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Interview date 01.17.04, Rancho Cordova, CA, Gold Club Centerfolds

Snowman: OK, itís Snowman here with Cheyenne Silver. Iím at the Gold Club Centerfolds dance club. Sheís here and Iím rudely interrupting her dinner. Sheís eating what looks like some sort of a garden salad. Hi Cheyenne!

Cheyenne: Hello. Yes, Iím a rabbit. (*laughs*)

Snowman: Actually, are you a vegetarian?

Cheyenne: No. Ohhh no. I like meat definitely.

Snowman: OK. Well, I guess what we can start off with talking a little bit about what you are doing now with your career. Then maybe some things in the past, some porn issues of the day -- current issues, and some questions maybe on ďgetting to know Cheyenne.Ē SoÖ just to give you some idea about where itís going. And the interview will be posted on Geneís site on Gold Club Centerfolds and Snowmanís Raincoat Reviews. Alright?

Cheyenne: Um-Hmm.

Snowman: OK! Well I know for the past three years youíve been a contract girl for Vivid. Are you currently still a contract girl for Vivid?

Cheyenne: Uh No. I finished the contract in May of 2002 and Iíve been on the road dancing ever since and doing mainstream projects. I finished a movie last year which should be coming out this summer with James Woods, Rosario Dawson, Kip Pardue, Isaiah Washington. I feel they are recognizable faces and itís called ďThis Girlís LifeĒ and itís kinda based around a girl whoís in the adult industry, but the web side of it, and sheís taking care of her father who has cerebral palsy, which is James Woods, who did a great job, and we saw the premiere in June. It turned out really good. And since then, my goal has been to just, you know, focus on mainstream and to go forward into that. I realize to go forward into that you need to not go backward into adult, so I havenít done anything else. Now if by chance in the future, I did want to do something else, Iíd either sign again with Vivid, or work for my own production company. But I donít see that coming in the near future because Iíve gotten so many projects on a roll, and itís going well so I donít want to hinder that. Itís been a lot of fun and it was an inspiration to get going into something else that could be bigger and better. But Ö so thatís a very long answer to your question. (*laughs*)

Snowman: Wow! Well, itís sort of shocking. I guess itís going to be sad for your fans. So is that basically the end of your adult career?

Cheyenne: No, Iím not saying that. The thing is, is I did a lot when I was in and there comes a time when Iíve done everything. How many times can I redo it? You see the same thing pretty much again and again. Iím not gonna go anything more obscure like gangbangs or anything, but at the same time I still get out and focus on meeting fans and getting to know people Ö and doing promotions, both dancing for myself and Penthouse does a lot of promotions. So, Iím not alienating myself from that and Iím definitely still receptive to it. My website is still Ö Iím building it and maybe like a private memberís side where I have live shows or with girls or something. You know, something fun. But, you know, Iím also waiting on the fast internet which hasnít come into my area yet. (*laughs*) And, ummm Iím not completely turning, from it, itís just for now, with all these good things happening, Iím not gonna, you know, I donít wanna, slender my chances on that.

Snowman: Sure. Well, when was the last time that you actually made an adult movie?

Cheyenne: Well, like I said, I completed the contract in May of 2002. So Ö

Snowman: So Vivid probably still has some footage that they havenít released because I know it takes them awhile to release the movies.

Cheyenne: Yeah, they run behind and thatís good for me. To keep things fresh and new out there.

Snowman: Right. So nothing else since the end of the Vivid contract?

Cheyenne: No.

Snowman: I read on your website that you are now a member of the screen actorís guild. Is that correct?

Cheyenne: Yes. I havenít paid the dues, but I have all the paperwork, yes.

Snowman: (*laughs*) OK.

Cheyenne: I was just waiting for this project to start and do it at the right time.

Snowman: I donít really know that much about it. Now .. Does that entail anything special. Do you have to have any qualifications or something?

Cheyenne: Well, you have to Ö I dunno. Iím not really sure. When I worked on this movie it was ďTaft HartleyĒ so that I could get in. And that was a good thing. Iím still learning the processes of all this stuff. But .. Thatís how I got it. But itís a good thing to have if Iím going to continue doing other movies.

Snowman: Oh, absolutely. I totally agree. And I think thatís really great you were able to get into this mainstream role. I know a lot of different porn stars in the past, even very popular ones like Ginger Lynn and Tracy Lords have tried to go that direction, but theyíve struggled and Ö

Cheyenne: I think it has a lot to do with how society see things Ö and people are getting more and more open minded, but Ö I donít know Ö itís just taking a chance, and I feel like I have a good chance at that, in having a look that could be very ďnext doorĒ and some people will recognize me for my name and some will never know where I came from. And itís a good thing to have. That and the passion that I have for doing it. I really enjoy working on the set. I could do that the rest of my life and be happy. (*laughs*)

Snowman: Now is this a speaking role that you have? Do you have lines that you say? Is it a pretty sizable role, or is it like a Kobe Tai role where she was a Ö and not to say anything bad about that role Ö but I think she was in Very Bad Things where she was on screen for about five minutes as a dancer Ö

Check out fellow Vivid girl Kobe Tai in Very Bad Things, a great black comedy!

Cheyenne: I seen it. Well my role started out as the lead role. They contacted me at Vivid to be the lead of the movie. (doorman interrupts) So .. They contacted me to be the lead role, along with whoever they were getting to be the other lead role, and that ended up being James Woods. They set aside a certain amount of time and things didnít work out schedule wise. [Be]cause I had three months dancing, contracts I couldnít get out of, and then James couldnít do it after that Ö So I stepped back and they still wanted me in a part of the movie because I was a big inspiration for the story and a lot of the facts of the adult world and they still wanted me in the movie, so they made sure I had a speaking role. And, I have full screen credit at the beginning -- I think itís third or forth name in and it was really good. So Ö I didnít get what I originally had, but it still was a good jump. And itís gotten a lot of recognition. Agencies are looking at it and everything.

Snowman: How did that actually come up that you were offered the role? It sounds like a fantastic opportunity.

Cheyenne: The director had seen me on a video clip or something and he liked my next [door] girl look quality and he wanted to know more about the industry and how someone like me, looking like me, could get in and did. And we just developed a good repoire and we still to this day have a good relationship. Heís let me know that any other future projects he works on he wants, you know, to try and get me a piece of, and be a part of and so Iíve got a good connection there. Even though I didnít get the lead role and have that, I still have a good contact and possibilities.

Snowman: I think itís an excellent opportunity. Has he [the director] done any work that we might know, I mean besides this movie?

Cheyenne: Thereís a movie called ďPupsĒ about these kids who take over a bank and they kinda get caught up in that. And then there was Ö ummmm Ö heís done few documentaries and other things. Iím trying to think Ö I canít remember the name of the other one he did.

Snowman: OK. Well, it sounds like he is sort of independent. Is he an independent film producer?

Cheyenne: Uh-huh. But I think from this project, heís gonna grow. When I saw the final project, at the very end, it was really well done and the editing and just everything about it.

Snowman: Right. A lot of independent projects, theyíre crossing over now. I think the independent market has grown a lot in recent years.

[fan interrupts]

Snowman: So what was that like working on a mainstream movie set as opposed to some of the adult productions that you did. Even though Vivid in the adult [arena], I know a lot of their movies are fairly professional and they have a fairly big crew.

Cheyenne: (*laughs* - at Vivid remark)

Snowman: Well sometimes they do. I see the ďbehind the scenesĒ on the DVDs.

Cheyenne: Sometimes.

Snowman: And they do have quite a few people on some of them.

Cheyenne: Yeah.

Snowman: Itís not just one guy with a camera and you know Ö

Cheyenne: Sometimes. (*laughs*)

Snowman: Er Ö well I hope not. But Ö

Cheyenne: I canít say anything about that.

Snowman: But .. How would you compare that?

Cheyenne: Mmmmmm. Well Ö mainstream is just a big production. You know, dialog and stuff. And there are actually love scenes in the movie that went along with the story, so what a web house did and have, but you know, they didnít spend as much time on that at all, definitely. It was just a higher production. Big budget and you know, all that came with that. And I noticed that main, one big difference was with Vivid, I could be set and say, ďIím gonna run down to the store, Iíll be right back.Ē ďOKĒ -- They kinda know Iíll be back. In mainstream, you canít go anywhere without someone following you, or knowing, or something. It kinda was hard for me. Because, leave me be and you tell me to be there and Iíll be there. But then again they change things so much, they have to be that way. But, it was fun.

Snowman: Are you concerned about a credibility issue of trying to, you know, transform your career into a mainstream career? It might be possible that some mainstream performers might look down on upon somebody who was in the adult industry or feel that you were you were not up to the task.

Cheyenne: Maybe.

Snowman: Is this something that you are concerned about?

Cheyenne: No. I mean, in this word, everyone has to prove themselves to somebody so itís kinda something that youíre ready to do. I donít feel like I have to prove anything to anyone. I am who I am and we contemplated what kind of credit name I was going to use for this movie for awhile -- whether I was going to start over with a whole new name Ö

Snowman: Oh Ö thatís a good issue.

Cheyenne: Or Ö just use my name. And I said, you know, even if I did a different name, people will find out. It will be out there and all Iíll get are questions from media and people asking what I was trying to hide and why I was running from it, and Iím not.

Snowman: Right.

Cheyenne: This is a part of my past. Itís what I chose to do for awhile. I enjoyed it while it lasted and now Iím moving on and doing other things. We all have our rights and nobody has any right to judge anybody for anything. So I figure, Iíll just stand strong to that.

[fan approaches and chats with Cheyenne briefly. He purchases a nude 8x10 photo]

Snowman: So, are you doing anything to help prepare for your mainstream career in terms of taking acting lessons or anything like that?

Cheyenne: I actually have an acting coach and his name is Tim Colceri and he was on Babylon 5 and he was the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket and heís really good. I mean, he just has a way of opening up and showing me how to improvise and stuff. So weíve been working together. Heís got a group that meets up and we do little skits and mess around, you know, with little word plays and stuff. So, yeah, Iíve been working on that and with any project I get, I take him the scripts and go over and really get into the part. I really opened up with him. He said that when he worked with me it was one full day, about eight hours. We went over some improvs and some scripts and he said that I jumped into it and opened up more in that eight hour period then heís had some of his students for months.

Snowman: Oh wow.

Cheyenne: So he really saw me open up when I understood how it all worked.

Snowman: Maybe as an adult performer, you are a lot more comfortable in front of the camera than many people are.

Cheyenne: Well you know, I was just telling someone yesterday, after being on set and realizing you, for enough people, have to let go of your own comfortbility, shove all that aside -- and be this other character -- it takes a lot. You know, itís a very vulnerable thing. You just open up. And I was telling someone, I donít necessarily think before these adult movies that I just jumped into and pretended the camera wasnít there and did, and enjoyed -- I was shy, I was reserved Ö

Snowman: You were shy and reserved?

Cheyenne: Very. Very, very. I mean in high school I was so shy, I hardly talked to anyone. I rode the horses and Ö So I was telling someone that without those, I donít think I could be in [movies] Ö you know build and open up in mainstream and just act and be whatever, you know Ö characters.

Snowman: So maybe itís all coming together in a weird, cosmic, karma way.

Cheyenne: Yeah, meant to be! (*laughs*)

Snowman: Thatís interesting.

Cheyenne: And thatís just because in the movies, itís the most vulnerable thing Ö to be there naked and have to do something so intimate in front of people and that just takes away all that fear.

Snowman: Sure. OK. And so, I think you were saying this movie is coming out this summer. And is this going to be a theatrical release?

Cheyenne: Uh Huh. It should be. Iím pretty sure. They got foreign distribution. Theyíre working on domestic distribution.

Snowman: So they are shopping for a distribution company?

Cheyenne: Uh huh. Iíve heard Sony has been looking at them, so Iím really hoping it does the theatre thing. It hopefully will do another premiere in LA. But weíll see. It will say on my website as things progress. When I find out something, it will be posted there.

Snowman: OK, well thatís a good transition into your website. So you do plan on making the website, even as your mainstream career is cruising along?

Cheyenne: And you know what? I havenít had much success in turning it into a pay site or a member site. I havenít worked on it too much because I get too busy. And, since I want it to be customary to me and who I am, I donít want someone else working on it. My best friend built it you know, with me, we both worked on it and he taught me how to use Dreamweaver to update. So I can do that, and I kinda leave all the hard stuff .. You know I have a friend who can help me set up the member side, but I havenít been too much in a rush to do that because itís good to just have it there for people to find out who I am and if they have questions. I donít really feel Ö

Snowman: Itís great for publicity.

Cheyenne: Yeah. I donít really feel I have to Ö Yeah, I know girls that are making tons of money on their websites. But, Iím doing alright and for now itís good to have there. I have a lot of producers and directors I send there if theyíre asking questions about anything and they learn a lot. So Iím still going to work on it and Iím gonna try to update it to the point where I do have a memberís side -- possibly a little more private. But Ö itís just a challenge right now to keep it up. (*laughs*) Ö and try to update. I have a whole story I did on the San Diego fires. I stayed with the house. I had a full firefighter turn out on -- it was really cuteÖ some pictures and some pictures of the flames up behind me and me flashing the camera. Really fun, crazy stuff. It wasnít a fun experience but I made it into a neat story. And I still have yet to post that. And itís what -- how many months later?

Snowman: Itís tough to get to all the content. I have exactly the same problem on my website.

Cheyenne: And another thing I should say is, a lot people e-mail me, and I canít get back to them all. I donít hire someone to answer my e-mails. I do it myself and because of that, I canít get to them all. Thereís 100ís of them -- maybe 10 or 15 add on a day. But that adds up, so I guess the best I can say is that I try and hopefully I donít Ö you know too many people get frustrated with that. But Ö hmmm I donít know what else to do. I canít keep up and itís always going to grow.

Snowman: All you can do is do the best you can I guess. I would like to sincerely compliment you on the website. I did take a look at it this afternoon before coming down here and I thought it was very informative and Ö

Cheyenne: Thank you.

Snowman: Ö One thing I liked about it was it seemed like it was written by you. It seemed like it was a lot of your personal experiences and take on situations and so Iím happy to hear then that it is you that was actually writing that and not just some guy you got from the Vivid publicity department Ö

Cheyenne: Yeah. Well thank you.

Snowman: Youíre welcome.

Cheyenne: Iíve been definitely enjoying my website and a lot of people compliment the look of it. And itís just very different.

Snowman: Of course, it makes it harder to do an interview like this because you gave away so much information on there. Youíre making me work here Ö making me struggle!

Cheyenne: Umm Mmm (*laughs*)

Snowman: Well here was something Ö there was a customer her a couple of minutes ago, and you were talking with him that you did the Shipmates thing.

Cheyenne: Yeah, I didnít post anything about that yet either.

Snowman: You were saying you hate boats, you hate cruises.

Cheyenne: (*laughing*) Well, itís just Ö like I told him .. If you can remember, or if you want me to re-say it for your tape here. I figure the point of going on your vacation is to get to your destination and enjoy that area. A boat with gambling and clubs Ö you can pretty much do all that in any city, and Iíd rather get on a plane, get there, and enjoy my time there. Thatís the only reason I see Ö

Snowman: But do you think, if maybe you were with someone that you were truly in love with, would it then be a more romantic [experience]?

Cheyenne: No. (*laughs*) Youíre crammed in a small room -- itís not even all that great and youíre sitting there waiting to get to a wonderful place. So I still think weíd both get on a flight and spend that extra money into first class or something and pamper ourselves Ö get a nice room there. I think that would be far more romantic. I donít find anything romantic about a cruise.

Snowman: So youíre not one of those people where ďhalf the fun is in getting there?Ē

Cheyenne: Nope Ö Iím getting there and thatís it.

Snowman: OK. Someone said that they watched the show on television and they said Ö this is from RAME: ďWell I taped and watched the show. Cheyenne said she was ready to settle down with one person for the rest of her life. Does this mean that sheís out of the business?Ē Well we already talked about that, but I guess what I wanna know is, are you ready to settle down now with one guy for the rest of your life?

Cheyenne: Ummmm Ö I havenít actually Ö Iím gonna take a lot of time to decide when itís the right time and tie that knot. Iím not jumping into anything, thatís for sure. And, yeah, thereís been times when I just need to get away from it all and thatís the one big thought on my mind, but I do not want to rush that in my life because I know thereís a lot of things that I can still do with my life and career before I jump into that and I can still enjoy that later on. So, yes, I do have that goal in mind, and I do find it very Ö one of my strong beliefs is to find the right person and take the time t make sure theyíre the one. And then, be with them Ö grow old with someone Ö that would be awesome. But itís not something Iím rushing. Iím not eager Ö I know thereís plenty of things I could do between now and then to keep myself going and enjoy that later. So thatís not really part of my break away from the business or anything. Itís something, you know, I hope will come to me one day, but all in its good time.

Snowman: So marriage is something, at one point you would like to do.

Cheyenne: Oh yeah, definitely. But Iím not rushing into it. I did it Ö Iíve been engaged once and I still, even then, you know, thought about making sure, you know -- is this the right person? You got to work out all these things and time goes by and you see all these complications and you ask yourself -- OK, do I want to make all these compromises? Is it time for me to do that yet? And so, definitely, I know when I do it, it will be the right time.

Snowman: How many true loves do you think we experience in our life? And I ask you that just because I happened to be watching an episode of Sex in the City the other night and that was an issue of debate.

Cheyenne: Ah. Well, I think a true love can come many times in a lifetime because you love people in different aspects of them, maybe equally as strong, but differently. And so, I think Ö you know, itís very possible to have several true loves and you move on maybe from that person, but youíll always love them for the qualities they had and youíll love someone else for the qualities they had but itís not Ö you shouldnít have to ever feel like was Ö you know Ö people get with someone else and that person doesnít wanna hear, of course, doesnít wanna hear about the last relationship or something. Well thatís fine, but you donít ever have to push that out of your mind because you learn so much from each person you come in contact with in life, whether itís a relationship or a friend and itís important not to let go of those things youíve learned and experience, because thatís character as to who you are.

[customer approaches to chat with Cheyenne and purchases a photo]

Snowman: OK, getting back to that Shipmates episode, the same person also said, ďAlso, she took the guy in the bathroom, and the show made it look like they did it. Wonder if they did?Ē

Cheyenne: Oh Ok!

Snowman: Soooooo Ö

Cheyenne: Yeah, you know what? After three days of riding on this ship and like messiní with the camera and thinking, you know, they ask the same questions over and over, ďSo did you hook up with him?Ē. You know, of course they try to get whatever they can. We got really tired of it, so we started doing stupid things. Like weíd we walking along on the ship real nice, and then, weíd just take off running. (*snaps finger*) And we would run and they would chase us up and down the ship and we got down below by the door, that lets out, but they found us down there, and we came back in, back up, back down and we hid behind this curtain. Well I forget that the ear thing Ö I canít remember what it was Ö the microphone Ö they could hear, and they figured out where we were finally -- behind this curtain. So we came back up and we were walking along and finally we darted into the restroom and we literally went right in and turned around and came back out but they cut that with the night before

Snowman: Right Ö (*laughs*)

Cheyenne: We were at the restaurant and we got talkingÖ we talked about everything on the planet. So we talked about sex as a subject, you know, like it would be great to have one person Ö my sentence was somewhere something like Ö it would be great to get this one person who had this orgasm that last forever, or something like that, and they cut that with us darting in the bathroom.

Snowman: (*laughs*)

Cheyenne: Of course -- thatís the best they had on us! But we had a good time; we never thought about hooking up. In fact, when we talked about it on the show, you know, this never made it on the show, but we did talk about on camera that we just went to have a good time. We werenít looking to ďhook upĒ or anything. It broke the ice so we could just have a good time together. Now, yeah, he was a guy. Iím sure if I had jumped all over him, he wouldnít have denied, but then again, he might have, you know? Maybe he wasnít Ö? I dunno. I would just think that it was just easier to enjoy ourselves and not feel the strange Ö. I dunno.

Snowman: Did he really know who you were? Because there was some question that they told him you were just a pin-up girl? Did he know you were an adult star?

Cheyenne: They didnít uh Ö. No Ö He didnít know anything until Ö When we met, neither one of us had been told anything about the other one. So we had to break the ice, and they told me to hold the cover until we were on the beach. And Iíd lay there naked on the beach and take some pictures Ö and then they said I could bring it up Ö Like [I said] ďOh, I got my first cover modelingĒ. [He replied] ďOh reallyĒ and I show him the magazines. [He said] ďOhhhhhhď. Then take some pictures nude on the beach and so that was all a shock to him but he was very cool and a good sport about it all. I definitely enjoyed the time and I think, you know, also at the time that I did that promotion, they called me because Penthouse Ö they called Penthouse for a couple girls and they asked for me and someone else, Aria Giovanni went with us Ö I was actually sort of half way seeing someone at the time so I told that to my date, Tom, Tommy. I told him that from the beginning and he was fine, he was like ďYou know, Iím just here to have a good time. Letís have a good time.Ē Because he probably got picked for it and never even expected to do something like that. So, it was cool. But, them asking questions like, Ďare we hooking up?í, it got old, so we tried messing with them. (*laughs*) I know there was one interview I remember me where I was sitting there Ö I donít think I even had any make-up on or anything, my hair was just down, and I was just tired of the questions and I was just like talking and it was really grim. Kinda like Ö I remember seeing it and going ďOh God! Why wasnít I a little more energetic?Ē Because I was being hounded by these questions that I was tired of, so Ö

Snowman: Sure.

[customers approach table and peruse photographs]

Snowman: On thing thatís interesting to me as I sit here and watch your fans come up, is that three people in a row came up and picked the same photo. Out of all these different photos, they picked the one where you said it was just sort of in the desert. Youíre nude. Itís not nearly as glamorous as the other ones. Is that a common trend?

Cheyenne: Well, you know what? I honestly think if I had a few other shots here that were nude and glamorous and sexy, like you know, say this Ö theyíd probably go for this one as much too, but I think thatís because itís the only nude shot there. But a lot of people do like that. I like that very natural look. I was camping there for like a week. I had no make-up with me or anything. So that was very me, and ummm Ö but I need to get some more made. I have tons of good pictures. I just havenít gotten them printed. (*laughs*)

Snowman: Well, I think a lot of these glamour ones are great, but I thought it was interesting how everybody went for the less glamorous one.

Cheyenne: Well, who knows what would happen if there was a choice between a glamorous nude and that nude. That one may not be picked up half as much. (*laughs*)

Snowman: True.

Cheyenne: Iíll have to do a test on that!

Snowman: Yeah -- check it out!

Cheyenne: A science fair project! (*giggles*)

Snowman: You might end up selling a lot more.

Cheyenne: Yeah, I do need a butt shot one though.

[end of part one]


Cheyenne's official website is located here.  She can be contacted via e-mail at
Thanks to Gold Club Centerfolds for helping to arrange the interview!
Photos courtesy of Cheyenne Silver.  Used by permission.  

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