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Haley on the set of Dream Teens #01 (August 2004)

This interview is also available as a audio Podcast.

Interview date 08.18.04, Topanga Canyon, CA, On the Set of Sin City's  Dream Teens #01.

Snowman:  Ok itís August 28th, or August 18th 2004, Iím here in Topanga Canyon and Iím on the set of uh ... (*asking a PA*) Whatís this called? -- PA responds "Teen Dreams") ... Teen Dreams, the new Sin city film that uh Hanna, Hanna Harper is directing. Itís her first directing effort and Iím here with the lovely Haley. Hi Haley.

Haley:  Hi how are you?

Snowman:  Iím doing well thanks. You just got through filming a hot boy girl anal scene. Uh how did it go for you?

Haley:  Oh, it went great I havenít done anal in a long time but it went really smoothly.

Snowman:  Who were you working with?

Haley:  Trent Tesoro

Snowman:  How long have you been in the business at this point?

Haley:  About a year and half.

Snowman:  And that was the first anal youíve done in quite a while.

Unknown Starlet on Set:  Oh, she's got a question interview!  Ha-ha-ha!  

Haley:  (*laughs*)  Two months, two months

Snowman:  Two months. Is anal something that you normally do in your movies?

Haley:  I used to do it a lot, and then I kinda backed away from it and I was sticking to boy girl for the most part. But Iím starting to get back into it I think.

Snowman:  Do you appear more so in the gonzo movies than in scripted type features?

Haley:  No, especially in the last six months to a year, Iíve been more in the scripted features than gonzo Iíd say.

Snowman:  How old are you at this point?

Haley:  22

Snowman:  Uh well you look really young I mean I actually thought you were probably younger than that.

Haley:  Yeah everyone says that, itís nice though.

Snowman:  You probably get carded at every bar you try to go to.

Haley:  Yeah

Snowman:  Club. Uh uh so uh how did you get into the adult business?

Haley:  I hmmm I was living in San Diego and I ...

Snowman:  Sorry what was that?

Haley:  I was living in San Diego, San Diego California.

Snowman:  Ok

Haley:  I was living down there and they have a tiny little kind of porn community down there and I started to get into that because I needed some extra cash. And then I ended up liking it a lot so I moved up here.

Snowman:  Is that the Homegrown Video Scene?

Haley:  I never worked for Homegrown, I worked for Perfect Video a lot. With um uh but their kinda low ballers in San Diego. And I didnít realize they were until I moved up here and the rates are so much better and you get more work and stuff.  Itís a lot better up here.

Snowman:  Ok, I mean what was your inspiration for getting involved with porn in the first place?

Haley:  Well, I like sex and I like money.

Snowman:  Were you working as a dancer or any kind of adult entertainment?

Haley:  Nothing like that.  I was working as a secretary for a resort company.  Like a reservation center based in San Diego.

Snowman:  That seems like a long way from porn star.

Haley:  Yeah.  (*laughs*)  Yeah, Iím pretty straight laced in my personal life. Iím not like. . .

Snowman:  Even today? Has porn changed you in any way?

Haley:  No not really itís given more confidence if anything. I feel sexier.

Snowman:  Sexually are you wilder now in your private life?

Haley:  No it hasnít changed me at all. I havenít even had a one night stand.

Snowman:  Are you single or involved in a steady relationship?

Haley:  Iím single as of about a week ago

Snowman:  Oh my, so you broke up with your boyfriend.

Haley:  Yes I did.

Snowman:  How long had you guys been dating?

Haley:  Two years.

Snowman:  Oh, thatís a long time, so thatís kinda traumatic. Iím sorry to hear that.

Haley:  Oh thatís alright its for the best. It just sucks that he had a tattoo of me on his arm.

Snowman:  (*laughs*)  Did it say Haley?

Haley:  No it was my face and my body though.

Snowman:  Oh my god.  So it was even more than just "Haley".

Haley:  Yeah. (*laughs*)

Snowman:  Well did porn have anything to do with the break up?

Haley:  Mmmmmm...  No, actually no.  It didn't have anything to do with it.  The only thing was that I fell out of love with him and decided that he wasnít the right guy that I wanted to be with.

Snowman:  Was this a guy who was working in the industry or out of the industry?

Haley:  Out of the industry.

Snowman:  You think youíd prefer to maybe next time try somebody in the industry?

Haley:  Uh I'm not sure. Whatever whoever I like I guess. Doesnít really matter, you know, as long as the attraction is there.

Snowman:  What kind of guy do you look for?

Haley:  I like manly men that would take care or me, you know if I was stranded on an island or something I wouldnít feel scared.

Snowman:  Does that happen to you often?

Haley:  No (*laughs*)

Snowman:  (*laughs*) So how would that apply like in regular life?

Haley:  Well,  just someone I can depend on that, you know would be there for me a lot, you know?

(* PA says something *)

Snowman:  Uh do you .... um well ... I mean, what about looks? How important is physical appearance to you?

Haley:  Uh, not as important as how I get along with someone. So I mean, yeah looks are a plus,  but they arenít like exactly like, you know, the first thing I look for in a guy.

Snowman:  So whatís the first thing?

Haley:  I like a sense of humor and a strong character. Someoneís not, you know, wishy washy.

Snowman:  Do you have a wacky sense of humor or a dry sense of humor. What kind of sense of humor do you have Haley?

Haley:  I probably have a wacky sense of humor. (*giggles*)

Snowman:  Do you like to play practical jokes on people?

Haley:  No, not that far. I wouldnít go that far. (*laughs*)

Snowman:  Ok um. So uh.  Is it ...  is there anything in porn at this point that you donít do?  I mean as far as like nasty acts?

Haley:  I donít do DPs. I donít do A2Ms from other people, but Iíll do it from myself.  I try to stay away from the titles such as Squeal like a Pig and Pink Eye.

Snowman:  Do those kind of titles bother you?

Haley:  Uh I like to watch them, but Iíd never want to be in one. You know?

Snowman:  I think I know on JMís website it says like "whores degraded daily." I mean does that ... I mean even I have to say, I feel a little queasy about that.  How do you ... how do you feel?

Haley:  Well I know that itís all in good fun. Like, itís just a line that sells really well because people like shock value.

Snowman:  But do you think it really isnít fun. I mean to the person that might appeal to?

Haley:  Uh uh (*thoughtfully*)  Iím not sure.  What I see usually is girls that donít usually get a lot of work end up doing those for the money. Ummm and maybe they feel degraded, but they made the decision theyíve made that they need the money more than their, you know, for about about an hour of their -- whatís that called? --  Integrity or something?

Snowman:  Sure. Sure. So maybe theyíre sacrificing their integrity for ... to degrade ...?

Haley:  Yeah basically. Maybe they have kids or something and they need that 1000, 1200 dollars because their kid needs to enroll in school or something.  You know?

Snowman:  Are you pretty selective at this point about the roles that you take?

Haley:  Yeah Iíd say so.

Snowman:  Well what goes into the selection process in your mind?

Haley:  Well like I said the more degrading titles I like to stay away from.  Ummmm there are certain companies I donít work for.  I donít know if I should mention their names.  

Snowman:  Why not if you donít work for them?

Haley:  Well I donít like working for Red Light District or ...  I mean I love the people at Anabolic, but I donít ... Iím not too much of a fan of rough sex. You know?  I mean like passionate and pretty good hardcore stuff, but Iím not a fan of spitting in the face or slapping around.  It's just not for me.

Snowman:  Have you, I mean have you actually appear in ... I mean is that based on some experiences where you appeared and didnít like it?

Haley:  Yeah basically. Well I tried it you know, and its all in good fun. I tried it and decided its not for me and Iím not gonna change my mind.

Snowman:  Actually I think thatís good. I think all porn stars really, really need to carefully think about what their limits are and what theyíre comfortable with. Ummm if a new girl, if a girl who was thinking about getting in the industry was reading this interview -- what would you, what advice would you give her?

Haley:  Save your money, first of all. Donít do too much at once. You know donít go crazy.  There's some girls who first day on theyíre doing boy-girl, the second day itís DP, you know stuff like that.  I had to set limits for myself because once you get used to something ... like when I first started doing porn it was girl-girl -- and I go [to myself] "this is no big deal."  [Then] Boy-girl. "Ok, I can handle boy girl."  Anal. "Oh Anal's that bad."  DP. "Oh yeah I can do DP this is no big deal."

Snowman:  Oh its like a sloping, sloping problem. Slippery slope.

Haley:  Yeah. You just get immune. You kinda get I guess youíd say immune to how far youíll go. Like thereís no limit once youíve tried everything and I just had to really step back and take a look at what I was doing.  And you know, I cut off the DPs and now Iím sticking mostly to boy girl.

Snowman:  And when you first started you said you just did girl-girl.

Haley:  Uh yes, actually I started doing solo, stills. And then I started doing girl-girls, in San Diego of course. When I came here I was already doing boy girl.

Snowman:  And why did you initially just limit yourself to girl-girl?

Haley:  Ummm, I actually didnít think that I was ready, because honestly when I first started doing the solo stuff Iíd go home crying. You know?

Snowman:  Seriously? I mean what, how come? Especially if it was just solo?

Haley:  Well, itís just everything that my mother ever told me not to do you know?  And I felt bad.  I was like, what if my parents find out? What are they going to think of me? Stuff like that but I realized, you know, itís a living.

Snowman:  I mean thatís terrible though. I mean, if it made you feel that bad though.

Haley:  Well I got over it though. Because, I really thought about it, and you know, I ... my parents arenít rich by any means, you know.  And I have to look out for myself and I canít always live my life for someone else.  And the thing is, I did enjoy being in front of the camera because I felt sexy. You know, and just the fact that people wanted to see my naked just gave me so much confidence.

Snowman:  At this point, did your parents find out about what you do?

Haley:  My dad kinda knows. He doesnít know that Iím still doing it. But heís fine.  He said heíll love me no matter what. My mom doesnít know.

Snowman:  Did he bring it up to you in a direct way or just sorta hint, hint about it?

Haley:  I actually mentioned it to him in kind of a subtle way.  But he knew what I was getting at.

Snowman:  Well itís cool that you know that he accepts it. Do you just think your mother wouldnít accept it?

Haley:  Sheís very religious.  I donít think she would.

Snowman:  That, thatís kinda tough. Hopefully youíll be able to keep it from her. I mean I doubt she watches. I doubt she watches with you.

Haley:  No thereís probably like a 1% chance sheíll ever find out. So...

Snowman:  What do you think has been your hottest scene so far?  Like, people who donít really know you, and this is the first time theyíve even heard of you -- 'cause there are so many girls out there -- I mean what, what would you recommend they watch?

Haley:  Well I just did a feature for Vivid called The Villa. With, uh I was co-starring with Janine -- the very, very hot Vivid contract girl who just came back, and sheís doing boy-girl now.  And um, I think thatís probably the hottest girl-girl scene I ever did.

The Villa, Vivid 2005 -- contains what Haley believes is her hottest scene!

Snowman:  Who was directing that?

Haley:  Uh ... Paul Thomas.

Snowman:  Well I know Paul Thomas is well known for having a you know, a good story and good dialog direction and so forth, but its rare that somebody would -- and not to knock Paul Thomas -- but often times, I rarely read that his [sex] scenes are the hottest.

Haley:  I would have to ... well if you havenít seen this movie, yet its pretty hot.  We both got DPíd, we DPíd each other.

Snowman:  Seriously? In a Paul Thomas movie?

Haley:  Oh yeah, it was no holds barred. There she did two black guys at one time, yeah there was like crazy stuff. I think, yeah, itís probably the hottest scene Iíve ever done and itís with her.

Snowman:  Well Iím a little skeptical.  Can you think of one more? (*laughs*)

Haley:  Uh yeah. Letís see. I just did one called Puss ní Boots.  It was an anal scene with Reno. He played mysterious kind of uh wanderer and I was a lady. Just off the horse riding whatever, it was pretty hot.

Snowman:  Both of those I realize are pretty new, do you think your sexual performances have improved as youíve become more experienced.

Haley:  Definitely, yeah, definitely.

Snowman:  What do you do now that you didnít do earlier?

Haley:  Well now, since Iím so comfortable with everything, I really just let myself enjoy it to the fullest. You know before I was worried -- "do I sound weird do I look weird?"

Snowman:  Do you watch your scenes after their done?

Haley:  Sometimes, if I can get my hands on them, yeah.

Snowman:  Has that ever helped you improve?

Haley:  No not really, I mean itís different when your just in front of the camera and your, you know just...  I don't know, I guess itís all just in the moment.

Snowman:  What kind of music do you like?

Haley:  Folk.

Snowman:  Folk music? Are you serious?

Haley:  Yeah (*laughs*)

Snowman:  Do you play the ...  like the acoustic guitar or anything?

Haley:  I have no musical talents at all.  I canít sing, I canít dance, I canít play anything.

Snowman:  You are the first [starlet] that ever said that. And Iím not knocking it, I think I think its great, but you are the first person that ever said they like folk music.  What are some of the artists that you enjoy?

Haley:  I just discovered the Be Good Tanyas. Theyíre from Canada and their doing some ... they're pretty much taking old folk songs and making them their own in a way. You know, like traditional folk songs, they are just singing them in there own little way. I really like them a lot and I like of course the classics, like Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Joan Baez, all those good ones.

Snowman:  How did you ...

Haley:  Anita Franko

Snowman:  Anita Franko?

Haley:  Mmmm ... Anita Franko, yeah sheís a folk singer.

Snowman:  How in the heck did you get into folk music?

Haley:  Well my dad and my mom are both hippies from way back in the day. So they kinda got me into it. At first I resisted I was like,
"no if my parents like it it canít be cool", but you know I like it. I decided I liked it.

Snowman:  Yeah thatís something. Uh what are um ... what are some of the things you like to do for fun when youíre not working here on porn sets?

Haley:  I really like traveling.  I like road trips.  I havenít actually done anything like that in about a year, but like I went -- in the Pacific -- I was in Australia for about a year, New Zealand for a few months, ummm Hawaii. And actually one of my favorite places in the world, itís kinda crazy but Oklahoma.

Snowman:  (*shocked*)  Seriously? Oklahoma. And why whaaa ... whatís there in Oklahoma?

Haley:  The Woodie Guthrie Festival.  (*laughs*)

Snowman:  Its folk, we go back back to that folk thing!  I think -- you know ... Iím gonna buy you a guitar or something and some book like "Guitar For Dummies" [so that you can] learn how to play it.

Haley:  Guitar playing for people with no rhythm? (*laughs*)

Snowman:  Just because youíre so into it.  It seems like thatís you.

Haley:  Oh yeah, definitely.

Snowman:  Ok so Oklahoma you recommend. This is one of the more surprising interviews I think Iíve had. Do you have a website?

Haley:  Not yet, but Iím looking to find a webmaster.

Snowman:  Is there anyway for your fans to contact you if they want to write?

Haley:  I have an email address -- itís

Snowman:  Just all one word?

Haley:  Yeah.

Snowman:  Do you actually respond to your emails yourself?

Haley:  Every single one of them.

Snowman:  You know, do you get uh sometimes, -- I have some friends who are pornstars -- and sometimes they get disturbing emails from guys who are trying to preach to them or tell them the evils, yeah amazingly, the evils of porn, or you know "youíre a misguided person".  Do you ever get anything like that?

Haley:  No, but I would have a ball with stuff like that.  Thatíd be great if I got one of those.

Snowman:  What you ought to do then is maybe set up like a blog, you know like a Xanga or something like that, and youíll get, you know people, you might find that you get that.

Haley:  Really?  Well I donít want like a lot of them, but if it ever came down it, I would like to hear what they have to say and tell them my end of the story.  I think, you know, if people like really knew why -- [I would ask them?] "are you happy now?"  Itís a living, what what are you going to do about it?

Snowman:  Well I mean, do you think on the whole, itís been a good experience for you?

Haley:  Oh definitely yeah. Itís made me more confident you know.  I can afford to take care of my mom even though she doesnít know how Iím doing it.

Snowman:  How come you werenít confident before? I mean youíre a beautiful girl, you have a nice personality -- I mean how whatís how come you lacked confidence?

Haley:  I donít know, I just didnít feel like sexy I guess I didnít feel like you know.  (Haley has a brief side conversation)

(* another starlet briefly interrupts * -- the girls discuss shopping)

Snowman:  Well what were you saying? uh ...

Haley:  So ok, we have more time 'cause I was gonna take time off ... Oh confidence.

Snowman:  Yeah you were explaining like, why didnít feel [confident].  Why [or] what was at the root of this lack of confidence?

Haley:  Well I dunno.  I just never put myself out there.  I just never, you know ... I dunno.  I always had one boyfriend after the other.  And I just figured ...

Snowman:  Well that should give you more confidence.

Haley:  Well I uh well in a way yeah, but I figured I was just a regular girl.  No one would ever want to pay to see me naked or in lingerie or something and you know, they do.


Haley on the set of Dream Teens #01 with co-star Roxy Jezel (August 2004)

Snowman:  One thing I traditionally do is, I ask girls some girl, what are called "if questions" out of this crazy book. And I just flip to a random page and whatever it is, thatís your question. I ask three of them.

Haley:  Ok

Snowman:  Alright. If you could have your license plate say anything at all what would it be?

Haley:  Ummm. "CATLOVER".

Snowman:  You love cats?

Haley:  Yeah

Snowman:  How many do you have?

Haley:  One, but Iím looking to get a second one.

(*brief interruption*)

Snowman:  Ok, so you were saying you were thinking about getting a new kind of cat? What type you thinking about?

Haley:  A Scottish Fold

Snowman:  A what? A Scottish what?

Haley:  A Scottish Fold, their little ears fold down so there're not like, standing straight up.  Theyíre mmmm pretty rare actually.  Itíll cost me like $400, but I really like them. 

Snowman:  And what kind do you have right now?

Haley:  Sheís a mixed Siamese and Tabby. I got her at a shelter, which I donít want to do again cuz I got her and she had a respiratory infection like a few days afterwards. You know, I donít want to go that route again.

Snowman:  At least you saved a life.

Haley:  Yeah, yeah definitely.  I, I just felt bad for her mom cuz her mom was there  in the next cage and no one took her mom and everyone took all the kittens.  Her momís probably dead right now you know, and that kinda sucks.  I didnít tell her though, I think Iíll keep that to myself.

Snowman:  (*laughs*)  You didnít tell her until now at least.

Haley:  She doesnít watch TV so its ok.

Snowman:  Alright, that was question 1.  Question 2 -- If you had to name a person you know who would be the easiest to seduce who would it be?

Haley:  Ummmm the easiest to seduce. . that I know?

Snowman:  Since youíre an adult this might more difficult than a normal person. It might be easy for you to seduce anyone.

Haley:  I donít know. Does it exclude porn people?

Snowman:  I think it could be anybody I guess, anyone in your life?

Haley:  Hmm uh well like seduced by me, or anyone thatís easy to seduce.  Because my dad seems to fall in love a lot.

Snowman:  It says if you had to name a person you know that would be the easiest seduce.  Like I guess that you youíre the seducer, seduceress seducrer.

Haley:  I donít maybe that French guy over there.

Snowman:  The photographer?  (*laughs*).  He seems very horny for you?

Haley:  Yeah.  (*laughs*)

Snowman:  (*laughs*)  Heís horny for a lot of girls.  Alright, if you could accomplish only one thing in the rest of your life what would it be?

Haley:  Ummm ... I would like to be a housewife.

Snowman:  Seriously

Haley:  Mom, yeah.

Snowman:  So youíre looking to get married and have a family?

Haley:  Yeah, Iím one of those old fashioned girls.  I donít like the whole like women [rights movement]. I mean like its good for other women and I respect, that but for me personally, I could have done without all the feminists.  And like I like the right to vote, thatís alright. Everything else I donít care about. I donít want to have a job, you know, Iíd rather sit at home and raise the family which a full time job in itself. You know take care of the husband and stuff.

Snowman:  How many kids do you think youíd like to have?

Haley:  Oh two. A boy and a girl.

Snowman:  What if you got like two girls, would you keep trying?

Haley:  Ummmmm I donít know, two girls might be fun.  I mean thatís my dream -- a boy and a girl, but after two kids, Iíd be pretty much happy with that.

Snowman:  Have you ever been engaged?

Haley:  Yeah. 

Snowman:  It didnít work out?

Haley:  No it was this last guy.

Snowman:  Is it something you regret?

Haley:  No heís just not what Iím looking for in a man. I canít pretend, you know?

Snowman:  Yeah I do know. Sometimes you try hard, you can date someone for several years, and you just find out thatís not the right person.

Haley:  Yeah, plus Iím too young to decide what I want right now, I think.

Snowman:  How old are you again?

Haley:  22

Snowman:  20

Haley:  22

Snowman: : 22. Yeah youíre still young. Yeah.  Alright well, anything we should be looking out for here then -- coming up in the future with regard to you?

Haley:  Yes. I doing a uh its kinda like that movie The Secretary with Maggie Gyllenhaal. Well Adam and Eve is doing a movie based on that and Iím playing the lead.

Snowman:  So it's like a starring role?

Haley:  Yeah.

Snowman:  Is it gonna be a series?

Haley:  I donít know. No its just going to be based on that one movie.  I think it wonít be a series, but I think it will be good.

Snowman:  Do you get to ah, do you get act a lot in it?

Haley:  Yeah, Yeah.

Snowman:  Do you enjoy that part of it?

Haley:  Oh definitely yeah.

Snowman:  If you could be like a mainstream movie or tv actress would you like that?

Haley:  Yeah I think it would be fun.

Snowman:  Like what TV show do you think would be a good match for you.

Haley:  Uh I like ... you know I really like Dawsonís Creek.  I think thatíd be fun if I could be on Dawsonís, I know they already canceled it I think.

Snowman:  But I think that was popular when you were in high school years right?

Haley:  Yeah, yeah ... Iíd like to be on either that or Beverly Hills 90210. I think thatíd be fun too.

Snowman:  Like the weekly drama thing. OK, so any last words for existing and new fans on Snowmanís Raincoat Reviews?

Haley:  Uh any last words? Uh ... no I canít ... no ... what do people usually say?

Snowman:  Uh it just totally [varies] you know, thereís no standard answer.

Haley:  Uh ... send me some folk music.

Snowman:  (*laughs*)  Like in MP3 format or you gonna make a wish list at

Haley:  Wish list (*laughs*)

Snowman:  Actually are you on the computer a lot?

Haley:  I just got a computer and the next like two days after I got it, I got a virus. So I have to have like two internet providers now -- AOL because of the stupid virus, I have to have that one now.

Snowman:  Uh you a chatting type junky?

Haley:  No no, nope.

Snowman:  Too shy?

Haley:  No I just donít like, I like emails.

Snowman:  Do you write long emails to people?

Haley:  Uh sometimes.

Snowman:  You donít forward corny jokes and junk mail do you?

Haley:  No. Uh uh.

Snowman:  Ok.  Well I really appreciate you sitting down and taking the time to talk to us today I think you did a great job on your scene.

Haley:  Thank you.

Snowman:  And hopefully weíll be seeing a lot more of you.

Haley:  Hopefully yeah.

Snowman:  Ok thanks.

Haley:  Youíre welcome.

[end of interview]

Haley on the set of Dream Teens #01 (August 2004)

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Haley does not presently have an official website.  She can be contacted via e-mail at

Many thanks to Devan, director Hannah Harper, Francois Clousot and the Sin City crew for the on the set invite!

Important Note:  Haley Paige passed away on 08.21.07, almost exactly three years after the date of this interview.  There's a thread on the forum about her death here.  -- Snowman 10.03.07

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