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Interview date 07.22.04, Thousand Oaks, CA, On the Set of Sin City's Barely 18 #13

Snowman:  OK, Snowman here.  It's July 22nd ... I think.  I think it's July 22nd out here.  I'm in Thousand Oaks, California and I'm here with a brand new starlet.  And here's who she is ...

Nicole:  My name is Nicole Brazzle, N-I-C-O-L-E  B-R-A-Z-Z-L-E. 

Snowman:  And I was just here covering a scene that Nicole starred in with John West for a Sin City movie called Barely 18 #13.  And so we're out here on a very nice ranch property and Nicole is nice enough to sit down here for a few minutes to talk with us today.  So how you doing today Nicole?

Nicole:  I'm doing real good, how 'bout yourself?

Snowman:  I'm doing fine.  And sadly, since I mostly just post transcripts and not audio tape, you guys can't really hear this but Nicole just has the sweetest Southern Belle accent you've ever heard.  Uh ... How's that going over out here in California Nicole?

Nicole:  It's actually going real well.  They call me "Ms. Tennessee", or their "One and Only Southern Belle" ... so definitely, the accent goes a long way. 

Snowman:  Is that where you're from, Tennessee? 

Nicole:  Yes, Tennessee.

Snowman:  Whereabouts out there?

Nicole:  Um ... I live in a town called Waverly, Tennessee, close to Nashville. 

Snowman:  Oh wow.  Well you're a long way from home.  And I was just speaking with you a couple of minutes before we started this, and you were saying you've been in the business now for three months? 

Nicole:  Yeah, I've been in it for three and a half months now. 

Snowman:  And ... you know, it's a long way from Tennessee.  How'd you get started in the adult business?  What made you decide to do this?

Nicole:  Well you know, I did mainstream modeling at first.  Then I got on One Model Place and I was just asked by a lot of directors and managers and stuff to start porn and I went ahead and started porn ... and here I am!

Snowman:  Now were you a sexually wild girl before you got into this business?

Nicole:  Nooooo.  Actually no.  I'd never been with more than two people so now it's definitely different.  It's exciting though.

Snowman:  Now, what's been the most challenging aspect so far about being an adult starlet?

Nicole:  Challenging? ... Ummmm ... you know, it's definitely a different life.  You definitely ....   I don't really know the most challenging, but I know the most different experience I've had was one of the gang bangs, and that was one thing that I've never done, so that was a big experience for me.

Snowman:  Well that's pretty interesting.  So you've already been in a gang bang? 

Nicole:  Yeah.  I've been in a gang bang.  Uh ... I've been in KSEX radio.  You know, I'm with the agency Exotic Star Models and they are fabulous. 

Snowman:  I think you were saying that's an all-girl agency?

Nicole:  Yeah.  It's an all-girl agency and they are great.  I mean, they are the best company any woman can actually be with. 

Snowman:  Then they're getting you a lot of work too?

Nicole:  Oh yeah.  They give me lots of work.  I get on radios, I do fans.  I do a lot of fan mail, autographs.  I work for VCA and Sin City.  So it's really interesting.  It's been really fun. 

Snowman:  Now with this gangbang, do you remember what company that was for?

Nicole:  Ummmm.  Actually the one that  I had done was called Black Attack Gang Bang and uh ... yeah, that was the one that I did and it was definitely different. 

Snowman:  How many guys were involved with that? 

Nicole:  That one was four and I do know I got one coming up with ... I think it's gonna be seven.  Not all at once, but all in different rooms. 

Snowman:  Who's that one coming up for?  Because what I like to do is post, you know, box covers along with the interview and so forth.

Nicole:  Right, Right.  Ummm, I haven't done that one yet, but I do believe that one's gonna be with Stormy's husband, which is Stormy the Wicked contract girl.

Snowman:  OK, so it's for Wicked?

Nicole:  Hmmm.  It's not for Wicked.  I'm not exactly sure who it is for but it's her husband that's shooting it.  

Snowman:  OK.  Now how old are you?

Nicole:  I'm 22 years old.

Snowman:  Are you single? 

Nicole:  Ummmmmm.  Yes ... separated actually. 

Snowman:  Oh.  Does that mean you were married already at some point here?

Nicole:  Yeah, I was married.  I got three children.  So, yeah, definitely.  Separated now!

Snowman:  Wow.  So when you came out here, you came out all by yourself with your family? 

Nicole:  No, I came out here all by myself.  I work out here all by myself.  I travel you know, back and forth from Tennessee to California.

Snowman:  Do you feel homesick for Tennessee?

Nicole:  Ummmmm...  Yeah, a little bit I do.  It's definitely different.  I'm so used to the Southern country style and down here is big and really fast paced but its definitely two different lifestyles. 

Snowman:  Uh ... how old are your kids?

Nicole:  Five, three and two -- two boys and one girl. 

Snowman:  That really sounds like a handful. 

Nicole:  It is, but you know, that is my passion ... is kids and I love it, so ...

Snowman:  Well, that's sweet.  So I guess your oldest would be starting kindergarten soon then?

Nicole:  Yep.  He is definitely starting kindergarten. 

Snowman:  Is it coming up here in a few weeks here?

Nicole:  Yeah, he sure is. 

Snowman:  You know, a lot of kids freak out on the first day of kindergarten.  Believe it or not, I actually worked as a teacher once and on the first day of kindergarten there are some kids who just can't handle it.  Are you gonna be there?  I mean, they run out of the classroom screaming -- it's a big scene.  Are you gonna be there for your child?

Nicole:  *laughs*  Oh no!  ... Oh yeah.  I'm definitely gonna be there but I don't think he's gonna have a problem...

Snowman:  I don't want you to be on a porn shoot on that date!  Because that's like a big day in your kid's life. 

Nicole:  Oh no.  Definitely not.  My kids come first.  I work out here and he's about to start school and you know, I'll be there for them. 

Snowman:  Right.  OK, that sounds good.  This is sorta a gonzo movie, the Barely 18 #13.  Is that the type of movie that you're mostly doing -- like more of the wild type movies without very much scripts and so forth -- [just] hardcore sex?

Nicole:  Uh, yeah I do plenty, plenty of that, but I also do like you know, the feature and stuff like that and I work for Playgirl a lot and that's a lot of dialog and you know, pretty much easy pace, but yeah, it's mostly gonzo. 

Snowman:  How wild do you get?  Do you do some of the more wilder stuff like anal and DP and that sort of thing? 

Nicole:  Ummm No.  Actually I do not do anal and I do not do DP.  I just do you know, boy-girl, multiple, or whatever.  And I love sucking cock.  That's definitely my passion.  So that's real fun too.

Snowman:  Now in the future, do you think you are gonna try to go into that more nastier stuff?  Are you considering it or is it just you have your limits and you're gonna stick to it?

Nicole:  Uh, yeah, I have my limits and I'm gonna stick to this and I enjoy doing this and I'm not gonna go any further.  So, this is good this way.  I'm doing really good. 

Snowman:  That's good.  You've got to find your comfort zone. 

Nicole:  Oh yeah.  And I'm definitely comfortable with this, but I like to do the slapping the ass, pulling on hair and you know all that as well but I'm just not gonna get into the anal.

Snowman:  Now you say you don't mind slappin' ass and so forth ... would you do something like a ... fetish stuff, like maybe bondage or spanking ... that kind of thing? 

Nicole:  Oh Yeah.  I'd do that.  Definitely. 

Snowman:  Have you ever done any yet? 

Nicole:  Ummmmm.  I've done one bondage ummmm with the thing in your mouth ...

Snowman:  Like a ball gag?

Nicole:  Yeah and all that ... So that was pretty interesting.  But yeah, I'm into all that.  That's cool. 

Snowman:  Now did you ever do any of that in your private life?

Nicole:  Nooooooooo.  I've not done any of this in my private life so I've definitely seen another world and the other side. 

Snowman:  Does your family know what you're doing out here? 

Nicole:  Yes they do.  Everybody knows.

Snowman:  How do they feel about it?

Nicole:  They ain't too happy with it, but you know I'm an adult with my own children and you gotta do what you gotta do.  

Snowman:  That's true.  Do you watch your own movies?

Nicole:  You know, I've never watched my own movies. 

Snowman:  You never watched your own movies?!

Nicole:  No, but I think I'm going to because every one says I have a really hard accent and I've like to hear what it sounds like.

Snowman:  Well, not only that, but it might give you a way to look at yourself and find some ways to improve your performances. 

Nicole:  Yeah, definitely.  I think I'm gonna start doing that.  I'm gonna have a website up soon and everything, so I'm gonna get busy on all that. 

[Short interruption.  Gordon Mui of ASM Daily News joins the interview.]

Gordon:  We noticed a lot, they do predict, streamlightable anal, creampies, interracial ... especially you are from the South.  Do you feel comfortable in doing interracial, let's say (*whispers*) with a big black guy?

Nicole:  Well, I'm OK with interracial and I've already done interracial.  Like I was telling him [Snowman], I did a Black Attack Gang Bang with four guys and they were both all black.  But yeah, it's a little out in the Southern, but you know I enjoyed it, so it's all good.

Snowman:  Yeah, you know, I really didn't get into that, but I think you [Gordon] have a good point in that there could be a lot of ... not so much here ... but I think where you're from ...

Nicole:  Oh yeah, it's already been started, but ...

Snowman:  I mean, there might be some stores that, in fact, there are probably a lot of store that won't even carry that video because it would be so ... cause such an up rise. 

Nicole:  Right, yeah.  It's actually, you gotta see it on the website.  So ... they're not too happy with that, but it's all good!

Gordon:  Have you done any cream pie, or peeing scene or S&M, B&D?

Nicole:  No, I don't do no cream pie or anything like that, no anal or ... I'm not into any of that kinda stuff. 

Snowman:  Just let me ask you, did you try that in your private life and you decided you didn't like it, or is it ...?

Nicole:  No, I never tried it in my personal life.

Snowman:  So you just have no desire?

Nicole:  I have no desire for it.

Gordon:  What? Cream pie?

Snowman:  I think we're talking more anal. 

Nicole:  Oh no, no, no, no, no.  Ummm, more like anal.  Cream pie yeah if -- you know, circumcised, you know so ... I don't want to get pregnant!  *laughs*

Snowman:  Well you are on birth control I assume.

Nicole:  No.

Gordon:  *GASP*

Snowman:  *GASP*  Are you serious?!  You know, I always say on my website, on the discussion board, "You know I can't even imagine that girls would not be on birth control ..."

Nicole:  No, I'm not.

Snowman:  Well why not?! 

Nicole:  I don't do cream pie. 

Gordon:  OK

Snowman:  But you know, it is still possible ...

Nicole:  Yeah, but the side effects.  I get the side effects and it gets me. 

Snowman:  You tried the pill and the patch?

Nicole:  Oh yeah.  I tried it all. 

Snowman:  And it just doesn't work?

Nicole:  I just can't take it all, so...

Snowman:  Well what would you do if you got pregnant?  I mean you love kids and you're a mom, you know?

Nicole:  Right, well I ... that's not gonna happen, but if it did happen, I'd have to decide when it comes.  But I've been in it you know, and I make sure everything is all good. 

Gordon:  Have you done any fetish like peeing, S&M, B&D, Bondage ...

Snowman:  I think I talked to her ... she said she did a few B&D and bondage. 

Nicole:  Yeah, yeah. 

Gordon:  Oh.  Peeing?  I'd love to see you pee.

Snowman:  *laughs*

Nicole:   You know, I've done it once. 

Gordon:  Goooooood

Nicole:  So ... I've done it once, but I won't do it no more.

Gordon:  Oh whyyyy?!

Snowman:  It is kinda an unusual fetish. 

Nicole:  Yeah.

Gordon:  Some people like it ... just like a lot of people like ... there was a special series just dedicated to females watersport, douching, enema and peeing ...

Snowman:  Like Liquid Gold?

Gordon:  Liquid Gold?  Not just Liquid Gold, they ... that was a company called Mother Production in Orange County.  They specialize in that.  They will pay you just to do, all by yourself, peeing, douching, and enema, shower -- regular shower, shaving ...

Snowman:  You know, in other countries that's a big thing, but here there's the fear of being prosecuted for obscenity. 

Nicole:  Yeah, definitely.  And here it's more, they like the "girl next door" look here so ...  It's really, really good and I have a good time out here you know so ... it's real nice.  I definitely get a kick out of, I guess my accent, because everybody's well over that. 

Snowman:  Now let me ask you this.  What do you eat for breakfast?  Just because I always hear about these Southern breakfasts. 

Nicole:  Ummmm biscuits and gravy ...

Snowman:  Seriously?  Are you being serious?

Nicole:  Yeah.  Biscuits and gravy, sausage and eggs. 

Snowman:  So when I see that in a movie like, My Cousin Vinny or something, that's not just made up?

Nicole:  Oh no.  That's most of the time what we eat.  For dinner it's you know, 'tators, beans, and cornbread and meatloaf. 

Gordon:  Oh my god.

Snowman:  Now what exactly are grits?  Because I honestly don't even know.

Nicole:  Grits is like ... ummmm ... oatmeal, but it's different.  It's a little different.  Grits is like oatmeal -- that's what it is.


If you are curious now about grits, check out the Good Old Grits Cookbook!

Snowman:  [To Gordon]  Have you ever had grits?

Gordon:  I've had oatmeals.  I love oatmeals but I heard that grits are something similar, but just not wheat.  Oh look at that!  *looks at Nicole's partially shaved crotch area*  I love that bush.  Don't shave it all off! 

Nicole:  Oh I don't [shave it off totally].

Snowman:  Now are you 100% natural?

Nicole:  Oh yeah, 100%.  I ain't touching my body. 

Gordon:  Not even bleach your hair.

Snowman:  So you're not gonna get a boob job?

Nicole:  No. No, no, no, no.  I'll just leave my body the way it is.

Snowman:  Actually, I'm against boob jobs, but it seems like when I talk to so many girls they always seem like they want more.  I don't know why. 

Nicole:  No, I'll just keep it the way it is.  This is how I started, it's how I'm gonna end. 

Snowman:  How big are you? 

Nicole:  34B

Snowman:  [To Gordon]  Do you think she looks good?

Gordon:  She looks excellent.  As a matter of fact, I love her because she's ... just like she said ... go so natural, because right now, just like we are talking, even a lot of European girl, or Asian girl don't even shave their private part.  And only American girls shave it, especially in the industry.  So that's why they even say that there's another company ... Rodney Moore, they have "Hairy Girls" [video series]. 

Snowman:  That's right.  Have you worked for Rodney yet?

Nicole:  No, sure haven't. 

Snowman:  I think it's "Hot Horny Hairy Girls" ... something like that?

Nicole:  *laughs*

Gordon:  Yeah, that means you can have a full bush and unshaven.  Yeah, yeah, that's good!

Nicole:  Yeah.  Definitely. 

Gordon:  So, before you get into the business, did you shave your private part at all?

Nicole:  Yes. 

Gordon:  You did?

Nicole:  Uh-huh.  Yeah, I always leave a little, you know, just a little bit ...

Snowman:  And just for the record here, we're inspecting her private parts, making sure she's telling the truth. 

Gordon:  Ah, so pink.

Snowman:  Very nice.

Gordon:  I know!  How could it be a mother of three, so pink. 

Nicole:  *laughs*  Pretty Pussay!

Snowman:  Alright.  You know what?  I always do this.  I got this wacky book and I ask you three or four questions from it.  I just randomly turn to a page.

Nicole:  Alrighty.  OK.  Awesome.

Snowman:  I'm gonna let a guest interviewer here flip to the page.  [To Gordon]  Go ahead and pick one.

Gordon:  OK.  (*flips to random page*)  If you had to have sex simultaneously with two people you know, who would you want them to be?

Nicole:  Who would I want them to be?  That I know? 

Snowman:  Simultaneously, at the same time. 

Nicole:  That means a threesome.  

Snowman:  Yep.

Nicole:  Hmmmm, I would like .... I don't know who the two guys would be! 

Snowman:  You gotta pick someone! 

Nicole:  OK.  Ummmmm.  Ummmmm. 

Gordon:  Name two men, or two women or one of each that you feel close to, whatever you fantasy ...

Snowman:  Wait!  You gotta let her [answer the question] ...

Nicole:  I would do one with a girl.  Her name is Maimy.  And the other one, I would do with a guy, named Chris Slater. 

Snowman:  Are these guys out there in Tennessee, or someone special you met in Cali?

Nicole:  Noooooo.  Out here in Cali.  Maimy, she's just so gorgeous.  She's wonderful.  And Chris Slater, he's in the business as well and so I'd definitely do both of them. 

Gordon:  [To Nicole]  OK, you pick a question. 

Nicole:  OK.  Alright.

Snowman:  Well, don't just stay on the same page [where a bookmark is], you gotta flip randomly.  We gotta take that piece of paper out of there so we don't keep flipping to the same page. 

Nicole:  Alright.  The question that I see is, "If you are to name the person you most regret ever having kissed, who would get the prize?" 

Snowman:  *laughs*  Alright.

Gordon:  *laughs*

Nicole:  Whaaaaatttt?! 

Snowman:  Well the person that you kissed that you most regret, who would get the prize?  

Gordon:  It's a junior high dork

Snowman:  *laughs*  Well, you never know what people are gonna pop up with, so let's not ... let's see what she says.

Nicole:  Well let's see here.  There was a guy in high school, no actually, you know who I really regret probably, one of the guys in high school that I kissed and he was just, just slobbery! 

Snowman:  Was he your boyfriend?

Nicole:  And ... no, he was just a random guy ... you know?

Snowman:  What are ya doing kissing random guys?

Nicole:  Well you know, a bunch of us friends, we'd get together and we'd kinda ... you know ... just started kinda foreplay because I wasn't ... I was still a virgin and all I did was foreplay and I ... he kissed me and it was just slobbery! 

Gordon:  Wow.

Nicole:  It was nasty!  *shivers*  I guess that would be who I regret.  That's a funny question.  *laughs*

Snowman:  OK, and now I'll pick the third one.  Well I'll let you do it Gordon. 

Gordon:  No, no.  This is your interview.

Nicole:  Yeah.  Give me a goooood one.  It's crazy.

Snowman:  You never know.  People have crazy answers to all kinds of stuff.  (*flips to a page*)  OK.  If you had to lose one of your limbs, you know, like your arms or your legs, which one would you sacrifice?

Nicole:  If I had to lose one of my body parts, which one would I sacrifice?  Hmmmm.

Gordon:  One of the four limbs. 

Snowman:  Yeah. 

Gordon:  It has to be one of the four limbs.  It cannot be your ears. 

Nicole:  Right.  It has to be like my arm or something. 

Gordon:  Or some legs. 

Nicole:  Ummmmm.  You know, I would sacrifice a leg.  Because I can get me a fake one and I can still wear pants and everything.  So, I like wearing tank tops and everything and I'd still be able to walk, so I would sacrifice a leg. 

Snowman:  Any preference as to right or left?

Nicole:  Ummmmm.  It would definitely be the left because the right ... I'm used to doing everything with my right.  So it would be the left leg.

Snowman:  OK.  Well and you said you're starting a website.  Do you know what the domain is gonna be yet? 

Nicole:  Ummmm.  The domain name will either be or it will be 

Snowman:  OK, when do you expect that will be online?

Nicole:  Hopefully that should be online in about two weeks. 

Snowman:  OK.  Ummmmmm.  Are you a secret computer geek? 

Nicole:  No, actually I'm not.  I don't know anything about any computers but I'll have me a webmaster doing it and I'll have calendars with me on it and t-shirts with me on it and everything.

Snowman:  You're gonna be involved with it though right? 

Nicole:  Oh yeah, definitely.  I will be all involved with it.  I will be doing my webcam and everything.  I'm definitely gonna try to get into it as much as I can for my fans and friends. 

Nicole on the set of Barely 18 #13 (July 2004)

Snowman:  Do you have e-mail where fans can send letters to you? 

Nicole:  Yeah.  I have fan mail.  They can e-mail me at ... I mean 

Snowman:  OK, Excellent.  Any projects coming up that people definitely got to watch out for here -- your fans?

Nicole:  Ummmmm.  You know, I don't know.  There's so many maybes in everything.  But if they, you know, get on my website and everything soon, they can definitely learn more or they can e-mail me at, and I, myself will e-mail them back.   (*Nicole: puts her hair up and back*)

Snowman:  Hey!  I like that!  You just put your hair back.  I think that's a flattering hairstyle for you! 

Nicole:  (*laughs*)  Well thank you! 

Snowman:  [To Gordon]  You think so?

Gordon:  Yes.  Oh, my question, is there any sexual fantasy you have not fulfilled and you could fulfill right here in the industry?

Nicole:  Ummmmm.  You know, I think they have come up with everything.  I believe I have fulfilled everything.  In the industry I've never done all the stuff that I have done, so it's been pretty exciting.  So ...

Gordon:  So what have you not done that you want to do?

Nicole:  You know, actually there is one think that I haven't done and I haven't went to a swinger's party.  And I think I'd like to try that.  That's one thing that I have not done yet. 

Gordon:  Good.

Snowman:  You know before I leave, I like to ask people this too, since you're from the south, are you into country music?

Nicole:  Ummmm.  Well you know, not really.  I like country dancing, two step and stuff like that, but I mostly all in pop, classic rock, R&B stuff like that ... so noooooooo.  Not too much into the country. 

Snowman:  What's a couple of your favorite musical artists?

Nicole:  Ummmmmm.  I would have to say .... ummmmmm.  Let's see ...  I like Kiss.  I like Christina Aguilera and let's see.  Who else? 

Snowman:  Kiss and Christina Aguilera?  That's like a ... big difference between those two!

Nicole:  Yeah, I like all different kind of music.  I like Led Zeppelin, I like, like I say, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake. Ummmmm, I like hmmmm, gosh, there's so many.  I like a lot, because I like rock and I like pop and I like R&B, so you know ...

Snowman:  And you know, you're a single girl.  I guess I should ask this.  You know, it's really funny, I'm actually really alert today and I got more sleep than I normally do, and I feel like I'm forgetting all my good questions here.  But, you know, what kind of guy are you looking for?  If you're looking for a guy.  Are you looking for a guy at all?  Would you like to be with someone?

Nicole:  Yeah, you know, it's very hard for me to find a man of course because I have three children, but you know, I'm into -- I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs -- you know, I'm not into any of that.

Snowman:  Are you a Christian?

Nicole:  Ummmm.  Baptist Christian yes but I enjoy going dancing, I enjoy going out, I am just not into any of that so if I was to pick a man, he will be definitely a non-smoker and I definitely don't want nobody with drugs.

Snowman:  *laughs*  I see a certain press person here [Gordon] throwing away their Salem Lights as she says that.

Nicole:  Yeah.  And trust is the number one key for me.  So, and they would definitely have to like children, so I definitely have, ummmm you know ...

Snowman:  Where have you been trying to meet guys?

Nicole:  You know, I don't go out and meet them.  If they come to me, then cool, they come to me.  But until then I don't go out and find men. 

Snowman:  Do you think you would prefer to date somebody in the [adult] industry or out?

Nicole:  Ummmm.  You know, probably in the industry because they know how it is, where they can separate, work, and love and pleasure.  So I would rather find somebody in the industry that can understand that because when I do porn, it is work, you know so ....

Snowman:  Are you concerned about all the temptation that he might face, if you were dating an industry guy?

Nicole:  Ummmm.  No, because the way I see it, if he can't be there for me, and he can't trust and get along with me, then he can go.  I don't need it. 

Snowman:  OK.

Gordon:  Let's say you are dating an actor, and he himself is performing professionally.  Do you have a problem with that?

Nicole:  Oh no, definitely not.  I don't have a problem with that at all.  So, ummmm, you know, it goes both ways.  We work, we do what we gotta do and you know, we always know we come home together so, I wouldn't have a problem with that. 

Snowman:  Have you thought about buying a home? 

Nicole:  Ummmmmm.  Well actually ...

Snowman:  You know, we got these low interest rates right now --

Nicole:  Well, I have a home. 

Snowman:  You're getting ahead of my questions here ... see I have this all planned out!  *laughs*

Nicole:  I have a home in Tennessee, but down here I'm roommates with a friend. 

Snowman:  Oh, so you already have a home back down South. 

Nicole:  Oh well yeah.  I know my own house.

Snowman:  Oh, that's cool.  Well, you know I was thinking as I drove up here to this beautiful ranch ... I saw a sign [on the freeway] that said like, "New Homes, Simi Valley, Starting at $800,000 and Up".   And I'm like, uh, yeah, great. 

Gordon:  Back home are they expensive?

Nicole:  No, in Tennessee I have a half acre, three bedroom, two bath and I pay $530 a month for my mortgage. 

Gordon:  That's how much it is -- $530 a month -- how much is the buying price back then when you purchased it? 

Nicole:  Well back when I bought it, it was $50,000. 

Gordon:  Fifty thousand?!

Snowman:  Well, she's only 23, it can't be that [much different].   See, $800,000, just imagine, think about how many scenes you would have to do each month just to cover your mortgage. 

Gordon:  Exactly.

Nicole:  Yeah, definitely, but I make pretty darn good money here so I'm actually able to do a whole lot and plus I have a roommate here too, so.

Snowman:  Now are you investing your money? 

Nicole:  Ummmm.  Actually right now I'm trying to pay off a lot of things and I'm putting money into the college funds for my kids and trying to do a lot of things around.  I'm bringing all my kids down here to California next week, taking them to Disneyland.

Snowman:  Awww.  That will be sweet. 

Nicole:  So, I want to do a bunch of different things.

Snowman:  Have they ever been there before?

Nicole:  Nope, neither have I. 

Snowman:  Oh!  You've never been there! 

Nicole:  So it will be a first for all of us.

Snowman:  You're gonna love it.  It's gonna be so cool. 

Nicole:  Yeah, it's gonna be me and my friend Chris and my kids are all gonna go together.

Snowman:   You gotta go early and maybe you gotta go for two days then.

Gordon:  Yeah. 

Nicole:  Yeah.  I'm gonna go like at 8:00 a.m. definitely. 

Gordon:  And bring a lot of money.  It's expensive!

Snowman:  You're gonna spend just as much on souvenirs as you will the gate price. 

Nicole:  Oh yeah.  Well it cost three grand just for plane tickets for everybody. 

Gordon:  Oh my god. 

Snowman:  You can't get like a Southwest Airline flight? 

Nicole:  I do have Southwest Airlines but that's how much it cost I guess not doing seven day advance. 

Snowman:  Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. 

Nicole:  That's all good. 

Gordon:  Well, are you staying right here in LA right now?  Permanently?

Nicole:  No.  No, no, no, no, no.  I do not live in LA.  I travel, and if you go onto Exotic Star Models, it always says when I'm gonna be down.

Gordon:  OK. 

Snowman:  How do you entertain yourself on all those long flights back and forth?

Nicole:  Ummmm.  I sleep. 

Snowman:  You're not one of the people who bring up a conversation with the hot guy next to you and chat the whole way? 

Nicole:  Ummm No.  I mean, if there is a hot guy next to me than sure, you know, might as well entertain him.  That would be pretty fun.  But other than that, I usually just sleep.

Snowman:  Are you, I mean, when you are not in your porn persona, are you actually a shy person?

Nicole:  Ummm.  No.  I tell you the way it is and how I like it, you know?  I mean, and if I think you're cute, I'm gonna tell you you're cute and so ....

Snowman:  Damm!  She didn't tell me I was cute!  (*laughs*)

Gordon:  She didn't tell me either!  (*laughs*)

Nicole:  No, no -- I don't mean that!  But if I'm going out with a guy, I've very outspoken.  (*laughs*)  I'm very outspoken!

Gordon:  Since you don't drink and you don't smoke.  How could you go to a bar?

Snowman:  That's why she don't think we're cute!  You need to start drinking a lot!

Nicole:  No, I go clubbin'.  I go dancing.  I go to porn star night.  I go do everything, but I do not ... you will never in your life see me drink or smoke. 

Snowman:  Now you didn't go to the Porn Star Night in Sacramento did you?

Nicole:  No, I went to porn karaoke.  Ummmm, every Tuesday when I'm down here and everybody should come Tuesday.  It's so much fun!  I like to dance, country dance and ...

Gordon:  I'll see you there!  Does Wankus [of KSEX Radio] sing for you? 

Nicole:  Oh no, Wankus has not sang for me yet. 

Gordon:  Oooooh.  Shame on him.  I'll tell him to sing for you. 

Nicole:  There ya go! 

Snowman:  Now, what song do you karaoke to? 

Nicole:  You know, I don't do the karaoke.  I dance with the people that sing the karaoke. 

Snowman:  Awww.  Why don't you do it?!  With your accent it would be so cool!

Nicole:  Because I can't sing.  That would be a broken record.  But I, you know, I country dance.  I pop dance.

Snowman:  You can't sing anything good?  There's no song at all?

Nicole:  No, I can't sing any songs, but I have all the guys do it for me and I get up there and dance with them so ... they enjoy that because I dance all the time, so it's fun. 

Snowman:  Alright.  Well I think we should probably wrap this up then for now.  I really appreciate you spending the time here to chat with us and give us this great interview.

Nicole:  Definitely.  Yeah, definitely. 

Snowman:  Any last words for the fans on Snowman's Raincoat Reviews? 

Nicole:  Ummmm.  I hope ya all, you know, when I get my website, I hope ya all come and see me and I'm glad that I can do everything I can for ya all.  So, definitely, e-mail me at and I'll personally e-mail you back.  So hope to see you all, and you all come see the Southern Bell. 

Snowman:  Are you gonna stop by and post a couple messages for the guys? 

Nicole:  Yeah, definitely.  I will definitely do that.  I think that would be really great.

Snowman:  OK, that's awesome.  So, thanks very much [Gordon].  Thanks for your help with the questioning. 

Gordon:  You're welcome. 

Snowman:  And we'll see ya all down the road.  Thanks!

Nicole:  Alright bye.

Gordon:  Bye.

[end of interview]

Nicole on the set of Barely 18 #13 (July 2004)

Nicole: Brazzle's official website is located here.  She can be contacted via e-mail at

Many thanks to Devan, director Christian Knight and the Sin City crew for the on the set invite!  Also, thanks to Gordon for helping out with the interview questions!

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Black Balled, Heatwave, 2004 
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Black Attack Gang Bang #07, Climax Productions, 2004 
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