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Guest Flash Review (Renald)

Good, Bad and the Slutty (The)

Ass Squirts small front box cover

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 Category  Wall to Wall / Gonzo
 Director  Juan Cuba
 Themes  anal sex, a2m, straight sex
 Production or Street Date  xx.xx.06 date of production, released 10.24.06
 Released By  Platinum-X (TC-0229)
 Available Formats  DVD
 Running Time  135 minutes + bonus footage 
 Source and Price Paid  DVD courtesy of Platinum-X
 Box Cover Quote "When good isn't just good enough!"


A collection of short scenarios all leading up to women letting themselves be used for by their men.  A short skit sets the scene and then the girls suck and fuck.

What's Hot:   

Annette, Tory and Velicity all put on incredible performances.

A good mix of girls with a good variety of scenes and locations.

Good dialogue, the girls are all very energetic and keep going full speed for the entire scene.

Plenty of anal, ass to mouth, and gagging action.

Good locations and the set up skits really add something to each scene.

What's Not

Only four scenes that while jammed full of action still feels like too few.

Poor extras is a bit of a disappointment in my opinion but nothing to turn off a buyer.

Play By Play

Below is a detailed description of each scene:

  Scene One – Lindsay Kay & Aubrey Addams

Sex Checklist: oral, 3-way, straight, P2M, rimming

After a short build up Lindsay Kay guides her co-star back stages and goes down on him.  After a good bit of cock sucking she leads him to Aubrey Addams who is blind folded with her hands behind her back.  Lindsey takes charge forcing the blonde down on the studs cock making her gag several times.  Lindsay not afraid to choke on a cock either and between the pair a great job is done.  Aubrey then stands up and with her panties still around her knees gets fucked from behind. Lindsay gets her first P2M direct from Aubrey’s snatch early on.  The girls switch positions with Aubrey getting to taste cock right out of Lindsey before the action moves into porn shop.

The action picks up at this point and both girls stay involved in the action.   The innocent look of Aubrey makes for a good contrast to the take charge Lindsay who commands the blonde to clean the pussy off his cock, eat out her ass and even chokes Aubrey.  At one point Lindsay climbs onto Aubrey for a sultry double decker fuck.  There is plenty of pussy to mouth and the girls.  A little anal and a few more positions would have made the scene perfect.  It ends with a multiple cum swap facial that definitely makes the cum shot recap appreciated.

Scene One Rating: 9.58
Starlet appearance: 9.65, Starlet attitude and personality: 9.75  (Lindsay Kay)

Starlet appearance: 9.50, Starlet attitude and personality: 9.60  (Aubrey Addams)
Sexual Heat: 9.75, Raincoat appeal: 9.25

  Scene Two – Velicity Von and one guy   ( Renald's pick for best scene! )

Sex Checklist: oral, straight, p2m, rimming, anal, a2m

Velicity begins the scene in a black bra and panty combination at the doctor’s office.  She’s explaining how I her dreams John Strong takes her and treats her like a whore.  After a little more set up John shows up ad sets to work face fucking the blonde.  There is plenty of slobber and the dialogue is great, both John and Velicity have a gift for dirty talk.  The sex begins with Velicity on her back as John begins her systematic degradation.  After fucking her for a while he makes her suck his cock clean and rim him as he squats over her face.  Velicity really gets into her role letting John treat her like trash.  She crawls around for his cock leans over in a slightly awkward position so John can get rimmed again.  John guides her by the hair and leads her over to the stairs so he can fuck her in the and almost immediately Velicity is cleaning her ass off his dick.  Not once during the scene does the intensity slow down which climax with Velicity getting a mouthful of John’s hot spunk.

Scene Two Rating: 9.85
Starlet appearance: 9.75, Starlet attitude and personality: 10.00, Sexual Heat: 10.50, Raincoat appeal: 9.90

  Scene Three – Ashley Jensen and one guy

Sex Checklist: straight, oral, p2m

We enter the scene with Ashley in a plain white wife beater and red panties rubbing her clit outside her mother’s room where the passionate sounds of sex are echoing.  She spies on her mother to find out where the sex toys are hidden and as soon as her mother leaves for work she goes and grabs the box.  Even in a porn film it’s mildly amusing that everything in the box fits Ashley despite her being no where near her “mother’s” size.  Ashley calls her boyfriend over and after a brief bit of kissing she goes down on him.  The pair has a play with each other before Ashley gets a quick dip for her first pussy to mouth. The action then moves to the kitchen for some countertop loving.  Ashley then crawls while sucking dick to get to the couch for a good cowgirl romp.  A very nice touch is the stud going down on Ashley at this point in the scene.  Ashley moves through several more positions before taking a creamy facial to end out the scene.

Scene Three Rating: 9.51
Starlet appearance: 9.60, Starlet attitude and personality: 9.70, Sexual Heat: 9.75, Raincoat appeal: 9.00

  Scene Four -- Tory Lane & Annette Schwarz with two guys

Sex checklist: group, oral, toys, anal, a2m, rimming

Tory begins the scene with a long hot tease with her talking down to the camera man telling he’s not worthy of touching her, that he’s nothing while showing off her body.  After a few minutes she leads him to Annette who’s on her hands and knees, a ball gag in her mouth and a tailed butt plug in her ass.  Tory takes great pleasure in pulling the toy out of Annette and rimming her, the cleaning the toy before pushing it back in.  Tory’s not afraid to really spank a girl either.   Tory gets to be pretty nasty and she obviously enjoys her self as twists into all kinds of positions while she and Annette go back and forth with the toys.  A real high light early on Annette sucking on a dildo while ramming it in and out of Tory’s pussy.

At that point the men arrive on scene Annette takes a real throat fucking lightly gagging and slurping while Tory deep throats with ease.  The girls go after everything, switching cocks and occasionally licking, sucking and fingering each other.  They ease into the sex with both girls starting nearly at the same time while Annette gets to rim, and take Tory’s P2M’s from the floor.  The girls work very well together and the pure filth that is girls exchanging tastes of each other’s asses just drives the scene.

Tory and Annette get steadily pounded for the rest of the scene with lots of anal and ass to mouth action throughout climaxing in a very dramatic back and forth sperm swapping make out where both girls get to swallow at the end.  Breath taking doesn’t quite cover it.

Scene Four Rating: 9.80
Starlet appearance:  9.65, Starlet attitude and personality: 10.00 (Tory Lane)
Starlet appearance:  9.40, Starlet attitude and personality: 10.00 (Annette Schwarzl)
Sexual Heat: 9.80, Raincoat appeal: 9.95

Everything Else

No trailers or bonus scenes drags the extra section of this film into the below average range, the saving grace comes from a surprisingly cute behind the scenes and a cum shot recap.

Last Word & Final Tally:   

Every single scene offers something new and exciting and all of the girls are very excited about what they are doing.  If you like anal, ass to mouth, rough sex and dirty talking this is an excellent film.  Tory and Annette steal the show with a great closer to a great scene, I can’t really come up with any good reason not to go out and buy this.

New (Experimental) SRR Rating Method:

Sexual Content Ratings (averaged & weighted 2x): 9.74
Average of all scenes listed above.

Production Ratings (weighted 1x):  9.90
Dialog/Story/Script: 9.80, Costumes/Clothing: 9.90, Location: 10.00

Technical Ratings (weighted 1x):  9.89

Camerawork: 9.80, Video Quality: 9.80, Audio Quality: 9.80, DVD Extras: 8.50

Overall Rating:  9.66 out of 10.00

-- Renald

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Review Date: 05.29.07.  Edited and published 09.08.07

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