were asked to state at what age a person is ready to have sexual intercourse, how would you answer?

A.  18 is the legal age of consent in most parts of North America.  It is less than that in parts of Europe and elsewhere.  I feel a person is ready to have sex when they are mentally prepared to share their body with a partner.  For some, it's 18.  For others, it's much older.  I know that for me, I started having sex at 13.  I was not ready for it, nor was I any good at it.  I just was compelled to experience it.

Q6.  ABC reports that psychologists they spoke to for a special report "agreed that their experience dealing with children in their practices indicates that boys who look at violent, raw images often develop a disrespectful attitude towards girls."  Also, "It gives children a very negative message about sex, that it is connected with lewdness, rather than being attached to the human body and with a loving relationship..." Plus, beyond the emotional and psychological damage the images might do to youngsters, there is also the threat of physical harm not just from engaging in unprotected sex, but from coming to believe that the abuse shown on some sites or the images of children engaging in sex with adults is normal..."

"[Adding fuel to the fire is the recent case of] a 13-year-old Connecticut girl who reportedly engaged in cybersex in Internet chat rooms and had a sexual relationship with a 24-year-old man who is accused of her murder.
The man said that he killed the girl accidentally, strangling her during consensual rough sex. Police said that the alleged encounter that ended in the girl's death was not her first with the accused man, and also might not have been her first with a man she met through the Internet."

Are you concerned about children viewing rough sex on the Internet?  How do you feel about people modeling the rougher aspects of your sex scenes such as choking their partner?  In light of the fact that other people may be copying your behavior with fatal consequences, do you feel it is appropriate to tone down the content of your movies or at the very least, add a Max Hardcore style disclaimer at the beginning?

A.  This question is based on false premises.  I don't agree with the logic.  Viewing erotic images can be healthy for men and women.  No one in their right mind supports the viewing of porn by children or the production of porn with children.

I also question some people's interpretations of acts as well as their definitions.  What exactly is "lewd", "violent", "abusive", "loving", etc.?  Why are some definitions accepted while others are not?  Is a picture of a man kissing another man "lewd", "erotic", "loving" or "obscene?"  Ask 4 people and you may get 4 different answers.  Who is the arbiter of good taste?  I know it's not me, but I doubt if it is you, either.

I am programmed by nature to have a sexual reaction to a beautiful, naked woman.  This is something that is
in my genes.  I shouldn't have to apologize for it or explain it to any moralizing critic.  What excites me may repulse you, and vice versa.

[Regarding the case of the 13 year old]  This is an anecdotal story.  Although it is tragic and true, I can quote you many other examples of normal, healthy exchanges where porn has been a precursor to a healthy sexual experience.

I am concerned with children viewing ANY sex on the internet and vehemently oppose this behavior.  Having
said that, it is not my place to police the internet.  The marketplace regulates itself.  People who want to find "I Love It Rough", for example, will find it.  All I can do is try my best to allow law-abiding consumers access to legal material.  The same freedom of speech that allows me to produce it also allows you to view it.

I am concerned about anyone who models my behavior without taking the same care and control over its consequences.  How well does a person know his/her partner?  What level of trust exists between them?  Have they experienced this type of sex before?  All these questions are legitimate and relevant to any discussion about the effects of rough sex and the consumption of rough sex.

Regarding the consequences of my movies, it is not my place to tell people how to have sex.  It's not yours or the government's place either.  You cannot legislate morality, nor should we as a society try.  Stay out of the bedrooms of consenting adults!

Q7.  How is Platinum X Pictures planning to distinguish itself in a crowded market filled with ever higher quality product?

A.  Platinum X Pictures is committed to providing high-quality, diverse adult entertainment that exceeds consumer expectations.  We perform, produce, edit, and sell our own product with the support of very capable people.  We are highly motivated, fan-friendly, and consumer-oriented.  We all came from the talent pool and respect the talent who work for us.

Q8.  You recently stated on RAME, "Now that I own my own product, the stakes just got a lot higher."

Now that the stakes are higher, what, if anything, are you doing differently at Platinum X Pictures?  Will the porn consumer benefit from your ownership of titles, or is this primarily a potential pay raise for yourself?

A.  I am committed to putting out the best product that I am capable of making.  This means not being constrained by miniscule budgets where you have to ask for favors from your friends or scrimp on expenses.  I pay the bills for Brandon Iron Productions.  This means that I call the shots.  I spend as much as I am able to do to do whatever I want to do.  At the end of the day, I  think I will succeed because I believe there are many frustrated consumers out there, guys who rent multiple movies at a time (like I do) just to find a few decent scenes.

The porn consumer will benefit from my ownership by enjoying the higher level of quality that I am trying to do.  I am a fan, so I know how a fan thinks.  I hold contests on the internet (on various message boards such as and on my Yahoo Group) where fans can participate and get free DVDs.  People who write me at get a response from me directly. That is how I hope to make a difference.

Q9.  As an owner now, are you more worried about Internet users trading scenes from your movies on websites, newsgroups, or file trading services such as Kaaza?  As you probably know, these clips are usually inferior to the real DVD. 

a.  Are these traders really a threat to the porn business model, or perhaps just free publicity?

b.  Have you ever downloaded music yourself from Napster or a similar service on the Internet?


a.  Of course I would prefer for every porn consumer to buy directly from Platinum X Pictures.  I am smart
enough to realize that this just is not going to happen.  Like the music industry, porn must find ways and incentives for creating and maintaining consumer loyalty.  I believe there is a large enough consumer base out there that will support Platinum X Pictures.  The sales numbers for "I Love it Rough" support this position.

b.  No, I am not that advanced!  I use computers for e-mail and to post things on message boards.  If I like some music, I go out and buy it. 

Q10.  a.  Is the U.S. porn market in a rut?  It seems like every studio has the same general lines that follow very similar formats -- i.e. series about barely legal teens, first timers, anal sex, and blowjobs.  Sometimes we might see additional tapes centered around ethnicity.

b.  Why don't we see more variety here?  For instance, in Japan, it is common to see popular titles that focus on more unusual and narrow themes.  Some examples are Bukkake, Hips/Thighs/Butts, Deep Kiss (featuring first time lesbian French kissing), and Fem Dom videos where males willing submit to being kicked in the balls and then have sex with the starlets.  Although these may not be everyone's cup of tea, each has found an audience.


a.  Yes, the U.S. porn market is definitely in a rut.  More of a sinkhole, actually, if the truth is told.  A lot of studios are chasing trends and fads.  There is nothing wrong with this, but there is a reason that quality wins out in the end.  Why does Joey Silvera do the best transsexual tapes out there?  He is into it and he is good at it. Too many people look at dollar signs without looking at how to make things better or original.  I am no different, of course.  I am not the most original guy out there, but I believe in fun, consensual, unchoreographed rough sex.  I think that I can and will do it better than most.  In the end, the consumers will decide if I am right.

b.  I think that porn is mass-marketed here to appeal to the greatest porn-watching demographic out there.
Niche markets are harder to survive in.  Take "Slap Happy", for example.  No one had done rough oral sex
like that with the exception of Max Hardcore.  I took the risk and it met with overwhelming response.   Unfortunately, the owner of the company did not want to pay me for it, so things fell apart.  The point is that new ground was broken.  I want to make a difference in this business, not hang around 20 years and not be known for anything.

Q11.  Which girl in the industry that you have worked with would you say is the most uninhibited?  nasty?  Which starlet you have worked with seems to genuinely enjoy rough sex the most?

A.  Belladonna on all counts.  Julie Night is also very special.


A few (Snowman) recommended titles featuring Belladonna!

Straight to the A #01, RLD, 2001 
(Action-DVD) (Adult DVD Blue) (Adult DVD Marketplace) (Adult DVD Universe) (DVD Advantage)
A2M (The Art of Ass to Mouth), Anabolic Video, 2002
(VHS only) (Action-DVD) (Adult DVD Universe) (DVD Advantage) (Gamelink)
Bella's Perversions #01, Sineplex, 2002 
(Action-DVD) (Adult DVD Universe) (DVD Advantage) (Gamelink)

Q12.  What do you consider the best movie you've directed to date?  What movie or performance do fans approach you about most often?

A.  I have a real affinity for "I Love it Rough".  It is the first product that I will own.  It is strong and passionate as opposed to violent and degrading.  It doesn't shock people as much as expose them to high-intensity fucking.  There are power exchanges that are real and genuine.  The sex is visceral without any choreography.  To date, I receive more e-mails about "Slap Happy" than any other title I have done.

Brandon's self selected "best picture" he's directed!
I Love it Rough, Platinum X Pictures, 2003
(Adult DVD Marketplace) (Adult DVD Universe) (DVD Advantage) (Gamelink)

Q13.  If you had to describe the most erotic thing men can wear, what would you say?

A.  A smile.  That shows the world that he is happy that he is about to fuck some hot girl.  To be honest, I could care less about what a man wears. I am more into what a woman wears.  By nature, it is the woman who primps and preens herself to attract a mate.  I don't care about the peacocks out there that look better than the female!

Q14.  In connection to a thread about a rough "gag" style blowjob scene, you once posted the following in RAME:

"If you are a woman who chooses to work in this series and you have me as your partner, I promise to respect all your limitations and will do whatever you say is OK to do.

Having said that, please have the common courtesy to say "stop" the moment things are not going well for you or when you are not comfortable with anything that is going on.

Cramp in your left toe?  Say something!  Can't breathe because you are being gagged?  Tap out!  I will stop.  So will Mr. Pete, Brian Surewood, or any other self-respecting actor in the business."

Although I don't doubt your sincerity here, doesn't this statement ignore a more subtle kind of coercion that may by present in the industry?  I'm speaking of something that may especially affect newer talent; namely, if  a starlet refuses to go along with the game plan of a scene, she may be labeled "difficult" and not get work again?

A.  I can only be responsible for my own behavior and actions.  If a girl is weak-minded, she will get taken
advantage of...not only in this industry but in life in general.  I respect any performer who expresses their do's and don'ts before a scene.  I never piss someone off intentionally.


For anyone that doesn't know, I DO ask any girl with whom I work what she likes and does not like.  It's
not only common courtesy, but it's a way of establishing boundaries in the hopes of getting the best scene possible.

Q15.  You once posted in RAME, "The only thing "easier than making a porn movie" now is to be a critic.  Just as any guy with a video camera can shoot a movie, so too can any guy type his blowhard opinions on how porn came to ruin."

This seems like a rather harsh view of Internet porn critics.  Do you really think it is that easy?  Your statement seems to imply that internet porn reviews contain few, if any, insights and is generally down on the whole industry.  I would think that people interested enough to review porn probably are big porn supporters and generally more knowledgeable than the average porn viewer.  Do you generally dismiss criticism of your work?

A.  You are taking my comments out of context.  I was responding to one very negative internet reviewer.  This individual is completely negative in his reviews and goes out of his way to express caustic remarks.  This, to me, is not a review as much as it is a slander against me on the internet.  My point was that any moron can type in anything he feels without having to answer for it.  There is no accountability.  This is free speech, and I wholeheartedly support it, but I am equally free to respond. I am not going to be the whipping boy for negative
comments directed at my performances, looks, opinions, thoughts, or beliefs. I am very eager to engage in intelligent discussion about porn in general and my work in particular with informed critics.  You need only look at the lengthy threads on to confirm my commitment to fair and balanced discussion.  Also, I send out dozens of complimentary screeners of DVDs to legitimate reviewers.  I inform all of them that they are free to like/dislike the movie, just be fair.  Back up criticism with examples.  That way, I can improve on my product.  In the end, I just want to get honest feedback. 

Q16.  In the recent (mainstream) documentary film "Porn Star - The Legend of Ron Jeremy", there seems to be looming mood of loneliness and regret on the part of Ron for his long-term involvement in the adult industry.

"Porn Star - the Legend of Ron Jeremy", Uncut & Unrated Edition on DVD, New Video Group, 2001
(Adult DVD Universe) (

Where do you see yourself five years from now?  Ten years from now?  Do you have an exit strategy from the adult industry, or do you plan to stay until the cows come home?  Are you concerned that your continued involvement in porn will take a heavy toll in your personal relationships?

A.  I, too, saw "Porn Star."  It was very real in its depiction.  Not long ago, I worked for Ron and he said how happy he was with it.  On the whole, I think he is happy to be who he is, as are most well-adjusted people in the adult
entertainment industry.

In five years, I want to be a director at Platinum X Pictures with over 60 award-winning titles under my belt.  I want to have autographed photos of beautiful women on my walls and copies of reviews posted.  Ten years from now, I hope be settled down with a family that I support through all the hard work that went into Platinum X Pictures product.  I will continue to be a part of this business as long as I feel that my product is relevant and in demand.

Q17 If you were to name the most romantic moment in your life so far, what would would it be?

A.  That's easy.  I was 22 years old in Halifax, Nova Scotia, having the greatest summer of my life with a
woman I met there.   We drove down to Peggy's Cove to watch the sunset, and we ended up making love on the
rocks by the lighthouse.  Another time when we made love she said to me, "You should be in movies!"  I swear this is true!!

Q18If you could recover one thing you lost in your lifetime, what would you wish to find?

A.  (I changed "what" to "who".)  I lost my Dad in December, 2000, and would do anything to spend some more time with him.  He never knew what I did for a living, but I would want him to know that things turned out OK for me.

Q19.  If you could run any existing charity, which would it be?

A.  The Make-a-Wish Foundation.  Any AIDS charity is also deserving.

Q20.  If you had to eat in only one restaurant for the rest of your life, what would you choose?


A.  California Chicken Cafe.  The food is fresh, healthy, and delicious!  The chicken cobb salad is the best in
the world.


Q21. What are your five "desert island" CDs?  (The music CDs you would take with you if you were stranded on a desert island).




Norah Jones --  "Come Away With Me" 
Red Hot Chili Peppers  -- "By the Way" 
System of a Down --  "Toxicity" 
Zwan --  "Mary Star of the Sea" 
Vivaldi's --  "The Four Seasons" 


cover  cover  cover   cover   cover
For more information about these albums, hear sample cuts or to purchase at, click the cover!


Q22 (Bonus!).  What are your top three favorite television shows? (currently running)




The Simpsons
Malcom in the Middle
60 Minutes


Q23 (Bonus!).  You pick it!  Please provide a brief explanation why.

Q.  McDonald's Big Mac or Burger King Whopper?

A.  Neither!  In-and-Out's cheeseburger with onions. (I worked at Burger King for over a year when I was in high school, and I overdid it).

Q.  Yahoo! or Google?

A.  Yahoo, because they host my Yahoo Group.  It's free! 

Q.  The Flintstones or The Jetsons?

A.  The Flintstones because no one yabba-dabba-do'es it like Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty.

Q.  Kool and the Gang or Earth, Wind & Fire?

A.  Kool and the Gang because they had some sort of party song that I vaguely remember hearing at hockey games.

Q.  Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, or Kate Jackson?


"Charlie's Angels" from Season One (left to right Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett-Majors, Jaclyn Smith)

A.  Farrah because of her hair and her bikini shot that was the must-have poster of 1977.

Q.  Windows, Mac or Linux?

A.  Mac because I edit my own movies on Final Cut Pro.

Q.  Jason (Friday the 13th) or Freddy (Nightmare on Elm Street)?

A.  I don't like horror movies, but Jason wears a mask, so I'll go with him.  Maybe he played hockey, so all Canadians love hockey.

Q.  Barbara Walters or Connie Chung?

A.  Barbara Walters because she is more sincere.

Q.  AM Radio or FM Radio?

A.  FM by a mile.  KROQ in Los Angeles plays the best music!  Red Hot Chilli Peppers, System of a Down, new independents, etc.

Q.  Barnes & Noble or

A.  Barnes and Noble, just because I love the couches in their stores.  They want you to stay and read.


Platinum X's website is here.  Brandon can be contacted via e-mail at  He also has a Yahoo! Group here

Here are some recent adult dvd titles directed by Brandon Iron:


For more information or to purchase a title, click on the box cover or shopping links below!
7 the Hardway, Red Light District, 2002 
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