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Guest Flash Review (Renald)

It's All About Ava

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 Category  Feature
 Director  James Avalon
 Themes  straight sex, oral sex, p2m, documentary
 Production or Street Date  xx.06 date of production, released 01.30.07
 Released By  Adam & Eve
 Available Formats  DVD
 Running Time  90 minutes + bonus footage 
 Source and Price Paid  DVD courtesy of Adam & Eve
 Box Cover Quote "Rising star Ava Rose, along with top male star and budding filmmaker Eric Masterson, give an insider's view of what truly makes Ava sizzle on camera! Through a series of wild and highly charged erotic encounters, you'll get a shaft-stiffening look at how Ava and her friends spend their days! Clear your calendar... Ava Rose wants to show you why it's All About Her!"


This movie is primarily a vehicle to introduce audiences to Ava Rose, Adam & Eve's new contract girl.  It's All About Ava is presented in a entertaining documentary style.

What's Hot

Tyla Wynn’s performance is great.

All of he sets are original and interesting.

The documentary style was unique and enjoyable.

What's Not

The first two scenes are complete duds.

For a movie that is titled all about Ava she is rather absent in the film which is a real shame.

It’s a little on the short side which is coupled with long skits to set up the scenes means there isn’t a lot of action here relative to other discs.

Play By Play

Below is a detailed description of each scene:

  Scene One – Candice Cox and one guy (Eric Masterson)

Sex Checklist: oral, straight

The scene starts of with Candice changing her lingerie in the story line and then rather unrepentantly she jumps on her co-star and starts kissing and licking over his body.  Before long she’s started giving him head.  Ms. Cox does a decent job of cock sucking before she mounts him for the cowgirl starting the sex off.  The camera work is really annoying often flashing to a close up just long enough for you to see what you’re looking at and then going back.   The same technique continues as the pair move from position to position, ultimately ending the scene in an open mouthed facial.  There really is nothing to particularly special or stand out about the scene.

Scene One Rating: 8.15
Starlet appearance: 9.10, Starlet attitude and personality: 8.50, Sexual Heat: 8.20, Raincoat appeal: 6.80

  Scene Two – Riley Mason & Ava Rose with one guy (Johnny Castle)

Sex Checklist: girl/girl, 3-way, oral, straight, toys, p2m

The second scene doesn’t waist any time getting down to business and the set is great.  Riley is lying down on a bed when Ava enters the room and starts kissing over her lovely co-star.  When the man attempts to join in Ava tells him to sit back and watch.  The girls start off with a brief make out session before Ava gets out a pink dildo and goes to work on Riley with it.  We get some pussy to mouth here but the girls are way to quiet.  It’s hard to get into Riley’s performance.  The scene picks up considerably when the man steps in and starts fucking Riley doggy style.  Ava does a good job of staying.  The girls aren’t at all shy about pussy to mouth as both girls take it multiple times.  Without a doubt the highlight of the scene is Riley riding the man reverse cowgirl while Ava squats over his face so she can get eaten out.  The scene ends with another open mouth facial but because of their choice of lighting you can barely see it; still it was a decent finish as the girls clean the stud’s cock.

Scene Two Rating: 9.05
Starlet appearance: 9.15, Starlet attitude and personality: 9.00  (Ava Rose)
Starlet appearance: 9.40, Starlet attitude and personality: 9.00  (Riley Mason)
Sexual Heat: 8.70, Raincoat appeal: 9.10

  Scene Three – Riley Shy and one guy (Franco Del Toro)

Sex Checklist: straight sex, oral sex, p2m

Again the tease is almost entirely skipped because Riley was in a big rush to get a cock between her lips.  The jumpy camera work is back but it doesn’t look nearly as bad when a girl is giving head.  Riley is a lot more into her scene than any of the previous girls have been making it easier to get interested in the scene.  Riley is definitely a cutey and she plays to that strength with plenty of giggles.  In an always pleasant turn in a porn film she gets eaten out for a while, it was almost spoiled by poor camera work but in the end it was good.  The sex starts off with the reverse cowgirl and from there moves on to pussy to mouth and then doggy style.  A great part of the scene I Riley in the standing cowgirl, her energy is good and the camera was in all the right places or a change getting several great shots of her face.  Anther open mouth facial, this one we get to see splatter across her lips and cheeks for a great visual and a good end.

Scene Three Rating: 9.03
Starlet appearance: 9.75, Starlet attitude and personality: 9.60, Sexual Heat: 9.80, Raincoat appeal: 7.00

  Scene Four -- Tyla Wynn and one guy (Chris Cannon)

Sex checklist: straight, oral, anal, rimming, p2m, a2m

The forth scene begins as an interview and Tyla Wynn proclaims a love for nasty booty sex after the man who is being interviewed complained about Ava being unwilling to let him fuck her in the ass.  From there he goes to work in one of the best male oral sequences I’ve ever witnesses as he fingers her pussy while he rims her ass.  Up close camera’s don’t leave any question as to if he’s doing it or not either and she’s a good squealer which always adds to a scene.  She almost attacks him to get his cock in her mouth.  Tyla gives co-star Chris Cannon head, deep throat, and titty fucking, deep throat.  She also talks dirty and gets fingered in her ass at the same time.  Tyla goes on to ride him just long enough to flavor his cock for the first pussy to mouth.  There doesn’t seem to be enough cock for Tyla as she takes it in her ass then begs for a taste tit fucking him again at that point.  She’s not shy in the least about the ass to mouth which makes the scene that much better.  She tit fucks Cannon for the cumshot to end the scene.

Scene Four Rating: 9.61
Starlet appearance: 9.20, Starlet attitude and personality: 9.80, Sexual Heat: 9.75, Raincoat appeal: 9.70


  Scene Five -- Ava Rose and one guy (Eric Masterson)

Sex checklist: straight, oral, p2m

After all the work that went into tracking down Ava her interview lasts all of two seconds before she has to feed her craving for cock and starts sucking away on his cock.  Ava looks good and the decision to keep her in the dress for as long as they did was very erotic.  She heats up the screen immediately mostly by showing off her flexibility.  She starts with a reverse cowgirl leaning herself all the way back, ten moves onto the doggy pulling her leg almost over her own head before taking a pussy to mouth.  She repeatedly goes down to taste her juices and over all she puts on a spirited performance.  Ava gets what is without a doubt, the best facial of the DVD as Masterson splatters one side of the hottie’s face and then she rubs it with his cock.

Scene Five Rating: 9.11
Starlet appearance: 9.00, Starlet attitude and personality: 8.90, Sexual Heat: 9.25, Raincoat appeal: 9.30

Everything Else

We got a pretty stacked DVD here when it comes to extras.  It's All About Ava includes a fully blown behind the scenes production, half interviews/half playgirl girls messing around -- the works.  Then we get a bonus scene, and hands down the best photo gallery I’ve ever scene.  It’s not that the pictures are any higher quality than usual, but the music combined with Ken Burns style camera panning was an excellent touch.  More studios should adopt this approach.

Last Word & Final Tally

It's All About Ava is a little short at 90 minutes and there’s really not a lot that is truly impressive here.  Tyla Wynn puts on a good performance but little else stands out  about the film.  Despite the fact that the title is It's All About Ava, Ava herself is hardly in it.  At the end of the disc, they jokingly admit this shortcoming and note that in reality, a more apt title might have been "All About Fucking" and Ava Rose was simply one of the people fucking on it.  Plus, she’s hardly the best performer in the film either.  On the plus side, the documentary format is commendable.  Unless you’re a big fan of Ava there’s probably better bang for your buck elsewhere.  

New (Experimental) SRR Rating Method:

Sexual Content Ratings (averaged & weighted 2x): 8.99
Average of all scenes listed above.

Production Ratings (weighted 1x):  9.85
Dialog/Story/Script: 9.80, Costumes/Clothing: 9.85, Location: 9.90

Technical Ratings (weighted 1x):  9.25

Camerawork: 9.00, Video Quality: 9.20, Audio Quality: 9.00, DVD Extras: 9.80

Overall Rating:  9.36 out of 10.00

-- Renald

Second Opinion?

Astroknight wasn't too impressed with this movie calling it "forgettable."  He also did not like the "choppy" visual style of the movie which he labeled annoying.  He rated Tyla's scene the best, calling it "pretty good."  Rated 2 1/2 stars out of 5.  (ADT)

Review Date: 05.29.07  Edited and published 09.19.07

Other Suggestions & Comments

The bonus scene is a boy/girl scene lifted from Double Trouble and features Ava Rose and Jean Val Jean.

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