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Past Poll Results (posted on SRR Home Page) 


03.19.12    "Preferred way to view porn (2012)?  [view results]

03.13.04    "Which E! Channel celebrity babe regular would you most like to see in a nasty XXX raincoater flick?  [view results]

11.15.03    "Has watching porn caused you to desire more nasty or extreme sex acts in your real life?  [view results]

10.14.03    "What's the single most influential factor that makes you choose a porn movie for rental or purchase?   [view results]

05.22.03    "Generally, what is your favorite part of a porn movie scene?   [view results]

03.19.03    "To what extent, if any, does your significant other know about your porn viewing habits?"  [view results]

03.04.03    "Would you marry a porn star?"   [view results]

02.20.03    "If you could have one domestic chore also be an erotic act, which would you chose?"  [view results]

02.13.03    "Currently, who is the best overall adult studio?"  [view results] 

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