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True Lies (Renald)

Tru Lies

(To Zoom in on the front of the box cover, click here . The back cover can be viewed at the Adult Video Universe link below.]

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 Category  Feature
 Director  Dee
 Themes  porn with a plot, straight sex, parody
 Production or Street Date  xx.xx.06 date of production, released 03.07.07
 Released By  Sinsation Pictures
 Available Formats  DVD & VOD (DVD version reviewed)
 Running Time  112 minutes + bonus footage (xx minutes bonus footage + xx minutes bts)
 Source and Price Paid  DVD courtesy of Sinsation Pictures
 Box Cover Quote "Trudy is a housewife with a secret: She's a spy for the U.S. Government, Her husband is a bored businessman with a secret of his own. He's a master philanderer. Sparks and sheets fly when their two shadowy worlds collide in a sex drenched cloak and dagger adventure!"


As expected this film has a similar premise as the popular James Cameron action film True Lies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Even the cover art looks similar.  Brook Banner plays Trudy Lies, a secret agent working for the US government while Mika Tan plays a criminal named Boss Tanaka.  There is just enough story here to latch onto and enjoy but not enough to get bored with.

What's Hot

Mika Tan with a whip and dressed in black latex is damn good.

The plot is just solid enough to follow without distracting from the action in anyway.

We get a quality mix of girls who each bring their own personalities to the scene.

Itís mild enough to make a great film to accidentally slip in with your girlfriend.

What's Not

The scene breaks are based on the story rather than the sex so itís difficult to skip to your favorite part.

There is no anal or any real raincoat styled action.

Play By Play

Below is a detailed description of each scene:

  Scene One - Brooke Banner with one guy

Sex Checklist: oral, straight, p2m

The scene begins with Brooke pretending to be a hooker named Doris as she sets up her latest mark.  After a brief set up she goes to work sucking cock.  The outfit they have her in, a white corset and black lace panties is a great combination for her, and the curly brunette wig sheís wearing is another good touch.  Throughout the thorough blowjob Brook sheds her clothing layer by layer, the corset, and then the bra she wore underneath before giving a brief tit fuck. Once her panties come off the two switch positions for some pussy eating, which lasts just long enough.  After that Brooke saddles up to ride his pony.  The starlet only rides him long enough to baste him in her juices before popping off for a quick pussy to mouth.  Brook takes another taste of her juices before flipping into the reverse cowgirl.  She keeps the energy high the entire time ending the scene a cumshot across her tits.

Scene One Rating: 9.09
Starlet appearance: 8.85, Starlet attitude and personality: 9.15, Sexual Heat: 9.30, Raincoat appeal: 9.00,

  Scene Two - Mika Tan and one guy

Sex Checklist: oral, straight, rim job, foot worship, p2m

Mika starts her boy off by allowing the privilege of worshipping her stocking covered feet while she occasionally swats him with a crop.  After that she lets him move to other parts, of her body alternating between licking her clean shaven cunt and her deliciously tight bunghole.  Mika stays quite vocal as she takes chare of the situation.  After a good long pussy eating session the fucking begins with he reverse cowgirl.  She gives a very brief P2M during the position shuffle. By the end of the scene the energy is nearly completely gone and if not for Mikaís excellent outfit, looks and ability to be vocal would have been a sleeper.

Scene Two Rating: 9.31
Starlet appearance: 9.80, Starlet attitude and personality: 9.75, Sexual Heat: 8.60, Raincoat appeal: 9.10

  Scene Three - Presley Maddox & Jeanie Marie Sullivan with one guy

Sex Checklist: 3-way, oral, straight, p2m

They donít waste any time or words getting to the sex which honestly is a bit of a let down in whatís supposed to be a feature film.  The three strip down almost immediately and the girls go to work with a slow sensual tag team blow job and the girls do a very good job of sharing. Once they are done with that Jeanie goes for the reverse cowgirl while Presley plays the vocal cheerleader and gets the first taste of pussy flavored cock before getting her turn to be fucked.  Both girls eventually get plenty of pussy to mouth as the scene progresses.  A definite high light of the scene is Jeanie getting spoon fucked while Presley hungrily laps at her cunt.  The scene ends with a double open mouthed facial with the girls licking the cum off of each other.

Scene Three Rating: 9.21
Starlet appearance: 9.10, Starlet attitude and personality: 9.40  (Presley)
Starlet appearance: 9.20, Starlet attitude and personality: 9.30  (Jeanie)
Sexual Heat: 9.00, Raincoat appeal: 9.25

  Scene Four - Nikki Hilton with one guy

Sex Checklist:  oral, straight

Nikki eases into her scene, starting with a heavy make out session to get things heated up properly.  After nearly five minutes of intense kissing and striping Nikki goes on got give an excellent blowjob.  Within seconds she lightly gagging as she drools all over his tool.  Nikki then stands up and leans over the couch for a nice doggy styled fuck, and from here she moves on to a flattering reverse cowgirl. The scene ends with a pretty impressive facial.

Scene Four Rating: 8.96
Starlet appearance: 9.30, Starlet attitude and personality: 9.00, Sexual Heat: 8.80, Raincoat appeal: 8.75

  Scene Five - Mika Tan & Brooke Banner with one guy

Sex Checklist:  3-way, straight, oral, p2m

First Mika Tan has an incredible pair of black and red stiletto boots on.  She blind folds the man before inviting Brooke into the room where the pair take turns sucking and stroking his cock as the three of them work free of their clothing.  Mika starts off getting fucked o her back while she eats Brook's pussy.  Brook meanwhile is making out with their stud while rubbing Mikaís clit.  After Mika cums they switch so Brook is getting fucked from behind while licking at Mikaís delicious looking cunt.  Mika gets a taste of Brookís cunt off of their stud before getting an extremely aggressive cowgirl, Mika can ride the hell out of a cock.  The scene ends with Mika taking a facial and then being arrested by Brook Banner.

Scene Five Rating: 9.42
Starlet appearance: 9.75, Starlet attitude and personality: 9.20, Sexual Heat: 9.20, Raincoat appeal: 9.45

Everything Else

The extras here are kinda standard but thatís not a bad thing at all.  The trailers are good enough to arouse interest in their other titles, at ten minute solo by the lovely Brooke Banner is worth the space it takes up.  Then there is the standard photo gallery.  Its worth pointing out though that while I understand that the purpose of a feature film is to be watched chapter breaks are a must in DVD world and the poor use of them here is annoying.  Another point is that I donít own a wide screen yet and I donít like letter boxing.  Its okay in uncut made for theatre movies, not in porn.

Last Word & Final Tally

Just enough story to string the scenes together and just enough times when they skip right to the action to make question why they tried.  The lack of quality chapter breaks is something I canít over look at this point.  Each scene only warrants one chapter so no skipping to your favorite part.  The sex is a tad bland at times with not a lot of raw sexual energy. The complete lack of anal was also bit of a let down; this would be a great flick to use to introduce the lady of your life to porn. 

New (Experimental) SRR Rating Method:

Sexual Content Ratings (averaged & weighted 2x): 9.20
Average of all scenes listed above.

Production Ratings (weighted 1x):  9.75
Dialog/Story/Script: 9.50, Costumes/Clothing: 9.75, Location: 10.00

Technical Ratings (weighted 1x):  9.54

Camerawork: 9.60, Video Quality: 9.80, Audio Quality: 9.75, DVD Extras: 9.00

Overall Rating:  9.42 out of 10.00

-- Renald

Second Opinion?

Gram Ponante was displeased with the plot holes and "dismal lighting" and "sometimes lackluster acting" but praised the "leggy and juicy eye candy."  He was especially impressed with Mika Tan's "fun" performance.  No rating given.

Review Date: 05.11.07.  Edited and published 05.30.07

Other Suggestions & Comments

On xx.xx.06, the average price for this dvd was $xx.xx based on xx online retailers.

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