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2000 - What's New Archive


Added the ability to search the site for text using "Google".  In case you are not familar with Google, it is a popular and highly rated search engine similar to AltaVista or Hotbot.  Check out the new Google search box on the home page or the reviews page to try this feature out.  Be sure to check the second option on the radio box so that your search is limited to Snowman's Raincoat Reviews rather than the entire web.  This has the potential to be very useful for visitors here.  For instance, you can now search for your favorite starlet across the entire site.  Unfortunately, the accuracy of the search -- in terms of completeness -- will depend on how often Google's spiders update this site.  Time will tell whether or not Google finds newly added pages promptly.  


Added review for Playboy's Asian Exotica.  This is the Playboy DVD I have viewed so I thought it would a nice change of pace to review it.  

I'm starting to compile a listing of print books by porn stars and other books relating to pornography and the sex industry in general.  If you can help out with the list, please send me an email.


Added review for Unnatural Sex #01 from Diabolic Video Productions.  

Changed the scene scoring scale from "1 to 10" to the traditional "A to F", 4.0 scale commonly used in schools.  I have an easier time relating to the new scale and believe it will result in more accurate and consistent ratings.  I revised all past reviews to reflect the new scoring method.  


Added review for Fuck My Ass, See Me Squirt.  This was the first (and maybe the last) feature I have seen from "Good Fuck Productions".  


Sorry for the low number of review last month.  My job prevented me from working on the site as much as I would have liked.

Added review for Oral Consumption #02.  This feature was exhausting to review due to the large number of scenes.  Edited and updated "Problem DVD" List.  Added additional adult production companies and information to the "Links" page.


Added review for Euro Angels #17 -- Behind in Their Work.  Edited and updated "Problem DVD" List.  Added a large number of adult stars to the "Links" page.  Improved the appearance of many pages in the site.


Added review for American Bukkake #01.  


Updated the "Problem DVD List".  Thank you for your submissions and comments!  


Added four message boards to the site courtesy of Coolboard.  The current discussion areas are:  Raincoat Reviews Main Discussion Forum, Adult Problem DVD Discussion  Forum, Porn Star Chatter Forum and  Asian Porno Hotties Forum.  Please help get the discussions off the ground by leaving a post or two!


Added review for Lesbian Cheerleader Squad #01.  Many thanks to Jim Gunn productions for sending a promotional copy of this DVD.  Updated the "Problem DVD List" page.

Added a new "Bang for the Buck" rating page.  Films ranked at the top of this chart represent the better values for porn consumers.  The Bang for the Buck rating takes into account the total number of Raincoat points and the average street price of the DVD.  


The response to the site has been so favorable, I obtained a domain for it.  From now on,  the site will be found at  

Also, the nice folks at offered to host my site, so I spent several hours yesterday moving everything over.  One immediate improvement is the loss of all that tacky Porn Home banner spam at the top and bottom of each back.  Now the pages will load faster and look much nicer.  Any banners you see on the site now help support it -- either through advertising fees or commissions on sales.  Besides the banner improvement, the site now has lots of server space, front page extensions, and the ability to run CGI scripts -- so there is room to grow and add new features.  Many thanks to Drew at Adult DVD Talk for setting everything up faster than a locomotive!   

Please be sure to update your bookmarks and links to the site!  


Added a cool adult DVD Price Search feature to the site.  Here's how it works.  Say you are reading a review and you come across a hot movie that you want to add to your collection.  Click on the link at the top or bottom of the review and a price search will be performed on multiple leading Internet adult retailers.  When you find the best price, you can click on the store offering it and be taken directly to the order page!  Using this feature will save you a lot of money and help support this site at the same time!  

Here's an example:  On 07/27/00 I ran the Price Search engine from the "Shocking Truth 2" review page.  The prices ranged from $10.00 at DVD Advantage to $26.90 at Excalibur!  That's a price difference of over 150%


Updated the "Links" and "Problem DVD" page.


Added review for Max Hardcore Extreme #12.  I've received multiple emails expressing interest in more reviews of Max's features.  


Added review for Lesbian Teeny Boppers.  Many thanks to Jim Gunn productions for sending a promotional copy of this DVD.  

Updated the "Problem DVD Listing".  


Added review for Gregory Dark's Shocking Truth 2 .  


I added DVD Advantage to the stores I am affiliated with.  DVD Advantage often features deep discounts on many adult titles.  


Added review for The Watcher #3 (dvd).  This is the first dvd that I have reviewed on the site.  Let me know if you have any suggestions or if I left out anything important.

I added a new rating called "Bang for the Buck".  This rating is derived from dividing the total number of raincoat points by the price I paid for the disc or the average street price.  It is a good indication of value.  

Also, I am now an affiliate of DVD Empire and XonAir, two leading online adult stores.  As a result, if you read a review and want to purchase that video or dvd right away, you should be able to do it with a single mouse click.  Please be sure to use the links I've created on the web pages if you purchase something.  It will help support this web site!  XonAir features a full line of adult products, including videos, dvd discs, cd-rom and ever sex toys.


Added review for The Violation of Jade Marcela.

Added a page to display scenes ranked by raincoat points.  To view the hottest scenes click here!

Added "Problem DVD" page to warn adult dvd consumers of defective discs and potential incompatibilities.  I decided to create this page after experiencing a problem with American Bukkake Two.  This was the second adult disc I could not play in the last few weeks.  I estimate that I am experiencing problems with about 10% of the adult dvds I try.  So far, I have had no problems playing mainstream releases, including rentals.  I will update the list as I encounter problems and spy posts on the Internet and newsgroups.  It would also be great if visitors here who experience problems report them to me.  If you are reporting a problem, please describe the trouble you are experiencing, the model dvd player you own, and how the problem was resolved.  


Added review for Anabolic's Initiations #03.

Added content to the "About" page including contact information for video producers who wish to submit a promotional or screener copy of their features.  I'll review all features in the order I receive them within seven days.  Since my budget does not allow me to rent or purchase every adult feature that is released, this is the only way to insure a particular dvd or video will be reviewed on Snowman's Raincoat Reviews.  For additional information, please see the About page.  


Started to add adult production companies to the "Links" list and their product lines.


Lots of great improvements to the site!  Added "About" page, "What's New" page, "Links" page.  Added a discussion board so that visitors can discuss the reviews and/or the site.  Hopefully some of you will participate and post some messages!  Reorganized the site and added navigational menus.  Finally, added two new reviews.

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