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Guest Flash Review (Renald)

Cumfart Cocktails #02

Cumfart Cocktails #02 small front box cover

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 Category  Wall to Wall / Gonzo
 Director  Jake Malone
 Themes  anal sex, 3-ways, a2m, gaping, cumfarts
 Production or Street Date  xx.05 date of production, released 07.05.05
 Released By  Red Light District Video
 Available Formats  DVD
 Running Time  xxx minutes + bonus footage 
 Source and Price Paid  DVD courtesy of Red Light District Video
 Box Cover Quote "Straight from one slut’s ass to another sluts willing mouth.  All cumfarts swallowed."


Five group sex scenes, each ending with girls slurping cum directly out of another girl’s asshole.

What's Hot

The sex is incredible and every girl puts on a fantastic performance.  The energy level of the film is awesome and the girls are willingly down and dirty the entire time.

What's Not

Some of the teases could have been a little longer, and it was occasionally skipped all together to get to the action faster.

Play By Play

Below is a detailed description of each scene:

  Scene One – Tiana Lynn & Kat and two guys

Sex Checklist: lesbian, straight, toys, anal, a2m, dp, p2m, spit roast, rimming, 69, group, cumfart

The scene begins with Kat ringing Tiana’s doorbell in response to an ad for a cleaning the girl.  The two have a brief conversation and then Tiana goes to slip into something a little more comfortable.  A little more comfortable being a backless, ass-less net dress and a pair of latex gloves.  While she’s dressing we get glimpses of how the hot anal sex to come.  Tianna goes and finds the two men telling them that they have a whore and she’s going to start things off.  Tiana walks back into the room with Kat and explains they are looking for an ass cleaner and Kat says she can handle it.

This is where the actions starts up with Tianna straddling Kat’s face as Kat starts licking her ass.  The camera works is perfect, you can see Kat’s tongue wriggling over Tiana’s butt hole and the spit gathering between her cheeks.  Tiana moves onto her back and Kat follows her licking her ass the entire time until the men show up and pull her pants down.   From there Kat starts sucking dick while Tiana and the other man start shoving anal beads into her.  Tiana removes the beads with her mouth feeding them to Kat then getting out a second toy.  Kat as puts on a very vocal performance, the only thing than stop her from begging for more is having a dick lodged in her throat, or anal beads and a dildo cramming her mouth.

At this point Tiana and Kat both mount up side by side on their studs, riding cowgirl style and making out at the same time.  A very hot scene.  The P2Ms are good and frantic as the girls seem desperate to taste their own juices, particularly Tiana who thrashes around the entire time (and she’s a squirter).  Kat takes it in the ass first moving to the anal reverse cowgirl.  Immediately after that the boys double end Tianna while Kat licks asshole.  The scene continues on at this same frantic pace with the girls getting into all sorts of positions.  The one that stood out the most was Kat riding a man while sucking the other’s cock and Tiana was licking her asshole and frequently cleaning the cock fresh from Kat’s ass.  Both girls are completely willing to do anything in any position and the effect is that the scene is incredible.  There isn’t a single point where the scene starts to drag.  Every time you think they’ve run out of ideas they do something new.  They even manage to splatter over the camera lens and work in a side by side anal piledriver that looks absolutely brutal.  I have no idea why any woman would be willing to do something like this but I’m sure there are plenty of rain coater’s out there like me who are happy there are.

The cumshot is something else with Kat taking the first load in her mouth then squatting over Tiana’s faces and pushing it into her waiting mouth.  Tiana plays with it for a minute before swallowing and Kat taking a second load for her.  Tiana’s second cumfart cocktail is even more impressive,, you can see the muscles of her rectum working to push the cum into Tiana’s mouth as she pushes and flexes.  When Tiana finishes there is nothing left at all on Kat.

Scene One Rating: 9.54
Starlet appearance: 9.75, Starlet attitude and personality: 10.00 (Tiana)

Starlet appearance: 7.75, Starlet attitude and personality: 10.00 (Kat)
Sexual Heat: 9.75, Raincoat appeal: 10.00

  Scene Two – Sidney Capri & Jasmine Byrne and two guys

Sex Checklist: rimming, fingering, 69, straight, p2m, anal, a2m, dp, gape, group, cumfart

The second scene starts with Sydney (in Red) and Jasmine (in Black) in a hallway.  It only takes the girl’s a quick second for the action to begin with Jasmine on her knees hungrily rimming Sydney’s five star ass.  The scene shifts to Jasmine lying on her stomach licking Sydney’s ass.  Sydney is balance on her shoulders at the end of the bed, in what is normally a piledriver position.  The camera briefly moves to the men who are downstairs.  Then comes back up to find the girls in a hot 69

This is where the boys join in starting with fucking Jasmine while Jasmine continues to lick her cunt and slurp the pussy juices from his cock.  Jasmine moves to clime on for a cowgirl while Sydney starts with and anal mish style.  Within a few seconds though Jasmine is taking it straight from Sydney’s ass and gagging on it, occasionally licking cock while its still in her asshole.  The entire time she’s getting plowed from behind.  Both women are very vocal, constant moans and squeals coming from both girls.  It isn’t long before Jasmine is taking it in the ass as well and she looks great leaned over the bed and getting pounded.  Jasmine doesn’t seem to be able to get enough A2M action here but Sydney is never far behind.  Jasmine takes gets DP’d in the reverse cowgirl, then Sydney immediately follows with the standard cowgirl.  From there the girls start frequently moving from one position to the next keeping the action fast and hot with plenty of nasty A2M action frequently from one girl’s ass to the other’s mouth.    At one point Jasmine straddles Sydney and the studs take turns moving from ass to ass, to mouth to mouth.  The girls have an amazing amount of energy throughout the entire scene. 

Jasmine takes the first anal cream pie then squats over Sydney feeding her the load.  A second later she laps the cum directly out of Sydney’s ass to end the scene.  You can see the ooze slipping out of her beautiful black ass and Jasmine hungrily lapping at it .

Scene Two Rating: 9.48
Starlet appearance: 8.75, Starlet attitude and personality: 9.75  (Sidney)
Starlet appearance: 9.30, Starlet attitude and personality: 9.80  (Jasmine)
Sexual Heat: 9.60, Raincoat appeal: 9.70

  Scene Three – Bianca Pureheart & Lea Luv with two guys

Sex Checklist: lesbian, rimming, straight, p2m, anal, a2m, group, cumfart

The third scene starts off with Leah leaned against railings of a stair case with Bianca’s tongue lodged in her ass.  She’s wearing a short tan skirt wrapped around her middle and Bianca is wearing a black dress with pink stripes.  After a quick moment Leah is leaned over a billiard table with Brianna still hungrily feasting on her asshole.

The scene shifts and a stud shows up fucking Leah in mish position while Bianca licks her cunt and his cock.  Her P2M’s aren’t quite as spirited at this point but Leah does a good job of getting fucked.  The girls move into a new position at this point, a second man showing up for Leah to suck while Bianca continues to tongue her ass and get fucked from behind.  The girls are good at moving from one position to the next keeping you from ever getting used to a single position.  Ass and Pussy to mouth seem to happen every two seconds as the girls shift around each other to keep the men serviced.  Bianca is the first to take in her ass, doggy style then immediately afterwards in the cowgirl.  The girls move side by side for a brief dual piledriver that leads to some light gagging A2M’s and several gapping asses.

Leah takes the load in her cute little asshole then scoots to the edge of the couch to push it into Bianca’s mouth.  From there the girls swap sperm so they can both get a taste of the man juice ending the scene with a bang.

Scene Three Rating: 9.11
Starlet appearance: 9.00, Starlet attitude and personality: 9.25 (Bianca)
Starlet appearance: 8.90, Starlet attitude and personality: 9.30 (Leah)
Sexual Heat: 9.00, Raincoat appeal: 9.25

  Scene Four -- Hillary Scott & Veronica Jett and one guy

Sex checklist: rimming, lesbian, anal, group, straight, p2m, anal, a2m, gape, cumfart

The scene begins with Hillary and Veronica playing pool with one of their male co-stars.  We get some excellent shots of the girls from asses and they lean over the table.  It’s an excellent lead into the scene and not too long at all.

After deciding that she wasn’t shooting quite right Hillary pulls down Veronica’s ass and both her and the man take turns tonguing Veronica’s pucker.  Hillary is a gagger too, taking his cock so deep in her throat that she’s squinting and you can hear him bouncing off the back of her throat each time.  Veronica is next struggling to swallow the entire length and drooling all over her face in the process.  Both girls are quickly coated in spit as they take turns gagging and drooling over his cock.  Veronica is the first to get fucked, leaned over the pool table.  Hillary is quick to take it from her pussy so he can fuck her face till she chokes.  Hillary keeps the energy in the scene high, moaning and running her dirty mouth as she takes licks and sucks at his cock and Veronica’s cunt.  Then she climbs on top of Veronica so he can rapidly switch from one pussy to the next.  They stay in that position as Veronica gets asshole torn open but Veronica moves to the floor to suck her clit clean his cock.  Hillary enjoys it rough begging the stud to slap her while he slams his cock into her ass, and a few times he shoves his finger in her mouth stretching her lips.  Just like the earlier scenes the girls keep the level of energy through the roof as they move from one position to the next.  Just listening to Hillary’s nasty mouth would have been enough to make a great scene but Veronica’s performance is incredible as well.  One of the great positions the girls get into is Leah on her knees, doggy style while Veronica lays on her back for a girl stack for rapid anal switches.  While in that position he destroys Hillary’s asshole and licks Veronica’s cunt and asshole, it's and incredible position. 

The scene ends with Hillary on taking it anal doggy style and Veronica leaning into slurp it from Hillary’s ass.  This hands down is the most disgusting cumfart of the film.  You can hear it as Hillary pushes the cream out and it splatters over the camera lens and Veronica’s face.  After that Hillary gets down on her hands and knees slurping the cum off the floor and spitting it over Veronica’s face.

Scene Four Rating: 9.38
Starlet appearance:  9.50, Starlet attitude and personality: 9.90  (Hillary)
Starlet appearance:  8.75, Starlet attitude and personality: 8.50  (Veronica)
Sexual Heat: 9.75, Raincoat appeal: 9.90

  Scene Five -- Sandra Romain & Heather Gables and two guys

Sex checklist: lesbian, straight, group, toys, anal, oral, a2m, dp, 69, cumfart

The final scene starts off with Sandra in a nearly transparent skirt dancing poolside.  At the same time Heather is dressed in a blue dress and thigh eye stocking and gloves walking down a hallway.

The two meet in the living room with Sandra immediately taking control of the situation spitting in Heather’s face and gagging he with an anal plug.  She then orders Sandra down onto all fours and sits on her back beating her ass with the straps of the anal plug.  She gets quite rough slapping her around, and wrenching from one position to the next by her hair.  She forces Heather to suck her cunt and lick her ass but soon returns the favor.  When the stud shows up he has a stick of lipstick that he uses to write “Sandra’s Bitch” on Heather’s back.  Sandra busies herself scribbling on Heather’s ass as Heather gags herself on his cock.  The two girls work hard at sucking and slurping his cock, with Heather in and uncomfortable looking bent backwards position to lick his balls and his ass while Sandra lavishes over his cock occasionally taking the time to spit in Heather’s face.  Sandra takes a dildo in her ass which quickly finds its way into Heather’s mouth.  For a while Heather has two anal plugs in her mouth, stretching her lips as far they can go while Sandra sucks cock.  The scene easily stands out against the others because it is so rough by comparison.  Heather is constantly getting slapped, or choked or gagged playing a very submissive role in the scene.  She’s great at it too letting them abuse her rectum and taking multiple A2M’s as the scene progresses. 

The scene changes with Sandra taking the riding crop in one hand and Heather’s hair in the other and just whipping her ass and dragging her through the house.  After she rides her like a miniature pony they arrive in the bedroom and scene continues.  Sandra pulls her Heather’s dress up over her head and uses it to tie her to one of the bed posts as she gets fucked from behind.  At this point Heather is just kissing for a while as Sandra gets fucked.  When they let her down Sandra sits on her face and forces her to rim her asshole for a while before the girls return to a 69 position.  Heather is again taking near constant A2Ms again hungrily taking it from Sandra’s ass.  Sandra is a squirter and while she’s squatting over Heather’s face, coating her with girl juices she also manages to splatter the camera.  The next shot is of Sandra getting DP’d by the stud and the anal plug/whip.  She has one hand in Heather’s hair nearly tearing it out as the girls take turns passing the plug from mouth to mouth.  A high point of the scene is Sandra getting plowed doggy style as Heather sits on her face pinning her down.  The stud then takes her by the hair and leans her back so her head is resting on Sandra’s ass as he fucks her occasionally spitting in her face or drilling his cock down into her mouth.  Another is Heather getting fucked doggy style as Sandra eats her out while holding her own heels in the hogtied position.

The scene ends as Heather takes a load of cum into her ass and Sandra lies on her back and takes the cumfart into her mouth.  The camera here is completely amazing, you can see her ass flexing as she pushes the cum from her ass into Sandra’s willing mouth.  Just when you think its over he pushes into her ass laying a second load in her sphincter so she can feed more to Sandra.  It’s just as disgusting the second time as it ends up all over Sandra’s face.  The two girls then lay together, kissing and licking at each other.

Scene Five Rating: 9.54
Starlet appearance:  9.50, Starlet attitude and personality: 10.00 (Heather)
Starlet appearance:  9.25, Starlet attitude and personality:   9.00 (Sandra)
Sexual Heat: 9.75, Raincoat appeal: 9.75

Everything Else

The behind the scenes is filled with sex snippets.  It’s filled with stuff that didn’t make the film and the cast having fun.  It’s pretty good.  There is a pretty standard photo gallery, a waste of space in my opinion and website access as well.

Last Word & Final Tally

Holy shit.  If you love anal sex and watching girls completely degrade themselves this is a film for you.  From the very beginning to the very end it’s a high octane fuck fest with the girls never ceasing to amaze.  There is absolutely nothing to complain about in this film unless you just aren’t into the nasty sex acts.

New (Experimental) SRR Rating Method:

Sexual Content Ratings (averaged & weighted 2x): 9.41
Average of all scenes listed above.

Production Ratings (weighted 1x):  9.00
Dialog/Story/Script: 8.50, Costumes/Clothing: 9.50, Location: 9.00

Technical Ratings (weighted 1x):  8.93

Camerawork: 9.75, Video Quality: 9.50, Audio Quality: 9.60, DVD Extras: 7.00

Overall Rating:  9.19 out of 10.00

-- Renald

Second Opinion?

Scott Harvey rated Cumfart Cocktails #02 three stars.  He stated this title takes "gross out porn to a new level."  He described this movies as the "Fear Factor" of porn and said the sex scenes are "loud and raunchy".  Mr. Harvey found the selling point of the disc (the cumfarts) a "big turn off."  (Gamelink)

A customer (bmgang) on Adult Video Universe wrote the following, "Five minutes in and I knew that the rest of my collection had been blown away."  Rated a perfect five stars.  (AVU)

Another ADU customer (Flying Scotsman) called this movie, "one of the hottest, if not the hottest I have ever seen!"  He especially loved the "amazing" scene with Hillary and Veronica and said the price was worth it for that scene alone.  He couldn't say enough good things about this disc, calling it "excellent" and a "must buy" as well.  Rated a perfect five out of five stars.  (AVU)

Review Date: 11.29.05.  Edited and published 04.18.07

Other Suggestions & Comments

  Speak Out!  Have you seen this movie and agree or disagree with this review?  Do you have additional comments you would like to post about it?  If so, please post your thoughts here!

If this movie appeals to you, Snowman recommends:

This is a very successful series for Red Light District and so far it is up to five episodes.  Four of the five are in Adult Video Universe's top sellers (2 in the top 50)!  If you like this sort of kinky anal content, check them all out!


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