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21Q+ WITH NAKITA KASH (part one)


Interview date 10.11.03, Rancho Cordova, CA, Gold Club Centerfolds

Snowman: OK... we are here today, it's October 11th, 2003 and I'm interviewing Nakita Kash. This interview is for Snowman's Raincoat Reviews and it will also be posted on the Gold Club Centerfolds website. We're tape recording this right now.

Snowman: Hi Nakita!

Nakita: Helloooooo

Snowman: Let's start off with this. I think I saw on an Internet on a database that you were born in 1977?

Nakita: Actually 1976 ... they can make me sound younger, I don't mind. (*laughs*) September 19, 1976.

Snowman: So it was just recently your birthday. All right! So that would make you at this point.... (calculating frantically) ...

Nakita: Too old! Don't do the math! I started in the industry when I was 20.

Snowman: And you are 27 right now? You started when you were 20?

Nakita: Uh Huh, I started a month before my 21st birthday.

Snowman: Did you first start with dancing or with adult movies?

Nakita: Uh Huh (to dancing). I was dancing for years. I started off as a house dancer. Then I did some magazines. And then I won a bunch of dance titles and went on tour. Then met Michael Raven and Sidney Steele and I started dating both of them. I lived with them for about three or four months and they pretty much talked me into doing [x-rated] movies.

Snowman: Now is that something you were interested in?

Nakita: No, not at all. When I first met Michael Raven, he took me up to Dallas, which is where he was living at the time and he was shooting his very first movie. He had intentions of flying me out and getting me to do the movie. It's a very pretty movie. It's called "Queens Challenge". I believe that Fallen Angel produced it. But it was Michael Raven's very first movie ever. And he wasn't Michael Raven then. I think he put it under John Raven.

Snowman: So that was before he was known then?

Nakita: Well it was his first movie ever. Before he ever did anything at all with filming in the industry.

Snowman: Was he in the industry before then, or was that is very first part in it?

Nakita: He had a business partner that did some video and other kinds of things. I can't remember exactly what the company was, but I do know that when I met him he was into video tape and filming and production of videos for one of the international pole contests that I did. And that's how I [got started in the movie side of things].

Snowman: So would you say probably without his influence, and some of the other people you knew at the time, you never would have gotten into the X-rated industry?

Nakita: Never say never, but it definitely wouldn't have happened around that time. I mean, I did want to further my career, because I pretty much had done everything as far as a feature entertainer can do. I did all the contracts, I made all my appearances, did a couple of magazines... all the public events I was supposed to do. It was enough of a progression that it was the next step as a feature entertainer. A lot of feature entertainers don't take that next step... but... and I really wasn't planning on it. But I'm glad I did because a few years down the line, I would have been, "I'm not making enough money here."

Snowman: As a feature dancer?

Nakita: Yes.

Snowman: I was speaking with Gene at the [Gold Club Centerfolds] club here, and he was telling me that girls as a feature dancer can make more money dancing then they can in the X-rated film industry.

Nakita: Not as a feature dancer or contract magazine girl. As a porn star, you make all of your money as a feature dancer. Do you understand what that means?

Snowman: I think what you are saying is, being in the movies, enhances your marketability as a dancer.

Nakita: Absolutely. I mean, if you want to be what I believe is a deluxe entertainer. All you have is your show and your ability to entertain. Yeah, you might be in some magazines, but that's a handful of people. If you're in movies, you have a hugggge market.

Snowman: It's interesting, because again, in talking with Gene, and I noticed it myself with some of the guys who go here to this club ... it seems that a lot of the [regular customers] are really into dancers, and they are really into the whole lapdance dance and watching the girls and talking to the girls, but they didn't know a damn thing about porn. They didn't know anything at all. And a lot of the porn people that I am familiar with, they don't frequently go out to clubs. They are spending most of their sex industry dollars on movies and things like that -- taking care of business at home I guess versus going out to a club. So, it's interesting to me that the feature dancer can be enhanced by the porn thing, if there's not really that connection. Or is that not your experience?

Nakita: Ummmm. (*pauses*) I know that a lot more people have become bigger fans by going out and meeting people. It depends on ... I mean most of us girls stick together. We're not going out to meet people all the time. We only go out in a group of the same people. Porn is a large family. We take care of each other. Why? -- Because everyone in the world looks at us like we are some kind of crazy people. Even fans think that, you know, we are different. When we go out, we go out in groups, otherwise we have lives that ... hmmm ... everything about our bodies and what we do with our career is exposed. I mean every little teeny tiny piece of my body has been exposed, there's nothing I can hide.

Snowman: That's really a unique situation.

Nakita: So, when I have time, I'm not going out to clubs. I may spend time with people in the industry but for the most part, I'm spending time with my family and friends. For those people who are going out to clubs and what not and really don't know about porn, or whatever, it may be because either they don't want to spend the spend the money... they know of it. They use porn to their potential and what they need it for. There's very few people out there that interested in knowing the names of the girls, knowing their faces, knowing what movies they've been in, or guys for that matter and .... ummm .....

Snowman: Is that your experience? -- That guys ... Of course, on my website I run into perhaps the opposite kind of guy. Guys who seem to know ...

Nakita: Everything and anything.

Snowman: Well ... more than me! They inform me of information and send me e-mail all the time with "oh you need to add this" or "did you know this girl appeared in this [movie]."

Nakita: There's a lot out there, but those are the people who are [superfans], which is great. It's really cool. Those are the people I live for and work for. But that's not the majority but any means. Or of fans in general.

Snowman: Well how many people do you think watch porn on a regular basis?

Nakita: On a regular basis? What's a regular basis -- once a week, once a month?

Snowman: I dunno.

Nakita: There are couples who do a few times a year.

Snowman: Because I think the primary customer is a single male who .... I realize there is a couples market, but probably most porn fans or purchases are by the single male, who is, hmmm I don't know how to put it.... looking to get their rocks off when they watch the movie.

Nakita: I think for a single man, for them to have five (5) videos or dvds in their possession, at all times -- something that they own, not rent ... ummm .... I think that's a lot actually.
Snowman: Oh, you think that's a lot of movies?

Nakita: I think five movies is a lot to own.

Snowman: Oh wow. Well... maybe ... have you considered that maybe in the old days that was true, when you had to go into a dark, seedy bookstore to purchase it, but now with the Internet, we have a lot more privacy, we have more thousand of videos to choose from

Nakita: But that's just porn you can download to your computer.

Snowman: Oh no no, like we can order your "Kash" video right here with complete privacy and discretion, and it could be FedExed to your home, or cheap first class shipping, but it will be there within a couple of days for $15.

Nakita: I'm talking about the people that I meet on average. If someone has my movie, it is usually because they like me, because they like someone else that was in the movie, or the movie got great reviews, or they were told that the movie was good, or simply because they like the company or it was on sale. That really differs, but the majority of them have the movie because they like me. And, they're not gonna have twenty five (25) of my movies.

Snowman: You don't think so?

Nakita: No. They are gonna find the ones that got great reviews.

Snowman: Have you actually talked to your fans about that? How many they've actually purchased?

Nakita: No ... that needs to be a poll on my website.

Snowman: In my experience, when a fan is really that knowledgeable about a girl, a lot of them do obsess and try to get a whole collection of a girl. Except when she has like 200 scenes.

Nakita: Well, you know, you will find that. But I mean every guy out there will ask ... they'll ask what my favorite scene was, they'll ask who my favorite girls were to work with or the guys, they'll ask me what my favorite work was, and they'll collect that. Because they would rather see me in my best light, my best work, where I put my most effort in, you know whatever that may be, and they are satisfied with [that]. They always want me to let them know who I would welcome back -- always.

Snowman: OK. What's the question that you just don't wanna hear any more from fans? Is there any question that you just don't wanna hear anymore at this point?

Nakita: (*without much hesitation*) "Am I related to Johnny Cash?"

Snowman: Really? People ask you that question?

Nakita: All the time. They think it's funny I guess. Yeah, they think it's funny.

Snowman: Well, make a note of that everyone. For the record, she's not related to Johnny Cash.

Nakita: (*laughs*) It actually really was funny the first twenty five (25) times. It kinda made me giggle, because I'm honored for anyone to even say Johnny Cash and my name in the same sentence. It's not funny anymore guys.

Snowman: Now if someone came up to you, and they said they were your great fan, and seen you in all these movies and so forth, how do you feel about a guy like that? I mean basically, that might be a guy who's lonely and at home just masturbating to your image. How does that make you feel?

Nakita: I'm honored and I always ask, "Well, who else do you like?" And then I have a comparison to what other girl they like or if they are just saying that to me. I always ask "Well what movies have you seen?" and if they can't rattle off at least two or three titles that they seen, then I know they are just blowing smoke up my ass. I mean, doesn't everyone walk up to Jenna Jenneson and say "I'm such a big fan" and at least 50% of them can't even name one movie that she's in. Not that her movies are not notoriously famous, but it's just -- yeah they're fans, but are they really hardcore fans of the actual product or of you as a sexual being.

(*fan approaches and purchases some Polaroid's*)

Snowman: Well, one thing I notice in looking over all the movies you are in, and I think you just mentioned this to a fan, you did just girl/girl movies for the first three years ...

Nakita: Yes.

Snowman: And sure enough, I'm looking here at your films at the Internet Adult Film Database and I really only see a very small handful of boy/girl movies ...

Nakita: Not all of them have even been released.

Snowman: Oh are some still coming out?

Nakita: Well there's always new movies coming out.

Snowman: Well that's only if you are doing scenes, and I'm not sure what your status is. Are you currently doing many boy/girl scenes?

Nakita: Ummmm ... currently I haven't done any. Well, "Heart of Darkness" -- that's one of the best movies of the year. That's my most one I believe.

Snowman: Who was the director of that one? Ummm is that Paul Thomas?

Nakita: Yep... Paul Thomas.

Snowman: He does some good stuff. I review a lot of Vivid movies and some of them are, you know, more oriented toward couples I suppose, but even though his area also, I think his are interesting to watch. I mean, I can tell he puts a lot of effort into the story and they are more entertaining than most.

Nakita: And in my experience, they are shot on film, which means you have to be more technically perfect with every shot because film is expensive. It's got a better look to it and he's very concerned with acting. He makes sure that he gets what he wants out of the actor. I'm not talking about the sex. He wants nasty sex too.

Snowman: Does he stay on the set during the sex when he is directing? I recently read an inference that he walks off the set.

Nakita: Actually, the very first scene I ever did for him, he was there when we shot it. It was me and Sophie Evans, it was actually for "Heart of Darkness" and he sat with his jaw just open the whole time. But I believe every other scene I've done for him since then, he's not been there.

Snowman: He actually hasn't been there during the sex part?

Nakita: Well I think he's out doing other directorial duties.

Snowman: Well, who's directing the sex?

Nakita: He blocks it out for you. He says I want you to do this, and I want you to do that. And then when we go into position, I think he has actually taken off, and he like times himself, because he knows how many minutes of footage he needs for each position.

Snowman: Sure.

Nakita: He'll time himself, he'll go do other things -- [perhaps talking] to some girl, "I need this from you" and he'll come back before it's time to change positions.

Snowman: Wow. I was reading an old interview with Greg Dark -- I think Greg Dark was one of the better porn directors of all time. Are you familiar with him?

Nakita: Yes I am.

Snowman: He was saying that he directed every single aspect of every sex scene, you know what they were to do, how they were to do this. I got the feeling from the way he was describing it that that, boom, they didn't make a move without him telling them to do that.

Nakita: Which makes for very bad sex.

Snowman: Well maybe, but when I watch Greg Dark's movies, I think they are great. They are really wonderful. I don't know how he got them that way but...

Nakita: I've never worked for him so I can't say, but in my experience, if it's very, very directed, then #1 it's editing, #2 it's technically superior -- camera angles, lighting, whatever. If it looks pretty, it's gonna be pretty whether it's real life or not. But when I have been directed exactly where to go, what to do, put your hand here, move back two inches, whatever -- it hasn't been as great. I mean it's natural -- you're distracted. You know, you have other things to think about besides pleasing that person.

Snowman: Well do you think that natural sex translates to the hottest sex for a porn viewer?

Nakita: No. No it doesn't. If it looks pretty then it looks pretty. A lot of times, a pretty girl with a smile on her face while getting fucked is just as sexy to watch as a girl going all out balls to the wall sweating her butt off... I always have to think about that when I do scenes too. Depending on who I'm working for, if I know their style and I know what their product looks like, then I work with that when I'm doing the scene.

Snowman: Maybe so that some of your fans can compare, is there any director that you've worked with who was close to what I'm imagining the Greg Dark style is, where they try to direct every aspect of the shot? And then maybe what we can do is at some point, is look at one of those movies and compare it to a more natural one.

Nakita: Jim Holiday was a little like that.

Snowman: Do you remember the name of that movie?

Nakita: Jim Holiday was "Timeless", "More Precious Than Gold" and [unintelligible].

Jim Holiday's "Timeless" and "More Precious Than Gold"
"Timeless" shopping links: (Action-DVD) (Movies By Mail) (Adult DVD Marketplace) (Gamelink) (Adult Video Universe)
"More Precious Than Gold" shopping links (VHS only):  (Gamelink)

Snowman: It seems like you are really familiar with your movies. Do you actually watch your scenes?   

Nakita: I watch every scene at least once, and if it's really hot, I'll watch it over and over and over again. "Kash", I watched that movie, and still continue watching that movie, over and over and over again.

Snowman: I think you recommended on your website -- I believe it was an interview -- as this [Kash] being your best movie. Do you still feel that way? What makes this one the best?

Nakita: I feel that way -- absolutely. There are several different aspects into putting that movie together. #1 -- It was my first boy/girl movie, #2 -- it was directed by the man who got me in the industry, Michael Raven. #3 -- Because him and I were so close, and we known each other for so long, he wrote the script for me.

Nakita's pick for her all time best movie!
(Action-DVD) (Adult DVD Marketplace) (Adult Video Universe) (Gamelink)

Snowman: And this was in 2001? At least the movie came out in 2001.

Nakita: Yeah. I think it was released in the fall of 2001.

Snowman: And was it filmed the same year?

Nakita: It was filmed that summer, I believe.

Snowman: So it was about four years after he got you into the business?

Nakita: Three and one-half years.

Snowman: So you were well seasoned?

Nakita: Yes, I was very well seasoned, and you know we'd been friends, and known each other for a very long time and he wrote the script for me. And [he knew] what I would enjoy, knowing what I could pull off, and knowing what I could get into. He knew me so he wrote the script for me.

Snowman: Well that problem makes a big difference. I mean, if you have a personal relationship, it seems like you might be able to get a better performance.

Nakita: Huge, huge. Very, very big difference. I put my all into that. I did a lot of preparation for it. It was my first boy/girl scene which was cool and a very, very big deal. And I got to do my first boy/girl scene with Evan Stone, who I also met in Dallas.

Snowman: Now I saw [on your website] that he is your favorite guy, and don't take this the wrong way, but your website didn't go into why and I was curious when I read that. What makes Evan Stone your favorite guy?

Evan Stone, Nakita's favorite hunk of burning love to work with and the devilish Anne Malle!

Nakita: I've known him longer than he's done movies.

Snowman: Ohhhh, so you knew him before you ever did it?

Nakita: Well, I take that back. I met him on his very first set, and that was "Queens Challenge" for Michael Raven, shot in Dallas. And, I don't know if the world knows this but ... and he will probably get mad at me for telling them, but I don't care ... he in his very first movie, was with Anna Malle, and Anna Malle strapped it on and fucked him up the ass ... in his very first movie.

Snowman: (*laughs*) Wow... that's a scoop.

Nakita: And, I don't know if they ever put it in the movie ... way back in those days, it was probably something that was taboo. It wasn't exactly OK to distribute. Also, it was for a more mainstream company.

Snowman: Sure. Right.

Nakita: But he did it and I was extremely thrilled with that. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world, so we talked and we had a great time. And [after that] we knew each other for a long time, so that's why he's my favorite.

(Fan approaches, asks for an autograph. He inquires if Nakita has ever starred in any Private movies)

Snowman: I think I read somewhere that one thing you like to watch is two guys getting it on?

Nakita: (nods in agreement) mm mm

Snowman: Do you honestly like that?

Nakita: Absolutely.

Snowman: Now what it is about that turns you on?

Nakita: Same thing as when a guy watches two girls.

Snowman: That's interesting. I was looking on RAME today, and in the last month, this is the most popular topic on there. "I'm a writer currently working on a book that seeks to explain why it is that so many heterosexual men seem to get off on the idea of two women together - and I need your thoughts." And you just said, that's probably the reason why you like watching gay men go at it. So what is it?

Nakita: They don't have to be gay!

Snowman: Just any two men?

Nakita: (nods in agreement) mm mm

Snowman: Well I think if they weren't gay, wouldn't it be a ...

Nakita: (interrupts) No. They could be bisexual. And most women that get together aren't gay... I can't say that not knowing, but when a man is enjoying two women being together, it's very rare they are gay. It's usually that they are bisexual.

Snowman: So it's really just that you like seeing the two guys on screen, but it's not necessarily the act, it's seeing double the number of men?

Nakita: (*giggles*) Or in person! No, it's not that the scene has double the men. Even though that is great. It's seeing them interact. But I mean, that's a beautiful thing for me.

Snowman: Two guys?

Nakita: Absolutely. It's a beautiful thing.

Snowman: O.K. (not totally convinced and deciding to move on!) I know you were speaking to a fan here a few minutes ago and were saying that one of the reasons you didn't work for Private [Video] is that you were concerned the guys maybe weren't wearing condoms, and you didn't know the girls they were working with and were sort of an "unknown quantity". Are you more hesitant to work with guys who have done gay appearances than [those who limit themselves to] straight films?

Nakita: Me personally no. The industry naturally. Me personally no. They're using condoms more often in gay films. They test now in gay films.

Snowman: But those tests can be up to thirty days old.

Nakita: Same as hetro movies ... and it's usually about twenty-five days. Usually twenty-eight days or less old so long as they are working on a regular basis. The test cannot be thirty days old. [That's] not allowed.

Snowman: Right. There's just the thought that perhaps the gay lifestyle is a little bit more promiscuous. At least that is the general thinking. And it's more risky from the point of view of HIV [transmission].

Nakita: I know a lot of gay actresses who have "wives" and actually don't have sex with men except for work. And there are several ... [unfinished thought]. Yes I understand all the statistics. Yes, it is more dangerous. Am I worried? No.

Snowman: Is it something you'd like to know about? It came to my attention on my message board, that "Mr. Biggz" who is being marketed by New Sensations ... apparently he used to go by the name of "Bam" and did a bunch of gay movies. He's a black man with a big cock. He did a bunch of movies under the gay name "Bam". Now he's working as "Mr. Biggz". None of the girls, or at least it's alleged, that none of the girl on the set knew this and some of them were quite upset.

Nakita: Absolutely. They have every reason in the world to be upset and know where this comes from and what they're doing. I mean, I don't know if either they were upset about him doing gay or being deceived?

Snowman: I think a little of both.

Nakita: If I was deceived, and not told what someone had in their past, I would absolutely be upset. I have no problem working with the girls, or even having sex with girls on camera who have been in bisexual movies. I have no problem with that. And there's a lot of video makers out there, where, when a girl has done a bisexual movie, they never hire her again. Because she's worked with these actors.

Wow. She's almost tainted.

Nakita: She's tainted. That's one reason why I never do it. There are directors in the industry who will not work with the females in the industry who have worked with the males who have done gay. And I don't really believe in all that, but I've done a really, really good job in my career to make sure I am not banned from working for any director for any reason other than, I don't wanna work for them.

[end of part one]


Nakita's official website is located here.  She can be contacted via e-mail at
Thanks to Gold Club Centerfolds for helping to arrange the interview!
Photos courtesy of Nakta Kash.  Used by permission.  

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