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Interview date 06.19.01

Q1.  Congratulations on your opportunity to direct the sequel to "Goosed Again" which won multiple awards last year.  Do you feel confident you can top it? 

A.  Thank you. It was a very exciting endeavor for me. To answer your query, I've been in editing on Goosed 3 for a while now and, I must say (without sounding arrogant) that this installment not only topped the last one, but obliterated it.

Q2.  In the press release for the sequel, it states this film will more about the "amorous predicaments unique to a bisexual relationship."  As a straight person, I'm not sure what that means.  Do you believe bisexual people face unique "amorous predicaments"? -- please elaborate.  

A.  In the movie the 2 lead characters are looking for the perfect person to share a 3 way relationship with. In this case you have 2 people making the decision of who would be right for them, that just makes it twice as tough. I reality, since I'm not a bisexual person, I wouldn't know.

Q3.  In your view, what is the main objective of a porn director -- is it anything beyond simply making a movie to help get someone off?  What's the biggest challenge a porn director faces?

A.  The main objective of a porn director is to make a movie where the sex is the most important thing. The sex HAS to be the main focus, it needs to be hot. To achieve this a director MUST cast actors who have a natural chemistry with each other. The scenes have to look good, hence the lighting, make-up, hair, costumes (even if it's just lingerie) and videography must be of high quality.

The biggest challenge(s) a porn director faces are wood problems, actors who can't act, and a script that doesn't support the sex.

Q4.  Do you feel there really has been a change in the political climate -- or is this a case of "Chicken Little" and the sky is falling?  If so, do you attribute it to the election of George Bush Jr. or something else?  How do you think the adult industry will change (if at all)?

A.  I'm not informed enough to answer that question.

Q5.  A couple of years ago I believe you signed at Free Speech Coalition booth at the CES convention.  The First Amendment does not protect "obscene" speech.  Is there any kind of porn out there you consider obscene, and unworthy of Constitutional protection?

A.  Yes, that's correct.  [referring to signing at the Free Speech booth]

Absolutely. But my opinions are just that and what is obscene to me may be perfectly respectable to the next person. If you are for Free Speech you MUST be able to put your own personal biases aside and truly get behind the concept. The things that I consider obscene are simply things I choose not to view.

Q6.  Are you afraid that your participation in bisexual films as a performer and director will hurt your straight fan base?

A.  I've been involved in Bi-sex movies since 1994 and it hasn't seemed to hurt any thus far...

Q7.  Were you the best Gang Bang Girl?  If not, who do you think should take that honor?


A.  I would never say that I was the BEST anything, only that I did the best job I could at the time. Having not seen any of the others, I couldn't give an educated answer to the second part of your question.

Q8.  I read elsewhere that you enjoy David Bowie and Elton John's music.  What was your favorite David Bowie album and why?  Did David Bowie lose "it" after Let's Dance in 1983?  What's your favorite Elton John album and why?  

A.  Ziggy Stardust!! Because I loved the gender fuck in that character and the deep melodic tones of his voice. David Bowie could never 'lose it' in my eyes.

My fave Elton album is a much tougher call, but since you pressed me to decide... Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. I think that the album was his most cohesive.


    Cover art from Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust & Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Q9.  Elton's career went into a long slump after Blue Moves was released in 1976 which was right about the time he admitted he was bisexual in a Rolling Stone interview.  Do you believe we've made much progress since then?  Do you believe society in the last twenty five years has become more accepting of public figures who come out of the closet?  

A.  There are many examples of how much the American society has loosened it's collective neck tie as to sexuality, be it hetero or homosexuality. RuPaul never could have got a record deal in 1976 and now he/she's a pop icon who's being given the opportunity to act in mainstream Hollywood films as a woman or a man. Bill Clinton's popularity was never higher as when the whole Lewinsky situation was at it's peak. One of NBC's highest rated prime time sitcoms is Will and Grace which looks at the relationship between an openly gay man and his straight female best friend. I could cite many other examples, but I fear I'd be typing till next year.

Q10.  You once said "I think Max [Hardcore] should be packed up and sent to Andrea Dworkin's house."  Wouldn't Andrea Dworkin want to abolish all porn, including your own?  Andrea stated in a 1993 speech, "In pornography we literally see the will of women as men want to experience it. This will is expressed through concrete scenarios, the ways in which women's bodies are positioned and used...  One cannot look at [pornography] and say, There is a human being, she has rights, she has freedom, she has dignity, she is someone....  That is what pornography does to women...Pornographers use every attribute any woman has. They sexualize it. They find a way to dehumanize it." Do you believe there is anything different about the porn you are involved in and the porn described by Ms. Dworkin?

A.  You've really done your homework ;)

As a woman, I can't help but agree with some of what is quoted above. I do believe that the sex industry sexualizes all aspects of the female gender, but isn't that the point? It sexualizes all aspects of the male gender as well... hence it's being called the SEX INDUSTRY. I have a much bigger problem with fashion magazines, television shows and commercials and Hollywood films lauding a woman because she's hot as opposed to because she's brilliant, strong, accomplished etc. I think that Madison avenue is not only doing a disservice to women by portraying us as prey, but also to men by telling them that the most important thing they can be is cool.

I see no difference in any kind of pornography (other than the way it's shot, lit etc.). The end goal is to excite it viewer, whoever that may be.

Q11.  Is Max Hardcore really all that bad, after all, many of his girls work for him over and over?

A.  To be honest, I was in a very pissy mood when that little tidbit came sliding out of my face. I really am much more a live and let live person.  I have seen some of Max's stuff and it's just not for me.

Q12.  On AdultDVDTalk, you recently said, "I think I'm the only female performer who's been around for this long who HASN'T done the anal thing."  That lead to a "poll" which predictably suggested that people want to see you do it.  How do you explain the appeal of anal sex to men?  What's all the hoopla about?

A.  I only wish I knew!

Q13.  I found this advice on  "My golden rule for threesomes is that it has to be a spontaneous affair with never to be seen again strangers. Unless inviting a third party into your king size is the only thing that turns you on, threesomes are best left to chance."  Sound advice?

A.  Absolutely sound advice. I'm a firm believer that the only party to be in a threesome is the invited guest... no emotional attachment. If it doesn't work out, it's NEVER your fault and it's no big deal to you. It's really tough to have a threesome where one person isn't even a little neglected.

Q14.  In another interview, you said, if you weren't a porn star, you might have been a therapist.  Probably one of the best known therapists is Dr. Laura.  Do you have any thoughts about her or the moralist approach she seems to use?

A.  I don't care for therapists who put their judgments on you. I think the most important part of being a good therapist is objectivity. Dr. Laura fails on that count.

Q15.  You listed DVD's as one of your interests on your LiveJournal profile.  What are you five desert island mainstream DVDs?  What are your five desert island porn DVDs?



1.  All About Eve
2.  Cape Fear
3.  Madonna: Truth or Dare
4.  A Clockwork Orange
5.  Pleasantville


1.  Crush (a really wonderful gay tape that was made in England)
2.  Revenge of the Bi Dolls (not because I was in it, but because the opening song never fails to make me laugh hysterically).
3.  Devil in Miss Jones 3

I only have 3... sorry.

[One of Tina's desert island adult dvds -- click to purchase!]

Q16.  I know that you are a big Robert Deniro fan.  I saw this post on a newsgroup about him: "Whenever I see a Deniro film it seems to me like it's just Deniro acting a part not actually living the role. And he always plays the same basic character with the same mannerisms. I'm not saying he's a bad actor but I don't think he deserves the acclaim he gets..."  Do you think this is valid criticism?  Here's a follow up response:  "Yes, DeNiro is highly overrated at this point. He was once excellent, but peaked early in three films---MEAN STREETS, TAXI DRIVER, and GODFATHER II. Since then he's been running on reputation, playing part after part that practically shouted "WATCH ME ACT!"  Do you agree or disagree?

A.  Disagree entirely. Case in point... Flawless! I would say the above comments are better suited to Jack Nicholson, in my opinion.

Q17.  If Robert Deniro contacted you and said he was in your area and would like to go out on date, would you accept?  And if so, what would you plan to do and what would you wear (assume he wasn't familiar with your city)?

A.  No brainer... I'd say YES before he finished asking. I'd take him directly to my house (do not pass GO). I wouldn't want to deal with the interruptions that would inevitably occur in a public place. I'd cook us a huge Northern Italian feast accompanied by a really good bottle of red wine and talk his ear off for hours before even considering seducing him. As to what I'd wear... I never know what I'll wear until minutes before I get dressed... I'm a typical woman that way.

Q18.  Without naming any names (unless you want to), have you ever dated any mainstream movie stars?  If so, how did it turn out?  Was it what you expected or was it better or worse?

A.  I've dated a few mainstream celebrities (names withheld out of empathy for their privacy). It's just like dating anyone, sometimes it's great, sometimes it's a lot less than great.

Q19.  On your journal page, you recently described a dungeon session at Den of Iniquity where you dominated a Japanese man.  After going into great detail, at the end of the entry, you said you were sweaty and had to "cool down."  Do you truly get turned on when acting as a professional dominatrix?  If so, what is it about giving "naughty men the punishment they deserve" so exciting for you?

A.  I really find myself able to project into the moment in session. It's one of the single greatest acting experiences of my life. I get to use so much more of my own life experience on a very discerning and captive audience. The real thrill for me is there is relatively no censoring of myself that goes on. I can change the scenario on a whim (mine). It can be whatever I want it to be. It's a very liberating thing.

Q20.  What are three things on your "things to do before I die list" that you have not yet done and willing to share with us?


Meet Robert Deniro.
Go to Egypt.
Really help another person in need.
Act a role in which I feel truly challenged and entirely out of my comfort zone (emotionally).

I know that was 4, but I couldn't help myself.

Q21.  What do Tina Tyler fans have to look forward to for the rest of 2001?

A.  More fun stuff to jack (or Jill) off to.



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