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KellyFire and Hamilton Steele.  Photos used by permission.

Interview date 04.15.02

Q1 How old are both of you and how long have you been married? 

A. [KellyFire]  Well to be technical, KellyFire Steele and Hamilton Steele are only 2 years old.  However, the bodies they occupy are older.  KellyFire is 26 (August 21, 1975) and Hamilton is 29 (Oct 31, 1972).

Q2.  If you could choose only one cosmetic item for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

A.  [KellyFire] 
We both have to answer pure olive oil soap.  (Do you know how fucking hard it is to find on the west coast?)

Q3.  If you could make one fairy tale or fable come true with yourself in it, which would you pick?

A.  [KellyFire]  I most identify with "the ugly duckling", because it took Hamilton to make me realize that I could be a swan.

Q4.  If you had to name the all time best song, which would you pick?[

A.  [KellyFire]  "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"   (Did you expect anything else?)

[Here's the Cyndi Lauper album with KellyFire's pick for best song.  Also contains the classic "She Bop!"  Click for more info.] 

A.  [Hamilton]   Zucchero's "SENZA UNA DONNA"

[Admit it, now you're curious about Zucchero.  Click on the album above for purchase information!]

Q5.  What were the last three concerts or musical performances you attended?

A.  [KellyFire]  I don't go to concerts because I hate crowds. 

A.  [Hamilton]   Zucchero in 1999 "The Blue Sugar tour".  Yanni in 1998 "The Tribute tour" and Sisters of Mercy in 1999

Q7.   If you had to name an actor that others find sexy, but you just don't, who would it be?

A. [KellyFire]  Brad Pitt (not even on a basic level) I hate pretty boys and muscle idiots.  Give me a real man any day

Q7.  If in retrospect, you could have been nicer to one person in your life, who would it be?

A. [KellyFire]  I tend to be too nice to people. In this biz people like to take advantage of that, so although I can't think of anyone I should have been nicer to there are a few I wish I was nastier with.

A.  [Hamilton]  Here you'll see opposites attract.  I have a very long list of people I should have been nicer to.  It makes picking one very difficult.  If forced to decide I would have to say "some chubby girl in elementary school."

Q8.  If you were to read a personal ad for a weekend fling that had the most chance of tempting you, what would it say?

A.  [KellyFire]  Bisexual female, with a valid PCR-DNA, seeks porn couple to teach her everything they know..Cameras optional

A.  [Hamilton] While I watch, I want you to fuck my wife's virgin asshole until it gapes.  Then blow your load all over her ass so I can see your jizz drip down into her now cavernous butt opening.  After that you can spend the weekend turning my wife into a sperm guzzling/pussy eating/asshole-licking slut. (I'm not joking!)

Q9.   If your daughter told you she was pregnant, and didn't know who the father was, what advice would you give her?

A. [KellyFire]  I think it would be a bit late for advice. 

A.  [Hamilton]  I would ask her if it was a rape situation.  If the answer is "No"... Then I would advise her to never talk to me or look toward me as a role model because at this point I would know what shitty father I must have been.  If I did my job right in the first place she would know that sexual activity might be fun but it requires a person to act responsibly

Q10.  If you were to choose the most difficult thing about ending a relationship, what would it be?

A. [KellyFire]  Letting him/her down easy. 

A.  [Hamilton]  Getting in the last word.

Q11.   If you were to set regulations for pornography on the Interned, what would you propose?

A. [KellyFire]  Whoa, I can't keep up with the regulations state to state, forget worldwide. 

A.  [Hamilton]  Create a "Dot Cum" extension and anyone wanting access to it can make special arrangements with their ISP.

Q12.  Last year on RAME, quite a few people participated in a thread that posed the question, "Why do guys find gangbangs more erotic than orgies?"  I noticed that your website mentioned that you just shot your first orgy scene.  Elsewhere (in one of your rants) you stated that you "never do gang bangs."  There must be a big difference in your mind between the two.  Would you explain what it is?  Also, why do you think there are many more gangbang films than orgy films presently being produced?

A. [KellyFire]  Gangbangs are cheaper to produce, guys earn less per scene. But for gangbangs new recruits are often used, willing to fuck just to get their foot in the door.  Differences: gangbangs have one girl and 5+ men, orgies tend to keep the numbers more balanced, personally I require another woman to help out if more than three guys are involved (with three I'm airtight what more do you want).

A.  [Hamilton] If a woman wanted to experience a "Gang Bang" it is her right to do so. On that note, I am not aware of any gang bang video that does not, on some level, titillate the viewer with a sense of degradation by reducing the woman to being nothing more then an orifice.  KellyFire is a woman and some of the most influential people in my life have been women. It is out of respect and decency I refuse to be involved in such things as gang bangs, bukkake, urination or anything that will depict a woman in a less than favorable light.



[Here are some recommended gangbang titles featuring Asian Raincoater MVPs.  Please note that neither KellyFire or Hamilton appear in these raunchy features!]

Q13.  After reading your most recent "rant", it seems that you are more than a little disappointed with the state of the adult video industry.  Does this have something to do with your current "focus on the interned and magazine projects?"

A. [KellyFire]  True, professionalism is greatly lacking in the biz. Too often guys are calling themselves producer/directors giving no thought to setup, lighting etc. They are arrogant about their position as boss and only looking to get laid. Their wrongful assumption is that all porn chicks escort and I should be happily obliging their every whim (Not in this lifetime). My experience with the internet companies is that although the money is usually less, the respect level is at its highest; they treat me like it is an honor to have me work for them and not plastic ass kissing, more genuine appreciation. Maybe it is the technical skills required on this end that leads to an appreciation for professionalism and time management.

Q14.  Recently you have started to direct some adult movies for your new company "Kiss & Tell".  You've also said in the past, "... owning a three chip camera allows even a gas station attendant to pose as a ... director."  Aren't you concerned that your own efforts to direct will come off the same way?  You're a relative newcomer to the industry and as far as I know, do not have a background in film.

A. [KellyFire]  First the company is a joint venture by Hamilton and I. Ok, am I inexperienced, sure, but I am also very aware of what is required to make a good porno, and I am conscientious to have an experienced photographer show me the ropes. My beef with these assholes is a lack of forethought; all they are really doing is using the camera as an excuse to get themselves laid.


A.  [Hamilton]   I obtained my Bachelor degree before my 18th birthday.  My major was theatre and lit. Considering the fact I was very young and un-certain of what I wanted to do with my life, I remained in school.  Ultimately, I achieved a second under grad degree and my Master's, majoring in computer science and marketing.   As such I was a businessman before I ever did porn.  To this effect, I am aware of is my own limitations and the extent of my knowledge.  The secret is you don't have to know everything, you just have to know how to find the people that do.  Before Kiss & Tell started we made certain we had a good support network of people we could go.  Amongst these people we are very fortunate to know Veronica Hart and Charlie Biggs.  Both of them are industry veterans, valuable resources and close friends.

Q15.  One of your essays is titled, "Secrets to Anal Sex" and in the article you give readers all kind of helpful hints on proper "technique."  This sort of reminded me of Tristan's Taormino's book, "The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Woman."  on which two adult features have also been based.  Have you read the book, and if so, what are your thoughts on it?

  The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women

A. [KellyFire]  Sorry, never heard of the book.  I based my essay on personal experience and questions I was receiving.

[The DVD version featuring Author Tristan Taormino!]

Q16.  Do you believe porn has a lot to do with the sudden popularity of anal sex?  As you noted, it seems to be on a lot of people's mind these days.  Some research suggests that men may have a tendency to model behaviors seen in porn.

A. [KellyFire]  Yup... from what I've seen, most Americans follow the trends.  Porn is where we see acceptance of sexual trends.  "Keeping up with the Jones" means try it too, or else risk missing out and be left behind.

Q17.  I was a little confused by a couple of things you wrote on your website.  In one essay you wrote, "I might be a porn star, but I'm also a romantic.  I believe in couples, and I encourage sexual experimentation within that relationship."  In another essay, where you discuss being a swinger, you wrote, "I see sex as purely recreational."  I'm not sure how you reconcile the each of these.  Would you also consider yourself polyamory (someone who embraces the idea of having multiple long term romantic relationships)?

A. [KellyFire]  Well it would seem that your first confusion comes from equating sex with love and romance. These are very distinct. Romance is thoughtfulness, taking time for your partner, expression of love beyond the carnal instinct of intercourse. There are actually a number of romantics within the industry and we tend to find our intimacy with our partners in conversation and cuddling.  Polyamory, no I am totally devoted to Hamilton. However I would entertain the thought of another wife (hey, I'm Bisexual, I benefit too).

Q18.  I saw on the web that you were involved in the production of the indy film "Being Ron Jeremy" directed by Brian Berke.  How was it being involved in a more mainstream production?  Also, if you weren't already taken, it seems like Ron Jeremy might have been a good match for you in some ways.  From what I understand he can carry on intelligent conversation, is funny, financially stable and doesn't spend all day in the gym!  Did you guys hit it off well?

A. [KellyFire]  I love Ronnie!  He is absolutely wonderful.  However, he is not the perfect match because he is not Italian.  ;-)  Honestly it has more to do with his enormous endowment (I can only fit him for anal or oral). Although Hamilton is a "big boy", Ron Jeremy is bigger.  I would prefer if Hamilton was only average sized, but I'll settle for well trained.  About mainstream, it's great.  The days tend to be long but I know that I'm going to look good and I get recognized as a performer, not reduced to a whore.

Q19.  One of your recent adult features is called, "Girl Show -- The Art of Female Masturbation."  Is masturbation something that you really do engage in frequently in your personal life?  I think a lot of guys are under the impression that a performer in the adult industry wouldn't have much need (or desire) to pleasure themselves.  Also, could you offer a few masturbation "secrets" you've discovered for any ladies who may be lurking out there and reading this interview?

A. [KellyFire]  I am an orgasm addict, the more I get the more I want, so yes I do masturbate.  Penetration isn't even needed to cum, just a really good clit vibrator.  Secrets for the ladies, hmmmm.  Don't be guilty, self gratification will make you a better lover, besides most men I know, get completely charged watching a woman work herself up. Ultimately it is a selfish lover who doesn't want to see his/her partner cum. By exploring yourself and finding what it takes to get you there, you can cum for your partner every time.

Q20.  I believe that you are originally from Canada. I discovered a study on the Interned that found 75% of Canadians said having a good sex life was important to them but on the other hand, 50% experienced specific sex related problems on a regular basis -- suggesting that sex issues were a barrier many Canadians' quality of life.  Do you believe that being from Canada had anything much to do with your relatively liberal sexual attitudes?


A. [KellyFire]   Say what?  I'm half-Finnish, I went to University in Canada.  I think being intelligent has much to do with my sexual openness.  You'll find in this industry the girls are either very smart or very dense, and the smart ones often fake stupidity.... it pays better.  But I do not actually consider myself sexually liberal, I have many parameters that I stick too.  My dignity and self-respect are not for sale; so if the sex act is not something that I am really into, I won't do it.


Q21.  One of your fans wrote this in RAME last year:  "Kelly Fire is really beautiful and super sexual. Even my girlfriend gets off on watching this girl. You can tell she is a true slut and is getting off on the guy's dick. Porn needs more girls that do it for the fucking and not the money."  Do you agree with this?  In one of your essays you knocked the "flakes" of the industry who are only doing it for the money, but on the other hand, you realize the reality that "everyone is looking for revenue."  Are most of the girls in the industry just lazy and looking to make a quick buck?


A. [KellyFire]  Personally I think that prostitution should be legalized and then porn will be left with only the true performers. I can't say for sure if most do it for the money, there are simply too many getting in front of the camera. With the assholes and the competition in the biz, performers can get jaded so not everyone sticks it out or maintains why they started in the first place.  But I wouldn't call anyone who does this lazy, cause those that just lie there, don't last long (they just get replaced by another girl who doesn't know what she is doing).


A.  [Hamilton]  From the male point of view I have to say that nothing pisses me off more than to have to work with a woman that would rather be doing her laundry instead of enjoying a good fuck.  Having spoken to many of the old timers, in this industry, most have stated that this biz started out with some perverted couples having a good time.  Back then a girl that didn't enjoy anal sex didn't do it and now we have women willing to allow someone to park a transport truck in their ass if the price is right.  I have been a consumer of porn and I really felt ripped off when it is obvious the female is just faking everything.  Perhaps this is the reason "Amateur" sells so well.   But I am happy to say that I have had the pleasure of working with girls that are into to this for the sexual experiences.  I have also noted that all of these women are also married and were swingers prior to doing porn.

Q22 (Bonus!).  The other day on RAME, a poster recently asked, "Are any porn stars sex addicts?"  Have either of you encountered anyone who you believe fits this description so far in the industry?  One person replied, "all the male porn stars [and] very few of the female porn stars."  Do you agree?

A. [KellyFire]  YES! YES! YES!  I find I really have to keep myself in check especially around exposed cocks, I see it I have an overcoming compulsion to devour it.  Luckily in this biz, that isn't really frowned upon. (I have even less control around women).


A. [Hamilton]  It is my opinion that I am a pervert and enjoy sex more than the average person.  I have a hard time turning down group sex and an even harder time walking away from a DP. And I am quick to admit that nothing turns me on more then to watch Kelly being fucked by someone else or to look over my shoulder when another woman has her legs wrapped around my hips and see Kelly with her hands in her pants.  (Oh and just to share a bit of information, when I pull out of a woman Kelly always wants to taste my cock before I finish up)  It is for the fact that I can easily turn down sex with a woman in her late 60s and weighing 600lbs, I do not consider myself a sex addict.


Q23 (Bonus!).  You mentioned that you really like to cook for people.  What are three best dishes?  What is your husband's favorite?


A. [KellyFire]  I like to make a range of foods and especially enjoy baking. For main dishes, chicken cacciatore is one of my best; I also make incredible salads and bake everything from pizza to brownies. Hamilton's favorite thing is chocolate chip cookies, followed by any other cookie chased down with a very strong cup of coffee, and believe it or not, he requests "Dagwood" sandwiches more than any other meal. (When he decides he is hungry he wants it yesterday, my multi-layered sandwiches offer him the most substance and flavor in the shortest time).


Q24 (Bonus!).  What's the most difficult challenge that you face as a married couple working in the industry but not exclusively with each other?


A. [KellyFire]  Porno Johns that want a closed set!  I don't do a video if he can't be there, when a director tells me he has to go I want to know what they are hiding.  All of the excuses are pure bullshit, because when I arrive on one of Hamilton's sets they are happy he brought his own fluffer.  As we have gotten better known, this has been less of an issue.  People have gotten used to seeing us and know that we don't create drama or put up with it.  But just to make things perfectly clear, I can fuck whoever I want, whenever I want and I don't have to ask Hamilton for permission.  The only deal is I won't do it behind his back and if he decides that he doesn't want to be on set when I'm working than that is HIS option. 


A.  [Hamilton]   Ditto!  Sure this is a business, but it is a business that deals with a human element.  It is not practical to expect talent in this industry to remain single or hide the fact they are in a long-term relationship.  As such I feel that care, compassion and understanding must be exercised when dealing with talent.  It only takes a director or producer 5 extra minutes prior to a scene to talk to a spouse and make certain they are aware of what they will see.  When we film a scene we make it a point of telling the talent to bring over their spouse prior to booking them.  When talent shows up on a set with their life partner I make it a point of showing them where they can sit and enjoy the show.  Subsequently if talent can not perform in front of someone's spouse, they should get the fuck out of porn!


 (A Few Bonus Questions for Hamilton Steele Only)


Q25 (Bonus!).  Before you were in the porn industry, what porn tapes were your favorite?  Did you have any favorite stars?


A.  [Hamilton]  Hmm good questions.  I love all the porn from the 80s but if I had to pick one it would be "Tail gunner"  My favorite star was Nina Hartley and I have worked with her. 



[Hamilton's favorite porn movie.  Click for more info or to purchase!]


Q26 (Bonus!).  Traditionally, the adult industry has focused nearly all the attention on the female performers.    Only a few male stars have really broken out of the box and become well known.  Do you have any ambition to become a recognizable porn stud such as John Holmes, Ron Jeremy or someone like Rocco or Lexington Steele with their own movie lines?  Do you feel frustrated that your wife Kelly presumable receives more attention and/or pay than yourself?


A.  [Hamilton]   Hey, I knew the score before I decided to get involved in this industry.  It isn't going to be my face that sells the video.  As for breaking out of the box and being a recognizable porn stud, it isn't that big of an issue for me.  As long as I can keep reliable wood and the girls enjoy working with me, thatís all that matters. Ultimately I'm happy to be in an industry that allows me the opportunity to experience some very attractive women and to get paid for it.  Heck when it comes right down to it, I'm living an adolescent male's ultimate dream.  Sure it would be nice to have my own line of movies and be as famous as Lexington Steele but sadly nature would have to have blessed me with another yard worth of dick.  I would be very happy to accomplish what Ron Jeremy has done and that is remain in the biz for over 23 years and have sex with over 5,000 women.


Q27 (Bonus!).  Do you believe that the male performer in a scene really has much to do with how hot it ultimately turns out?  In nearly all cases, a guy is going to rent or buy the movie only for the starlets that are featured.  Could it be that the guys are necessary, but almost completely interchangeable?


A.  [Hamilton]  If you ask me, ultimately all males are interchangeable in this biz.  But there are things that make a male good and a scene rock.  The first starts with communication and being into the talent you are working with.  Before a scene I like to talk to a girl and find out what she likes and try and develop a little bit of chemistry.  Very recently I worked with Mercedes Ashley and I only got to meet her 10 minutes prior to the scene being filmed.  We spoke for a few minutes and before we knew it we were laughing our heads off and very comfortable with each other.  When the camera started rolling on us we gave one hell of a smoking scene.  As for sex positions and presenting the girl, it can all be learned and a good director has no problem letting you know when to get a leg up or to pull a girl's hair out of the way.  In my opinion, male talent has make the girl comfortable so she can enjoy the fucking.  After that, having a person that knows how to direct the action and where to point the camera is the most important part to making a scene hot.


Q28 (Bonus!).  Recently on RAME, someone purporting to be Lexington Steele stated, "Make no mistake, I focus in fucking in such a way that you can SEE everything. This is what should be appreciated. This is my forte.  I ask you, does any other performer show penetration in such a dedicated manner as I do?  That is why my scenes are VISUALLY entertaining. You can see what is the hottest visual, the penetration. No one does this better than me... Compare my missionary or doggy positions to any performer and see how much more you see visually during my penetration shots."  When you perform on camera, what is it that you do better than anyone else?  That is, what is your forte? 


A.  [Hamilton]  I hope to hell this wasn't really Lexington because what a fucking ego monster.  I was at the XRCO awards and I heard Lex thank Jules Jordan and admit that he owes a lot to him.  I have seen Jules work with Lex and he is a director that isn't afraid to get the angles he needs.  But that wasn't the question, was it.  My hopeful claim(s) to fame are: 1) I shoot for distance.  I tend to hit walls and get cameramen in the blast if I'm not careful.  2) I'm multi-orgasmic, recently on a KSex radio broadcast I blew my load 4 times in 40 mins.  I don't lose wood or require a break.  In the past I have blown my load as much as 15 times in an hour.  3) I eat pussy...  In fact I love eating pussy so much that it gives me a boner.  Before I do any scene you can find me with my face between my co-star's legs.  4) I'm a DP fanatic! But so is Kelly.


Q29 (Bonus!).  In the same message, "Lex" stated that he "rarely" ate pussy on the set.  He then went on to say, "I don't like it... Plus, are you familiar with how dirty the vaginas are in these films?  Man, I would not even want YOU to eat some of the pussy I have come across. LOL."  Has this been your experience with the girls in the industry?  If this is the consensus of opinion with the male talent, it certainly would burst the bubble of a lot of guys.


A.  [Hamilton]  Ok there are a few people in this industry with a hygiene problem and that goes for both men and women.  But if I'm not willing to stick my face in there why would I be willing to stick my cock in there.  It has been my experience that the majority of porn people are extremely clean.  So if Lex doesn't want to eat pussy then he is missing one point.  It doesn't take 10 inches or more to satisfy a woman, it only takes about 2-3 inches, of tongue.


Q30 (Bonus!). What's the secret to long lasting erections?


A.  [Hamilton]  I'm a fucking freak.  As long as there is pussy to fuck it stays hard or I'm playing with it... It doesn't go down and I don't pop unless I'm told to.



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Update 12.31.02

KellyFire's new website is here.  She now goes by the name "Kelly Steele".  She no longer accepts e-mail except through World Modeling.  

Hamilton's webpage has been removed and his current e-mail address is unknown. 

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