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 Adult Movie Retailers   - if you are shopping, please use these links and help support this website!  Thanks!

   Adult Video Universe - Deep catalog of VHS and DVD releases at good prices.  Now selling sex toys too!  They also sell mainstream music, games and movies.  PayPal accepted!  Gift certificates available!


   Gamelink - Large selection adult movies on DVD, VHS & Video on Demand including pay per minute on some titles.  Free Shipping to the U.S. & Canada on all orders over $100 & free International shipping for all orders over $150!  Also, accumulate "frequent flyer" type points that can be used for discounts towards future purchases each time you buy!

 Porn Link Bonanza (Commercial Websites)

Snowman's Porn Link Bonanza - When you're ready to explore adult content on the web I've created a mega list of porn sites in every conceivable niche.  Check it out!  This link is for the master list.  The links on this page help support SRR.

Anal Niche Sub List -- Includes full descriptions of all sites. This page also lists DP (double penetration) and rimming sites. In addition, the links provided for the retailers (DVD and VOD) have been customized to point to pages that relate to the anal genre.

Asian Niche Sub List -- Includes full descriptions of all sites. This page also lists solo Asian girl sites.  In addition, the links provided for the retailers (DVD and VOD) have been customized to point to pages that relate to the Asian genre.

Latina Niche Sub List -- Includes full descriptions of all sites. This page also lists Brazilian sites and solo Latina girl sites.  In addition, the links provided for the retailers (DVD and VOD) have been customized to point to pages that relate to the Latina genre.

 Adult Production Studios and Distributors

The following companies graciously support Snowman's Raincoat Reviews by providing screeners regularly ... thanks!  For more information on how to send screeners to SRR (and some benefits) please see the About page.

Elegant Angel - Since the early 90's, under the steady hand of Patrick Collins, Elegant Angel has been producing some of the best hardcore porn out there.  Often a pioneer, this is the company where popular lines like Cumback Pussy and Sodomania begin.  Their popular product line includes:  Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio, Booty Duty, Cumback Pussy, Filthy First Timers, Gang Bang Angels, Sluts with Nuts, S.M.U.T., Sodomania, Sugar Walls, Super Freaks.  In 2002, Elegant Angel also began to produce highly acclaimed features as well.  2005 and 2006 saw a return to emphasis on solid gonzo titles.

Jules Jordan Video

Other Adult Production Companies

 Anti Porn Links 

Some have said it's good to keep your enemies close!  Check out what (mostly) mischief religious groups and conservative, right wingers are up to!

National Coalition for the Protection of Children & Families - No one can object to the name of this group, after all, who wants children and families to be hurt?  However, this group isn't protecting children from drugs, gangs, violence, or anything like that -- instead they choose to focus on "protecting children and families from the harms of pornography and it's messages."  This group has a well organized and well funded lobby.

One Angry Girl's Anti-Porn "Research Center" - Angry girl is a young angst filled "hard core raging feminist" who sells bumper stickers, postcards and t-shirts.  She's squarely against porn and has put together an amusing anti-porn site.  Take a look!

Stop Clown Porn Now - Seems that some clowns are upset that clown images are sometimes featured in porn movies.  Read all about it here!  Interesting to see that some clowns can't take a joke!  Worth a look.

XXX Porn Church - As "The #1 Christian Porn Site", XXXchurch exists to bring awareness, openness, accountability and recovery to the church, society and individuals in the issues of pornography and to begin to provide solutions through non-judgmental and creative means. XXXchurch is here to make you think, react and to decide where you stand on the issues of porn. We're not here to sling mud, but to shove the envelope and try and do some good."  Amen brother!

 Adult Industry Related Links

Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation (AIM) - a non-profit corporation created to care for the physical and emotional needs of sex workers and others in the adult entertainment industry.  Provides HIV and STD testing for performers, counseling and support group services.  Now offering services to the general public as well.

Adult World News - interesting and timely porn blog maintained by forum member "Smartt"

Floating World (The) - an amazing resource for Adult Industry News & Events.  Lots of RSS feeds from many top adult sites, event calendar, and resources for webmasters too. 

Free Speech Coalition - "Freedom isn't free!"  The FSC is a non-profit, trade association of the adult industry.  The group acts as a legislative watchdog for the industry, lobbies at the state and federal level, educates the public on free speech issues and litigates on key issues that affect adult entertainment (as a last resort only). There is a ton of fantastic legal information on this site for anyone in the adult industry.

 Fan Clubs, Groups & Sites

The listings in this category were too old and out of date so I removed them.  I'll update it soon.  Most of the links used to be Yahoo! Clubs devoted to specific porn stars.  Since Yahoo! removed adult clubs from the directory, it's harder to find these links.  If you know of any good porn star related Yahoo Clubs, email Snowman!

 Blogs (Porn Related)

Spank Monkey Heaven - Tons of new free galleries with hardcore photos and videos of every type!

 Mainstream Shopping Links 

In Association with needs no introduction.  They have "Earth's Biggest Selection" of books, mainstream videos and DVDs, and music.  Plus, check out the adult entertainment related bookstore I've created. 


Porn Star Links

Some of the sites listed below are "official sites" and others are sites that are "non-official" but offer large collections of content featuring particular starlets of interest to fans.  Also note that many starlets do not operate "official sites" especially after they have left the adult industry.

Asian Porno Hotties - Snowman's companion website devoted exclusively to Asian Porno Hotties!  Starlet information, interviews, chat transcripts, movie reviews, scene reviews and of course the ever popular APH message board!

Dave Cummings - There's two main quotes on the home page:  "The oldest active porn star in the business" and "Over 60 with a raging hardon."  Those two blurbs tell ya just about everything you need to know.  There's some interesting stuff in the "Guest" section.  

Ginger Lynn - In the early to mid 80's this girl was the bomb!  Recently Ginger made a comeback.  Obviously, nearly twenty years has passed since her heyday, but it is still nice to see this adult legend on the scene.  Ginger also sometimes sells autographed copies of her movies and other items on eBay.  Click here to check out what she is currently auctioning.  Maybe you can snag an autographed DVD of the Dark Brothers' New Wave Hookers -- one of her best roles!  (Her eBay ID is meginger1).

Tia Ling -- Visit Tia's official website and check out her exclusive photos and video content.  Tia participates on the APH forum so be nice!  Her main discussion thread can be found here.

 Review Sites

AdultDVDTalk - An large collection of reader contributed reviews plus good discussion boards.

AMRI - Adult Movie Review Index.  An enormous collection of reviews culled from various sources on the web.  Snowman's Raincoat Reviews is partnered with this site so my reviews appear in the index.  

Rancho Carne - Western style "root-tooting" adult movie reviews brought to you courtesy of Clyde & JR.  Fun site!

 Sexuality Links 

SexualPositionsFree - Are you unsure what I mean when I say "Starlet X performs anal in the pile driver position?"  If so, this is the site for you!  Here you will find over 100 illustrated sexual positions and six animated sequences that will make everything crystal clear.  Even if you are not confused, check this site out.  It's cool!

 Uncategorized Links

100 Worst Porn Movies Titles - a funny list compiled by Brad Yung.  Complete with artist "misinterpretations". 

Adult DVD Directory - This site is a another new "portal for Adult DVD lovers across the world."  Reviews, News, Bargains and more.

Freddy & Eddy - "An Adult Site Dedicated to Couples."  This is quite an ambitious adult website that caters to couples of all types (straight and gay).  Besides sex, you can find information and tips on all kinds lifestyle topics such as food, travel, music and fitness. 

Real Doll - Home of the "The finest love doll in the world."  These are not cheap vinyl blow up dolls, Real Dolls are hand crafted to exact specifications using the same materials as Hollywood's top special effects artists.  The dolls have a realistic skeleton which approximates the range of motion found in the human body and "ultra flesh like silicone, which emulates the soft, elastic feel of human skin."  Customers can choose from a variety of heads and body types to suit their preference in women.  However, this type of realism doesn't come cheap.  A "standard model" is $5749.00 plus an additional $450.00 for shipping and handling.  Ouch!

Sex Collective - "Your online guide to naughtiness."  A searchable, online directory of sex related links broken into helpful categories.



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