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Guest Flash Review (Renald)

Itís a Daddy Thing 4

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 Category  Wall to Wall / Gonzo / Barely Legal Teens
 Director  Patrick Collins
 Themes  barely legal teens, old men, toys, straight sex
 Production or Street Date  xx.07 date of production, released 11.07.07
 Released By  Elegant Angel
 Available Formats  DVD
 Running Time  160 minutes + bonus footage 
 Source and Price Paid  DVD courtesy of Elegant Angel
 Box Cover Quote "Patrick Collins returns with another collection of prissy, cock teasing teens in Elegant Angel's It's a Daddy Thing 4. Alexis Love, Evie Delatosso, Nika, Naomi Cruise, and Nikki Flame star as filthy young flirtatious sluts, provocatively seducing older guys. The movie is a sexually sophisticated depiction of fantasy role-playing at its best. Elegant Angel is the porn company that customers can rely upon for a more creative brand of eroticism."


Itís a Daddy Thing is for those guys who just get off on young girls with older men. Each scene starts off with a brief set up to make us fall in love with the girls and it works every single time.

What's Hot

Every one of these girls are pretty.

The sets are beautiful and a nice change from your run of the mill.

Usually the set ups for porn are so bad that they are hard to watch.

What's Not: 

There isnít much here for the hardcore raincoater, in fact, there isnít even any anal at all.

Much of the film is dominated by the skits so if you donít appreciate those you might not like this.

Play By Play

Below is a detailed description of each scene:

Your browser may not support display of this image.  Scene One Ė  Evie Delatosso

Sex Checklist: oral, straight, handjob, toys

Evie Delatossa is a dark haired, big busted beauty that we find walking around her home in a rather tame black bikini.  Once she finds her way poolside we watch her and a dirty old man spread lotion on her perfectly tanned body.  Once sheíd let him oil her up she takes a shower and comes back out wrapped in a towel and plops down on a leather couch.  Evie teases and teases, rubbing his cock with her foot until he canít take any longer and pulls it out for her.  She strokes it, then he strokes it while she uses a vibrator on herself.  The oral that follow is really brief as she sucks him for a few minutes, then he licks her before mounting her up.  We get a few positions and a cumshot to finish it up.

Scene One Rating: 8.37 
Starlet appearance: 9.25 , Starlet attitude and personality: 8.75 , Sexual Heat: 8.50, Raincoat appeal: 7.00

Your browser may not support display of this image.  Scene Two Ė  Nika

Sex Checklist: toys, oral, straight, P2M

Nika is a slender brunette who shows up at the house looking for a friend.  The ďDaddyĒ excuses himself so he can spy on the beauty as she strips down and plays with herself in spa and then later on the couch.  Catching the nymph in the act he decides to whip out his cock which she immediately starts stroking as he talks her into letting him use some toys on her and even eats her out.  Nikaís a good girl so she returns the favor, and then goes for a sixty nine with a toy.  Se get some light hair pulling during the scene.

Scene Two Rating: 8.14
Starlet appearance:  8.30, Starlet attitude and personality: 8.50, Sexual Heat: 8.25 , Raincoat appeal: 7.50

Your browser may not support display of this image.  Scene Three Ė Nikki Flame

Sex Checklist: oral, straight, P2M

Nikki Flame is a petite blonde who finds her stud working out in his house.  After oiling him up she strips down and gets herself warmed up with a toy.  After sheís ready he gets to get down and lick some pussy.  Nikki turns out to be quite the cock sucker and even tries to give a tit fuck.  The sex is about average going through a few positions along with pussy to mouth before her man busts his load on her face.

Scene Three Rating: 8.05 
Starlet appearance: 8.00  Starlet attitude and personality: 8.40  Sexual Heat: 8.30, Raincoat appeal: 7.50

Your browser may not support display of this image.  Scene Four --  Alexis Love & Evie Delatosso

Sex checklist: group, oral, lesbian, straight, toys, P2M

Alexis and Evie start of the scene talking about Evie fucking her man, and then Alexis starts her story about finding a man in her room jerking off the nude pictures of her and smelling her panties.  The build up for this scene is great as the two girls tease and tantalize him playing with each other and him until they finally decide they need to share his cock fucking him usually while the other girl sits to the side and keeps herself entertained.  Iíve never seen the point of having two girls if the other one is just a witness to the action so thatís a big turn off of me.  We end with a cum swap though.

Scene Four Rating: 8.52 
Starlet appearance (Alexis): 8.50 , Starlet attitude and personality (Alexis): 8.00

Starlet appearance (Evie): 9.25 , Starlet attitude and personality (Evie): 8.00

Sexual Heat: 8.25, Raincoat appeal: 9.10

Your browser may not support display of this image.  Scene Five --  Naomi Cruise

Sex checklist: straight, oral, toys, gagging

Naomi is a short haired blonde that we find sleeping on the couch after a long night at the club.  After taking a shower for our viewing pleasure Naomi comes back down to her old man with her toy.  After the normal eating out Naomi goes down, and sheís our star girl the first one to deep throat and with only the slightest hint of gagging.  From there she goes on to ride him like a pony before sucking him clean and letting him finger her asshole.  Sheís got the energy to a great star, and better still she has a beautiful

Scene Five Rating: 8.24 
Starlet appearance: 9.50  , Starlet attitude and personality: 9.60 , Sexual Heat: 9.35 , Raincoat appeal: 8.50

Everything Else

We get several trailers, a cumshot recap, a photo gallery and then the big surprise to make it all worth while.  An entire bonus scene so there is no way that you can complain in the least about the extras. 

Last Word & Final Tally

Itís a Daddy Thing is the kind of porn that completely hinges on whether or not you enjoy the build up or not and if young girls with older men gets you going.  The sex is mostly average, but the girls are all very pretty.  This isnít really my thing, thereís nothing wrong with this though so if teen girls is your thing enjoy.

New (Experimental) SRR Rating Method:

Sexual Content Ratings (averaged & weighted 2x): 8.26
Average of all scenes listed above.

Production Ratings (weighted 1x):  9.32
Dialog/Story/Script: 9.25, Costumes/Clothing: 9.40, Location: 9.30

Technical Ratings (weighted 1x):  8.56

Camerawork: 9.20, Video Quality: 8.00, Audio Quality: 8.25, DVD Extras: 8.80

Overall Rating:  8.60 out of 10.00

-- Renald

Second Opinion?

Loverboy rated It's a Daddy Thing #04 three and one-half stars out of five.  He described this title as "five scenes featuring unrealistic but very enticing fantasies of beautiful young women seducing older guys."  Loverboy also noted that "Herschel Savage and Mark Davis came off looking great" getting hot chicks to "reluctantly" fuck them. (ADT)

Review Date: 03.20.08.  Edited and published 07.04.08

Other Suggestions & Comments

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