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 Category  Wall to Wall / Gonzo
 Director  Spyder Jonez
 Themes  anal sex, a2m, facials, domination & submission, fetish clothing
 Production or Street Date  xx.xx.07 date of production, released 12.xx.07
 Released By  Iron Cross in association with Teravision
 Available Formats  DVD
 Running Time  93 minutes + bonus footage (xx minutes bts)
 Source and Price Paid  DVD courtesy of Teravision
 Box Cover Quote "There is a fine line between pain and pleasure and that line has been more than blurred this time. Pain can be our biggest pleasure, tapping into our sixth and seventh senses..."


Domination is a collection of five, unconnected gonzo scenes directed by Spyder Jonez that take place in a dungeon.  BDSM content is hinted at in the opening tease set-ups but the sex itself is mostly traditional with raincoater leanings and lots of emphasis on anal.  All the starlets wear fetish costumes.

What's Hot

Some of the fetish outfits were kinky and hot.

Jayna turns in another good anal performance (as usual).  Annette and Hillary were also solid.

The opening tease sequences were generally interesting and effectively built anticipation for the scene, but see the comments below under "What's Not."

The camera work and lighting was generally good.  Good editing as well.

What's Not

Despite the title, any domination that was taking place was rather subtle.  In fact, it's doubtful the "domination" here exceeded any number of harder gonzo discs.

Although Jayna's scene was the best, she would have looked more attractive without the skull cap on the entire time. 

Some audio problems were present.  The dialog levels were too low making it hard to understand and sometimes it appeared out of synch.

The sex sequences seem rushed.  The total running time of this disc is only a hair over ninety minutes and the producers fit in five scenes.  That puts each scene's running time at about 18 minutes, including the tease introductions, which were vital to this title.  That was the norm back in 1985, not 2007.  Additional footage would be an improvement here.

The opening sequences that showcased BDSM themes were good, but laden with special effects.  Special effects in moderation are fine, but more regular footage of this content would be welcome.  Viewers whose primary interest was the kinky stuff may be disappointed they only see glimpses.

There's an "Iron Cross" promo header in between each scene.  It's short, but still, viewers do not need to be reminded six times who the studio is.  Hopefully Iron Cross will consider other ways to build brand awareness in the future.

Play By Play

Below is a detailed description of each scene:

  Scene One - Hillary Scott with two guys (Pascal St. James & Tony T.)

Sex Checklist: tease, 3 way, bj, straight, anal, dp, a2m, omf

This is Hillary like you have probably never seen her before. In Domination, she's a long way from Anal Princess Diaries, at least visually. The setting is a dungeon. She's dressed in sinister, black fetish gear including a thigh high latex boots and gloves, vinyl skirt, blindfold and an "X" over her tits fashioned out of electric tape. There's brief tease footage of Hillary restrained in chains and talking dirty to the camera before the men arrive on the scene. The guys fuck her mouth and pussy aggressively at the same time. It's a stretch to say Hillary looks super pretty here, but there's something erotic about watching her get used hard in this pseudo BSDM situation. She talks dirty during most of the time she is fucked. About ten minutes into the scene, Hillary is DPed in the doggy position. Scott performs a2m here and switches to reverse cowgirl anal. The male talent pounds her ass briefly and then more DP footage is shown. The camera work in this scene is quite good, although I didn't appreciate the upside down angle shot from high above. Thankfully, it was brief. The editor also employs a fair amount of well integrated, special effects. More a2m and aggressive RCA takes viewers up to the money shot. Hillary takes two loads in her wide open mouth, gargles the goo and swallows it down like a good submissive slut.

Scene One Rating: 8.12
Starlet appearance: 8.00, Starlet attitude and personality: 8.00, Sexual Heat: 8.00, Raincoat appeal: 8.50,

  Scene Two - Jayna Oso and one guy (Jay Lassiter)  (Snowman's Pick for Best Scene)

Sex Checklist: tease, muff diving, fingering, bj, straight, anal, a2m, cum licking

Jayna finds herself in the same dungeon as Hillary. A special effects heavy opening tease sequence starts off this scene. Tease is mixed with light BDSM themes and dirty talk. Like Hillary, Jayna is also dressed in black fetish wear. She's wearing a black skull cap, vinyl top and very tall heels that lace up. In the tease sequence, her hair is styled in cute pigtails, a marked contrast to the B&D images that flash on the screen. After the intro, a nude guy is present and proceeds to eat her pussy on a black bench. He also fingers both of her holes. Now that her pussy is warmed up, he stuff her totally bald pussy with his cock. Jayna keeps the skull cap on during the entire scene. Next the scene cuts and Jayna is seen sucking Jay's cock through a leather stock. Most of the time she doesn't use her hands and she is gagged mildly. Some drool is generated. Both performers, but especially Jayna look unnaturally sweaty here. I'm not sure why-- perhaps the dungeon was 120 degrees, but viewers who dig the hot and bothered look will be in Seventh Heaven.

Now Jayna straddles the bench and assumes the face down, ass up position. She begs for her male partner to fuck her from behind. The stud fucks her bald pussy hard for approximately one minute and then moves north an inch to her tight Asian ass. Jayna takes his cock deep and he pounds her anal highway hard. Jayna performs a2m, practically swallowing the entire length of Jay's shaft. The scene cuts now to RCA anal. Once again, the starlet gets reamed out thoroughly. Jayna tastes his cock one more time during this sequence. For the cum shot, the guy blows his nuts on the bench and Jayna licks it up.

Scene Two Rating: 8.62
Starlet appearance: 8.00, Starlet attitude and personality: 8.50, Sexual Heat: 9.00, Raincoat appeal: 9.00

  Scene Three - Jenaveve Jolie and one guy (Spyder Jonez)

Sex Checklist: bj, straight, omf

The third scene features Jenaveve Jolie. This big titted brunette looks attractive in her tease sequence. She's wearing a red and black corset, shiny black heels and matching gloves and a pair of bright red pasties over her nipples. As the scene opens, Jenaveve is already on her knees sucking cock. The cock belongs Spyder Jonez, who is a overweight, middle age white guy with a shaved head and lots of tattoos. Generally, the biker/prison look is undesirable, but in this instance, given the domination and dungeon context, it works. Spyder is appropriately dressed in all black with leather pants, rivet belt, dark glasses and other typical trappings of a "Master." The BJ sequence is quite hot as Jonez silently varies the manner in which fucks Jenaveve's mouth. The starlet just accepts whatever he dishes out. Next Jonez licks her pussy and asshole and then proceeds to fuck her doggy style. He pounds her fairly hard and then the couple changes to the cowgirl position. Jenaveve bounces energetically on his cock for a couple of minutes. The scene ends with an open mouth facial and quick clean off.

Scene Three Rating: 8.06
Starlet appearance: 8.00, Starlet attitude and personality: 8.25, Sexual Heat: 8.00, Raincoat appeal: 8.00

  Scene Four - Gia Paloma and one guy (Jack Lawrence)

Sex Checklist:  muff diving, bj, straight, anal, omf, cum bubbles & swallow

In her tease sequence Gia is bound to a large dungeon chair with her hands above her head and her legs spread. She's wearing a skimpy black mesh body suit, black shiny boots and other accessories. Gia looks slutty here, but not especially attractive. Her hairstyle looks somewhat odd and unkept. Gia babbles about how she can control guys but the audio is rather hard to hear. When the actual sex starts, Jack is shown on his knees in front of her licking her pussy. Soon Gia returns the favor and sucks his cock. She completely swallows his tool and almost from the start this BJ turns sloppy. Next the couple fucks, first in a sitting position followed by reverse cowgirl and from behind with Gia resting on leg up on a table. Next, Jack decides to plummet her ass. Gia lies on a table spreading her ass cheek with her legs up and back. Lawrence sinks his cock into her backdoor and ass fucks her at a steady but mostly mild pace. Gia tastes his cock a2m one time and next they continue their anal romp in the RCA position. The starlet attempts to bounce but doesn't seem to be all that athletic or coordinated. This set ups a quick pop shot to her face. Gia blows cum bubbles through her lips and swallows Jack's cream.

Scene Four Rating: 7.94
Starlet appearance: 7.50, Starlet attitude and personality: 8.00, Sexual Heat: 8.00, Raincoat appeal: 8.25

  Scene Five - Annette Schwartz and Lexie Bardot with one guy (Marco Bandaras)

Sex Checklist:  light whipping (in tease), 3-way, girl/girl, bj, straight, anal, a2m, a2ogm, omf, cum swapping & snowball

The final scene features attractive blond Annette Schwartz and brunette Lexie Bardot, who is more pedestrian looking and has excessive ink. Like the others, this scene takes place in the dungeon. In the opening tease sequence, Annette is bound to a spider web and Lexie whips her ass. Both girls are dressed in black fetish gear. Annette is wearing a hot latex body suit, fishnets and black heels. The sex starts with Annette eating Lexie's muff. Bandaras arrives almost immediately and begins to fuck her mouth aggressively. Annette makes good eye contact with the guy (but not the viewer) and drools. Soon Bandaras' cock finds its way inside Annette's pink slit. At the same time Lexie sits on her face and sucks his cock p2m. Bandaras briefly fucks Lexie as well. Now Annette performs anal. Bandaras penetrates her tight bunghole doggy style. Lexie does the o2ogm thing multiple times here with Annette urging her on. The performers change to mish anal and Annette tastes the cock herself this time. The scene ends when Bandaras jerks off on Annette's tongue. The girls snowball the cum before the credits roll.

Scene Five Rating: 7.83
Starlet appearance: 8.25, Starlet attitude and personality: 8.00  (Annette)
Starlet appearance: 7.00, Starlet attitude and personality: 7.50  (Lexie)
Sexual Heat: 8.00, Raincoat appeal: 8.25

Everything Else

Teravision sent me a pre-release screener of this title.  The disc only contained the main movie without menus or DVD Extras.  It is my understanding the retail version has a thirty-five minute behind the scenes featurette and generous photo gallery.

Last Word & Final Tally

Domination is a bold release from Iron Cross and Spyder Jones.  While the execution is not perfect, the effort to present something out of the ordinary is commendable.  Hopefully Iron Cross will continue exploring the darker side of sexuality and summons the courage to present more actual domination in future titles.  With some thought and tinkering, the mixture of BDSM themes and gonzo could be a real winner.  Recommended to kinky raincoaters.

New (Experimental) SRR Rating Method:

Sexual Content Ratings (averaged & weighted 2x): 8.11
Average of all scenes listed above.

Production Ratings (weighted 1x):  7.83
Dialog/Story/Script: 7.00, Costumes/Clothing: 8.50, Location: 8.00

Technical Ratings (weighted 1x):  7.66

Camerawork: 8.00, Video Quality: 8.00, Audio Quality: 7.00, DVD Extras: --

Overall Rating:  7.93 out of 10.00

-- Snowman

Second Opinion?

Astroknight sez this Spyder shows a "nice grasp of blending art and hard sex."  He says it is a "hot, hard and surprising artistic fuck flick."  (ADT)

Review Date: 12.12.06

Other Suggestions & Comments

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