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Guest Flash Review (Renald)

Prime Cuts: Screwed and Tattooed

Screwed and Tattooed small front box cover

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 Category  Wall to Wall / Pro-Am / Reality
 Director  unknown
 Themes  reality sex, pro-am girls, tattoos
 Production or Street Date  xx.06 date of production, released 09.19.06
 Released By  Pink Visual
 Available Formats  DVD
 Running Time  150 minutes + bonus footage 
 Source and Price Paid  DVD courtesy of Pink Visual
 Box Cover Quote "There's nothing hotter than bending a girl over and finding some ink above her ass! This special Prime Cuts is a collection of some of the hottest tattooed chicks fucking and sucking their way through the tattoo parlor. Watch as these sluttish vixens find out what it means to get needled!"


Pink Visual's Prime Cuts: Screwed & Tattooed is one of the ďrealityĒ porn movies in the vein of Bang Bus. Itís based around this group of guys and their camera man walking down the street and finding women and random who are willing to have sex and be filmed. The tattoo aspect feels like an after thought, which since these scenes were pulled from other DVDís is likely.

What's Hot

Very realistic feel to the scenes, they donít feel scripted at all.

Gianna has awesome tits.

Fun interviews with each of the girls.

What's Not

Very little anal sex in the film.

The sets as a whole are boring.

For a film titled Screwed and Tattooed there isnít enough emphasis placed on the tattoos and several of the girls have small easily ignored body art.

Play By Play

Below is a detailed description of each scene:

  Scene One Ė Daryn

Sex Checklist: oral, straight, p2m

Darynís scene starts off with her being extorted by the camera man and his friend over her demo which they agree to release to her after sheís swallowed his cum. The sexy vixen then strips down and proceeds to get her pussy eaten for several minutes which is always a nice change in porn. After she gets thoroughly licked she goes on to her gently sucking his cock then giving him a hand job as she continues to protest sucking his cock. The beautiful part of the scene is that it really feels like an amateur job. Daryn does a good job of selling the part of an innocent girl taken advantage of right up until she gets fucked, and then her inner whore comes screaming out. She lovingly licks her pussy juice from his cock while mildly complaining about what they are doing to her but sheís into it by then. Her energy is a little low throughout the scene but she goes a decent job acting which almost makes up for it. The cumshot is easily the most entertaining part as she frowning as she swallows and the two men are teasing her the entire time.

Scene One Rating: 9.08
Starlet appearance: 9.70, Starlet attitude and personality: 9.00 (Daryn),
Sexual Heat: 8.75, Raincoat appeal: 8.90

  Scene Two Ė Katrina

Sex Checklist: oral, group, straight, anal, dp

Katrinaís scene begins with her being picked up at the bus stop on her way to work and being offered money to strip. She easily manages to make the innocent girl routine work as the men pay her to strip out of her clothing and she giggles the entire time. The tease is interesting enough that you kinda feel cheated when they fast forward to her being nude. More money is offered and then she goes to work being eaten out while she alternates sucking cock after cock as the men take full advantage of the raven haired beauty. She has a great energy and takes on all four guys without missing a beat starting orally then moving on to a guy hitting it from the back while she sucks onto the reverse anal cowgirl with a beautiful angle so you can watch her rectum stretch open. Then she gets double penetrated which we again get some excellent shots of as Katrina aggressively gets into her scene. The scene is ended Katrina taking several loads into her mouth and finally being pushed out nude.

Scene Two Rating: 9.68
Starlet appearance: 9.40, Starlet attitude and personality: 9.80, Sexual Heat: 9.75, Raincoat appeal: 9.80

  Scene Three Ė Ann

Sex Checklist: oral, straight, group, anal, a2m

We meet Ann out shopping clothes and they start hitting on her. She initially plays off being a little annoyed and the guys as they try to convince her to be the host on a show they are pretending to film. The build up is great steadily increasing the anticipation for scene and Ann plays the part well. Itís easy to start laughing and enjoying yourself as she still fully clothed and stroking a cock in either hand. Itís easily the most natural lead into group sex Iíve ever seen. By the time Ann is on her knees sucking dick it actually feels like a realistic scenario for a beautiful young woman to found in. Its worth noting that she starts off with a crucifix on and notably takes it off while claiming to be in training for nun hood. Ann does a great job giving head and getting into the scene. She moves naturally from sucking two cocks onto getting railed from behind. From there the action moves into the reverse cowgirl and from there to the spoon. She keeps it real and at the same time breaks the flow by complaining when one of the men tries to fuck her in the ass. After a little cajoling they finally convince her that they arenít trying to hurt and she lets them fuck her asshole. She squeals and complains just enough to make it seem like it could be her first time for anal sex. Ann complains that he should fuck her so hard any time he really starts getting into her booty which really makes the scene feel more real. Gradually she really starts to get into it, even taking an A2M. She looks disgusted at first but when asked how it tastes she replies ďlike dinner from yesterdayĒ. She continues to take an anal pounding throughout the rest of the scene along with several A2Ms once asking if the man wanted to kiss her afterwards. From there she takes an impressive load.

Scene Three Rating: 9.16
Starlet appearance: 8.90, Starlet attitude and personality: 9.75, Sexual Heat: 9.00, Raincoat appeal: 9.00

  Scene Four -- Gianna

Sex checklist: oral, group, straight

We find Gianna in the mall trying to get herself a job at a restaurant. The studs tell her they are filming a reality show about them meeting girls. They trick her into getting into the van and the games begin. Gianna has an award winning rack which she briefly shows off on the way back to the studio. Once they get back to the couch she immediately starts giving the two men blowjobs. The brunette does a good job sucking dick, making a fair bit of noise as she bobs up and down. It doesnít take long for her to start taking it from both ends. Gianna keeps repeating how big the cock inside her is as the men take advantage of her beauty. The guys have a good time passing her back and forth between the two of them even getting fucked in several positions before bringing the scene to a close. She gets an impressive load both on her face and on her tits.

Scene Four Rating: 9.05
Starlet appearance:  9.50, Starlet attitude and personality: 9.00, Sexual Heat: 8.90, Raincoat appeal: 8.80

  Scene Five -- Adriana

Sex checklist: group, oral, straight

Adrianna plays the part of a MILF being seduced by our bunch of studs while her son is at the dentist getting fillings. She takes a little time with her interview before the boys take of her shirt and play with her tits. Then she moves on to the standard double blow job. She manages to make the scene interesting though. Sucking in some interesting positions as the men struggle to get her out of her clothes. Some intense ball licking, spanking and her getting a rim job all make her stand out in her scene. She really pumps up the energy two growling how fucking nasty she is as the men take turns choking her and passing her back and forth. Some of the best parts of the scene are her in the reverse cowgirl and her in the piledriver. The piledriver is always an impressive position but it really gains something special with the girlís tits are damn near slapping her in the face with every thrust into her. They put her briefly through the spoon position before ending it with an impressive open mouth facial.

Scene Five Rating: 8.95
Starlet appearance:  9.00, Starlet attitude and personality: 8.90, Sexual Heat: 8.80, Raincoat appeal: 9.00

Everything Else

The only extras on this film are a long series of trailers but there is nothing wrong with that. Nothing really stands out as something you need to watch, but there is very little that I would go out of my way to avoid here either.

Last Word & Final Tally

Considering that the theme of the film is supposed to be tattooed girls there really isnít much emphasis on the tattoos and some of the art work isnít at all impressive so if you are looking for some lovely ladies with excellent skin art this might not be the place to look. The sex mostly has a natural feel to it with plenty of chatter and the girls protesting any attempt to get anal sex, only one girl does double penetration. The fact that the one of the guys is often sitting out of the scene makes everything seem original.

New (Experimental) SRR Rating Method:

Sexual Content Ratings (averaged & weighted 2x): 9.18
Average of all scenes listed above.

Production Ratings (weighted 1x):  9.00
Dialog/Story/Script: 10.00, Costumes/Clothing: 9.00, Location: 8.00

Technical Ratings (weighted 1x):  8.92

Camerawork: 8.15, Video Quality: 9.00, Audio Quality: 9.25, DVD Extras: 9.30

Overall Rating:  9.07 out of 10.00

-- Renald

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Review Date: 12.14.06.  Edited and published 04.30.07

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